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Willie's Fillies Need Your Help

11/11/2007 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Willie NelsonIn addition to being an outspoken activist for ... um, herbal remedies, country music icon Willie Nelson has another cause close to his heart: horses. Of course he does -- he's Willie freakin' Nelson!

Willie himself has personally rescued a number of horses, and he sits on the Board of Directors of a group called Habitat for Horses. On November 13 and 14, Willie and daughter Amy, Bo Derek and the luscious Barbi Twins -- are all going to Capitol Hill to voice their support for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to slaughter horses!

The country outlaw even wrote a passionate letter to his fans to implore them to help. Click here to read it.


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Anti Slaughter kiddo    

Im behind Willie 100%. How can you actually say any of you that IT is okay, to slaughter these beautiful animals? Have any of you seen the barbaric way in which these animals are slaughter? I think not, if you had you would be behind Willie and everyone else.. Tell me you can have a throat slit while hanging upside down to bleed out, and not get sick.. Tell me you can have 59 horses going to slaughter in Canada or Mexico in a double decker truck meant for cattle and have an accident flip on its side and have horses so scared it wont bother you,dying at the scene. Then if you can tell me Yes then you have no heart. Save the American Horse it was not meant to be eaten
I stand behind the Anti Slaughter movement and I will be the Voice of these amazing animals till There is no more Slaughter.

2449 days ago


Good for Willie! Bout time he's doing something worthwhile other than catching a buzz! This is an issue that most of American's are not aware of. If they were, I believe they would throw a fit! I'd love to adopt and plan to in a a couple of years. I know he's a bit off the wall, but give credit where it's due!

2449 days ago


CRAZY BUT AN ICON.....Pay your taxes and watch the weed so you can stay out of jail to continue the music and your great causes! God Bless Willie Nelson

2449 days ago

L Matte    

The reason Willie is standing up in protest agains horse slaughter is because it is so horrific, barbaric and un-American. Go to to learn more. Please write your legislators and ask them to cosponsor the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act S 311/HR 503. You can go to click on horses and send a letter in a matter of a few minutes.

Please help stop the abuse and out right torture of the American Horse.

2449 days ago


I support Willie 100% !!!

2449 days ago


Yay, TMZ, for promoting this very worthwhile cause! Just as with dogs and cats, people need to take responsibility for their horses. Euthanasia is the right choice for an old or crippled horse - not a horrible death in a slaughterhouse. The American people want slaughter stopped forever. Kudos to Willie Nelson for helping publicize this issue!

2449 days ago


Another reason to love Willie. Thanks L Matte for posting the info regarding the Horse Slaughter Act, I've already written to my Senators and representatives, as I hope everyone who loves these magnificent creatures will do. And Anti-Slaughter kiddo- I too will fight until this horrific practice is stopped.

2449 days ago


It's time to cut off the non-tax paying, American hating, foreign elite who want to run our country. I'm sick of them using us and killing our horses, even stolen ones, we need to hang a few of them horse theives, and a few of them foreign B@%#%^#$. Anyone who supports these foreigners should go live in their countries, they'd be crying the blues real soon, because those rich B@^$&%#@# and their rich BITCHES don't give a damn about American's, except to use us.

2449 days ago


With you all the way willie.
Very graphic


2449 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Free Willie! Throw his sorry ass in the ocen.

2449 days ago


I am PROUD to stand behind Willie Nelson, Bo Derek, and any celebrity that wants to help us fight this very worthy and critical cause to help our horses! I also stand 100% behind any local horse rescue taking these horses to safety, rehabbing them and giving them another chance at life. There have been comments directed at their celebrity status and making jokes about them...WHY? These are passionate people who have a heart for our horses.

You mentioned Hillary Clinton as a supporter...How about one of the richest men in America, T. Boone Pickens & his wife, Madeline? You don't realize the support for this.

Our Horses deserve DIGNITY and RESPECT ... not BRUTALITY and GRUESOME deaths!!! They suffer beyond belief, from the moment they are being bid on "by the pound" in a dirty, filthy livestock auction, to the extremely over-crowded double-decker cattle trailers they are forced into (with no place to even hold their head up), with no food and water for days of travel, then forced into a "kill chute" while they are terrified and trying to flee, then stabbed multiple times in the back to force them to their knees, then hoisted by one leg so their throats can be slit to "bleed out" ... ALL of this while they are ALIVE and CONSCIOUS... Please give that a moment to sink in.

Before any more negative comments are made about this cause...DO THE RESEARCH.


2448 days ago

Valerie Davidoff

Willie, we are with you - that being I and about 400 other people that I personally know of. Thank you for doing this. The horror of horses slaughter is not known to many and it continues. It needs to be stopped. The videos are not for the week of heart. They are horrid. And they show what our American horses endure every day in Mexico so that the foreign slaughter businesses who pay almost no tax to the US government can make a buck and send the meat to Japan and France where it is considered delicacy. A delicacy at a very high price - trucking of horses for hundeds of miles cramped together with no food or water. Pithing - delivering multiple stabs to the animal with something looking like a huge medieval dagger before it's throat is slit.. Is that something we as a nation should stand for? It's a shameful perversion.

2448 days ago



2448 days ago

L Matte    

Go to to stop horse slaughter.

2448 days ago


I see many ignorant comments on here and only a few intelligent ones. I wish more people, celebrities included would stand up for what they believe in. We have two separate issues going on. Horse slaughter which has been an excuse for people to overbreed, and neglect which has everything to do with ignorance.

Owners starve horses due to irresponsibility and laziness and would never even consider the option of slaughter. The option of slaughter has nothing to do with this crime. Owners send horses to slaughter for a completely different It's time to end this atrocity.

Before you knock people like Willie Nelson do your research!

2448 days ago
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