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A Letter from Willie Nelson

11/11/2007 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Willie Nelson

Willie NelsonDear Friends,

Our horses need your help! Join my family, Bo Derek, the Barbi Twins and a host of others in the fight to save our horses.

Horses are living legends of American History yet we continue to slaughter over 100,000 horses annually. Thanks to Animal Welfare Institute, (AWI), U.S. slaughterhouses were closed down. However, the cruel business of slaughter continues by crowding horses in trailers for over 700 miles to Mexico and Canada, without food or water. These plants in Mexico are killing the horses savagely, by multiple stabbings until they drop to their knees in order to slit their throats, causing them to suffer slow painful deaths.

Once again, it's time to flood the phone lines and emails of our legislatures. Ask them to co-sponsor and demand a vote on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R.503/S. 311).

Come join us on Capitol Hill, November 13th and 14th to support this bill. For more information visit and to find your member of congress go to If you would like to join me in adopting a horse please visit

Aloha and Peace,
Willie Nelson

Amy Nelson


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I am so excited to read this, I have sent a number of emails to Ellen's show, since she is a huge animal supporter, asking to give this attention. I've emailed my congressman - nothing back from him. I will show this to everyone I know to get involved. If you were to see pictures or video of this, you would know this is purely Hell on Earth for these unfortunate beautiful creatures. They are slaughtered in the most inhumane way. Thanks Wilie and all the other supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2502 days ago


willie rules..I support any cause he puts his heart into!!

Willie for president

2502 days ago


WTG Willie!!! In this crazy mixed-up world we live in, thank God for people like you with such compassion. God speed your mission!!!

2502 days ago


You go Willie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get em buddy!!

2502 days ago


Not only am I posting here with my total support; I took the time to email each and every one of my state representatives. Please, if you believe Nelson is right - be effective with your energy and words - - send emails demanding support. "I demand, yes.. demand, that you support this legislation: American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R.503/S. 311). To not do so, given the incredible importance OUR state places on agriculture and humane treatment of animals, would flag you as a hypocrite and not worth my vote."

2502 days ago


Way to go Willie. Thank you for what you are doing to end horse slaughter. Many support you. I will keep making my calls until HR503 and S311 are passed.

2502 days ago

jennie hegeman    

get your facts straight. it is by listening to propaganda like this that has horses in this predicement to begin with. willie and bo and the hsus said these horses would not end up in mexico when they battled to shut down humane, ethical and monitored u.s. slaughter facilities. how appaling it is that these horses suffer such horrific deaths becuase people choose to listen to high profile celbs instead of equine industry professionals. next we will be listening to pam anderson on brain surgery. are personally responsible for the incredibly agonizing deaths of over 40,000 horses because you choose to listen and promote a cause that is ill informed and over funded. get the facts from the industry experts. you are about to wipe out the american mustang you dolt, because of your lack of interst in all the facts. aaep, avma, dr temple grandin are the top specialist in this matter. seek advice from industry experts before you help kill any more horses in this fashion. and for god sakes download the podcasts on the slaughter issue from ignorant and opinionated is no way to go through life.

jennie hegeman
host horse talk radio with jen

2502 days ago


DON'T BE FOOLED!! Read the legislation for yourself before backing this ridiculous bill!
The way this is written American equestrian's will not be able to compete internationally!!
This includes the Pan Am games and any Olympic events!!!!! It doesn't only include the slaughter of horses!! You gotta wonder about the IQ of the congressmen and women.

2502 days ago

smart chick    

Hey Jen with your LAME ASS radio show... The industry "experts" aren't who *I* trust! You think they have the horses best interest in mind?!??! Ya right... They don't .

Sorry you've been BRAIN WASHED by THEIR propaganda...

brainy blonde

2502 days ago

Amy Nelson    

Actually it is Jennie that must get her facts straight. The problem with her industry experts is that they profit off of the slaughter industry, clouding their judgment entirely. Plus, there is nothing constructive about her comment.
Animal Welfare Institute has been pushing H.R. 503 for the last 7 years. Last year, it passed overwhelmingly in the House, but died in the Senate. Had it passed then, slaughter in the U.S and the transport of horses across borders for the fate of human consumption would have been made illegal. Since the states of TX and IL independently outlawed horse slaughter, this border thing is the one loophole left open. So we have to close it by passing H.R. 503. Please call your representatives!!! thanks, Amy Nelson

2502 days ago


I have trained horses with my sister and I can say they are the most beautiful and intelligent creatures I've ever worked with. We have rescued 3 horses so far, and would love to add more.
The Tao of Willie - best book ever : )

2502 days ago

Sue Walker    

Jen, first take typing and writing lessons before you get online and rant on something are clueless about. Temple Grandin, horse slaughter expert? Bonehead! She is a slaughterhouse export, not a horse or welfare expert. The AVMA and AAEP are not a welfare groups either. They are a pro-business, pro-horse slaughter organizations. One of their "welfare" vets once recommended tossing live chickens in a wood chipper as a form of killing sick ones. Great advice for cold hearted person.

Most horse industry groups support the ban, including the leading horse and welfare groups. Click here for a list:

You seem to be ignoring your own warning by moving through life ignorant and opinionated.

Right on Willie! Unlike Jen, you are making a difference for horses by helping. She would rather talk to the 3 people interested in her show.

2502 days ago


Congrats to Willie Nelson, Amy Nelson and his entire family. Unlike "Jen" and pro-horse slaughter groups like the AVMA and AAEP the Nelson's walk the walk. They go out and rescue horses, they talk about overbreeding, owner responsibility and humane treatment of animals. The pro-horse slaughter folks like to make up facts about the issue so they can continue to profit from the cruelty. In fact, they are working hand in hand with the horse slaughter industry to defeat the bill. The same industry that is still buying US horses, hauling them in horrible conditions to their slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada where they are brutally slaughtered. This while they have the nerve to tell you and Congress that sending horses to Mexico is cruel. Ironic isn't it.

Well, their time is coming to an end. Congress supports a ban on horse slaughter just like the majority of Americans, veterinarians, equine industry groups, welfare organizations and equine rescues. I encourage everyone to join Willie, Amy and the Animal Welfare Institute on our campaign to end slaughter. Join us as part of the solution for America's horses.

2502 days ago


God bless you, Willie, for carrying our mesage to DC! Unfortunatey our elected representatives do not seem to be hearing the approximately 80% of Americans who want this legislation passed NOW. We need more horse-loving celebrities - and there are MANY of them - to step to the forefront with you!

JENNIE HEGEMAN: 'humane, ethical and monitored u.s. slaughter facilities"...are you high, stupid or just uninfomed? Watch a video from one of the US slaughterhouses and then I defy you to use the word "human, ethical and monitored!" DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

2502 days ago

Queso's Mom    

Thank you Willie for embrassing this most important issue. The Fans of Barbaro are now your biggest supporters! Thanks

2502 days ago
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