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Paparazzo Seriously Injured in Spears Madness

11/13/2007 12:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Miraculously, the victim was released from the hospital last night with only a tire mark on his arm. Not a single broken bone, and no internal injuries. Lucky guy!

TMZ has confirmed a paparazzo on a motorcycle has been injured while chasing Britney Spears.

The accident, first reported by That Other Blog, happened around 5:00 PM tonight, roughly a mile from the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. Several cars were in line chasing the pop princess when one hit another photog on a motorcycle, throwing the rider off the bike and onto the road. We're told the rider was seriously injured and transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His current condition is unknown.

UPDATE: We're told that the injured person is what is known as a "spotter," and does not actually carry a camera. He will follow the star and tip off other photographers to her whereabouts. We hear he's fairly new to the Britney beat, only appearing on the scene in the past several days.


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sam shuffle    

reporters are supposed to report . not dig into private matters and make news to fit their colums if one of the idiots wants to stick their head under a wheel of a celerbrites car they should be smashed. not write the girl ran me over nut if you have any balls at all , get a job and leave reporting to facts that happen naturally

2346 days ago


Well the stupid Paparazzo deserve to be run over. They won't get out of that girls face! Maybe if all the stars did that they would move back!

2346 days ago

Chris Crocker    


2346 days ago


well maybe you shouldnt go around STALKING people.. i know i condone it by reading this but at least im not doing the part

2346 days ago


the pap should not hound them and stay back. serves them right.

2346 days ago


Just seeing the video and all the flashes. I feel bad for her for that, but not that bad because she COULD have a driver. What the hell is wrong with celebrities

AS FOR K FED... Dont just blame him,,, Britney went after a guy who had a baby on the way! Shes to blame too!

2346 days ago


i worked on a british tv show about paps and i was amazed and petrified. u turns in the middle of sunset, cutting people off and hanging out of the window with the passenger hold steering wheel! for a picture of selma blair!

2346 days ago


this was bound to happen but ...g i guess common sense goes out the window when the 'quarry " is spotted and the hounds are closing in for the kill.....

someday they will be the death of Britney like they were with Princess Diana....

sick bastardos...

2345 days ago


LULU.... We have no right to judge and we should grow up but you are calling Kerri a loser so you are a hypocrite and people on here are mad (I cant speak for everyone of course) because they are parents, or people who love and care about children and are very disturbed by her actions.. Something you may not understand

2345 days ago


Sonny I totallly agree with you!

2345 days ago


i do hope that the person is ok but i do think that we should leave britt alone and give her some space to recover in this situation its really nobodys fault.

2344 days ago


Paparazzo were practically sitting under the car. No wonder they got hurt. If I went around putting myself under cars as they were driving, I'd get run over too. But I guess the paparazzo aren't very bright. And they don't seem to learn their lesson either because they keep doing it. Even though people keep yelling at them to "please move" they just continue to stand in the way...waiting to get run over.

2344 days ago


serves him right. stupid guy.

2344 days ago


If you ask me, that's what he gets. Making a living off of following people and taking their picture at inoppurtune times is sick. It was just a matter of time really. I know that sounds a little harsh, but I don't have any sympathy for papparazzi or anyone who helps them.

2344 days ago


Britney is amazing!!! ppl just need to leave her alone. no wonder shes gone crazy. everyone she knows just uses her, and the ppl she doesnt kno wont leave her alone. she only does what she does cause ppl follow her around every second of her life. if yall would just leave her alone shed b fine.

2344 days ago
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