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Norman Mailer -- 1923 - 2007

11/10/2007 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Norman MailerTwo-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author Norman Mailer died early this morning in New York. He was 84.

The author of such works as "The Naked and the Dead," "Armies of the Night" and "The Executioner's Song" died of acute renal failure at Mount Sinai Hospital, J. Michael Lennon, his biographer said.

Lennon said that a private service and burial would be announced next week, and a memorial service would be held in New York in the coming months.

"Office" Staff Out, Leno's People Could be Next

Jay LenoA key grip on the hit NBC comedy "The Office" told the L.A. Times that their show was shut down "and we were all laid off this week." A total of 102 people are out of work.

Dale Alexander, who has also worked on such shows as "Entourage" and "Quantum Leap," writes, "I respect the WGA's position. They probably do deserve a larger percentage of profit participation, but a lengthy strike will affect more than just the writers and studios."

According to Broadcasting & Cable, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" will do the same by the end of next week, though the show could return on November 19 with guest hosts.

Party Favors: Blue Means Boy for Xtina ... Jessica's "Major" Movie Looking Very Minor

Christina Aguilera went baby shopping this week and snapped up everything she could find ... in blue. OK! Magazine says the mom-to-be bought everything she looked at, including a $200 cashmere stuffed rabbit. ... Have you seen the trailer for Jessica Simpson's new movie "Major Movie Star"? Just in time for the Razzies!


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1) the writers went on strike before the holidays because that's when the contract expired. They did not determine the timing.

2) The producers walked away from the negotiating table, not the writers.

3) Last year, the producers paid total $56 million in DVD residuals -- that's the total amount. They claim that's too much. But when they fired Tom Freston (a former exec at Viacom), his severance pay was $84,000 million. Maybe if the fat cats at the studios and corporations didn't get such ridiculously large salaries, the writers could get the money they deserve.

4) Writers aren't rich. Most make less than $30,000 a year.

5) If the "bottom of the line" people (wardrobe assistants, technicians, hairstylists) feel they are under-compensated, they should unionize to get better pay ... OH WAIT! They did. That's right. The wardrobe people, technicians, hairstylists are protected by their own unions, and all the unions support the strike. They know a win for the writers is a win for them.

6) Why isn't anyone screaming about how much the executives of the studios make? Michael Eisner of Disney personally made $575.6 million dollars in 1998. Who knows what he makes today. Les Moonves, the head of CBS, makes $3.5 million per year, plus annual stock options of $7.6 million for a total of $11.1 million dollars per year. Instead of asking the writer not to get paid for their work, how about we cut Mr. Eisner & Moonves' salaries?

7.) If it weren't for unions, no one in this country would have a 5 day work week, an 8 hour work day, health insurance, pension plan or a guaranteed wage. All of those things were brought to you by unions. Without unions, you'd be working 12 hour days, be fired for no cause, wouldn't have insurance, and would be working in unsafe environments. Your small children would probably be working, too. Child labor was rampant before unions. So to all you middle-class Americans out there, on behalf of the union, you're welcome.

8) Heads of corporations are not your friend. They are all one step away from Kenneth Lay. Remember him? CEO at Enron. They would alll rob us blind given the chance.

2503 days ago

Jessica Simpson can't act

2503 days ago

Lenn K.    

#6- Say What, that was very well put. I an a union member and I feel pressured to be in the union. The union protect terrible workers and dumps on hard working folks. Look at the techer's union the biggest union in the country and most kids can't read or write, but they keep asking for more and more money. Look back about 20 years, there was GM, Ford, Chysler and AMC, and they were powerful, Toyota, Nissan (then Datsun) were up and coming but still not half as big as they are now. You had Subaru, and few others no Korean cars, period. Then the unions started to demand more and more, now fast forward to today and GM is second to Toyota, Ford is hanging in there Chysler was sold to the Germans, and AMC is just flat gone. Korea has about a 15 to 20 percent stake, Subaru is up and coming, so are 5 or 6 other countries. Fast forword 20 years from now I bet Ford will be gone and GM is be just hanging on.

2503 days ago


...the executioner's song was an excellent book.
i'm sure going to miss the office, but i support the writers 100%. pay your workers fairly, and end the strike, so i can have me some more schrute...

2503 days ago


Unions suck. Period. I could care less if writers strike and no more shows are done. We need less TV now than ever. Reruns and syndication all the way. I'd rather rent movies than watch the crap that's on TV now anyway. GREEDY CORRUPT Hollywood. Everyone yawn....

2503 days ago


Come on TMZ>>>LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED>>then Norman Mailer's headline of him passing? How tasteless of you. Are you kidding me? LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED? His life is over. Have a little compassion for his family. What the hell?

2503 days ago


Agree with whoever said putting Norman Mailer's passing in Get This Party Started is seriously bad taste. A fabulous and gifted writer, Mr. Mailer deserves better.

2502 days ago

Democrats are evil    

So if you can't produce a show and have to lay off the whole production staff. That tells me that the writing is the foundation of television and movie production and should be compensated appropriately. If you disagree, fine, continue to refuse to pay the writers their fare share and watch the current season of productions take a giant dump in the crapper. Hollywood democrats are typical greedy and unreasonable business's that will always support giving welfare to the poor and unemployed but will fight tooth and nail against people who work their butt off to support the industry that makes them millions and millions of dollars a year. Democrats have such a backwards ideology. Pay as little as possible to those that work the hardest on your behalf and at the same time support government programs that take tax money for assisting the lazy and unemployed. What a useless Party!

2502 days ago

Democrats are evil    

This is the most disrespectful site for posting the announcements of someone's death. From Jerry Fallwell to Norman Mailer, TMZ is callous and hurtful to say the least. I hope everyone of your disrespectful staff members that support this cruel behavior, suffers the same undignified treatment personally, sometime in their life, when they are in need of sympathy and compassion. Karma is a bitch and may you all rot in Hell when it is your time to meet your maker.

2502 days ago


Oh, man! This makes me sad. Norman Mailer was one of the best. I have the book that he published for Marilyn Monroe. He loved her. Damn the old man time.

2502 days ago


Everyone is so right, Jessica can't act. Oh dear, how did she get famous? She looks so scary with those big freaky eyes. I will not ever understand why she got famous. I will give credit that her voice does sound really nice, but I haven't heard her sing a "big one" in a while.

Also, #17, if you are a union member, it might be a good time while the strike is on, to correct your spelling and grammar mistakes. No offense at all, just don't understand how you can misspell if you are a writer. Everything you said was way ok and very true, but maybe it just might be that time now to use it wisely.

People need to understand unions before commenting so harshly on them. Maybe it's time for everyone here to take this time of reruns and learn a thing or two about our country and what it stands for. It seems most of the comments here are from high schoolers or maybe college people that have no interest in what is really going on in our world. It's not hip hop and Britney Spears or wearing baggy pants that fall down every time you make fun of a celebrity.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want Democrats running our country. If we have these baggy pants and hip-hop partygoers running our country, we are in deep doo doo.

In addition, whoever predicted that in years Ford will disappear, I have only one thing to say to that: I don't think so, "Have You Driven a Ford Lately?"

2502 days ago


Well put mightymite!, you should repost it again on here, there are a lot of tools who are still posting comments blaming the writers. Thank you for putting in the salaries of the CEO s too.
its ashame that for all the trouble, poverty, uninsured people needing health coverage, homeless and the middle class being the new poor, there are these rich fat bastards who make ridiculous amounts of money on this planet. I would like to know how many of them donate to charity Anonymously not just for the tax write off. sons of bitches make me sick. speaking of bitches, Brittney spears donates 500 bucks to a foundation, the one she created! but spent 150,000 dollars on clothing and entertainment. theres another one who deserves everything taken away.

2502 days ago


democrats are evil-
I understand what your saying, but about the welfare, though I do know what you mean, there are alot of people who take advantage of it and use it for the wrong reasons, but please understand that there are people who truly need it, my Mom was ill and it was too expensive (at least close to a million) to take care of her illness other then welfare, I am grateful that they accepted her and paid almost everything. My Father had health insurance but he was ill as well and she was not covered. the kicker that really hurts me though is that when she passed away and my father passed away public aid put a lean on their home and now it belongs to them. a double edged sword to me but with out the help of public aid I know for a fact that she would not of gotten what she needed otherwise. be it WITH health coverage from the one of the major insurance companies she would have gotten better care then she got. all in all, my point is welfare, be it health or money, was there for her and its there for people like her. I would not of got the time we got to spend together if she had zero coverage we would not of been able to pay her prescriptions, she would of been turned down from doctors, its ashame but its the truth.

2502 days ago


TMZ, you should be ashamed of yourselves for the stupid headline over the story of Norman Mailer's death. Also, I feel compelled to express my support of the writer's strike. So many people don't seem to understand why workers feel compelled to protect themselves and their product. I feel sorry for them, as they themselves could surely have benefitted from the strength that comes from solidarity. If you don't understand this comment, then you have proven my point.

2502 days ago


Most people whp post on this site will have no idea who Norman mailer even is, He was a wonderful, successful author.

2501 days ago
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