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O.J. & Nicole: Killer Video

11/13/2007 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained what may be the last video of O.J. Simpson with Nicole Brown, taken just five weeks before he killed her -- and it's chilling.

The video was shot at a Hollywood club on May 4, 1994, and though the two were long divorced -- with O.J. claiming he was "over her" -- on the tape Simpson calls Brown "my woman."

On June 13, 1994, Brown and her friend Ron Goldman were found knifed to death outside her home. A criminal jury acquitted Simpson of murder, but a civil jury unanimously decided Simpson killed the two victims.


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mn mike    

The video is not showing the where OJ grabs at her crotch with his left hand. THat causes her to jump back and him laugh and say "My woman." This incident was mentioned in the trial. Faye Resnick or Denise Brown described it. He was known to do this often...treat her like his property. Too bad..he is a real sicko...someday will et his. That jury was made up of ignorant, racist blacks who made a race based decision. They fellt justified for all the time white persecuted them, and falsely imprisoned them.

2536 days ago


Odd that he would refer to her as "the girl I came here with tonight" instead of "my ex-wife" or even 'Nicole'..... Also, putting it into context, I find it fascinating that according to Faye's second day of testimony in her Deposition she claimed that the evening OJ and Nicole went to the House of Blues was on May 2, 1994, not the 4th----and over coffee at Starbucks that morning Nicole told her that she is going to the House of Blues with OJ that night, that OJ was to see a therapist that day, and that she would tell OJ that it was over that night. Which must not have occurred because Paula complains on pg 115 of her book "What I didn't know was that OJ had yet to stop seeing his ex-wife. According to his civil testimony, he'd had "a great time" when they dated on May 4, and again on May 7." Faye also claimed that Nicole was upset during this period because someone had been stalking her ---so why did she go out with him that night and the evening of the 7th as well if she thought he was involved? ~~much less be doing shots of tequilla with the guy you're afraid of!

2536 days ago


Thanks for the article, framed07... but it's hard to follow all that bureacratic crap. My question is... Did the LAPD and the DA know about Wasz' story about Kardashian but cover it all up???

This is my SIXTH attempt to post now and TMZ, I bet you won't let me post THIS one, either...

2534 days ago


post 145: inquiring minds my guess is they did know and cover up. The LAPD's reputation is far from clean. What hit me was Wasz posted at this site:

where he stated "I don't know where my life is going to take me, but I can say I sort of know I won't be around for much longer. I'm at peace with that. I just want to be liked." on October 7, 2004.

Bill Wasz then mysteriously died mid March of 2005. If you guys read up on Mark Fuhrman he had an obsession with OJ and Nicole.

2534 days ago


what's so chilling?

2538 days ago


I hate OJ so much. I cannot believe he got off. It is just sad. I hope he gets life in prison for armed robbery.

2538 days ago



2538 days ago


tmz you made the comment " just five weeks before he killed her " umm hello he was AQUITTED the civil trail in any case is strictly for money not criminal get it together

2538 days ago


wow harvey must not like OJ to pronounce he killed her.. LOL they found him not guilty .. I believe he knows who did it thats why he sat in jail for a year .. he didn't want to be next on the hit list .. At this point he made his bed , now he has to sleep in it .. he is a dummy ..

2538 days ago


when will he ever suffer

2538 days ago


WOW - this has ABUSE all over it! "My Woman", he just takes her drink...check out Nicoles expressions - she takes several steps back and looks like she is just waiting for him to snap. Unfortunately, he does - just a little later and not on camera!

Good Luck LVPD - hopefully you can do what LA could not - nail that SOB to the wall!!!

2538 days ago


Why is this chilling? I guess you guys know a lot more than I do. I'm not saying he didn't do it or he did do it. Who the heck knows? Only he knows (and God, of course). It looks like he really liked her in the video. That's all I saw.

2538 days ago

baRack em rack obama    

ummmm there is nothing chilling

2538 days ago


Nicole just wouldn't ever let go of him completely. She kept going back for more and finally she paid with her life.
Ron was the innocent one. He didn't deserve to be butchered by Mr. Simpson.

2538 days ago


TMZ said OJ did it because he did. Yes he was found innocent in the criminal proceeding a reverse racisim situation entirely. Shoes on the other foot these days. A white man or woman can't get a job until they have filled X amount of black slots first. What BS. Let's don't forget his DNA evidence WAS there and he WAS found GUILTY of murder in the civil proceedings. This man thinks he's above the law and maybe he is. The wife beater did get away with murder, theft of satelitte, road rage, and probably this. Only one of those was not a violent offense. once violent, always violent. If he were white and not a celebrity he'd be in prison or on death row for nearly decapitating his exwife and her friend. And if Nicole were black, same situation. ;-)

2538 days ago
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