Alexander: O.J. Wanted to "Pack Some Heat"

11/13/2007 8:25 PM PST
The Las Vegas courtroom where the preliminary hearing for O.J. Simpson's hotel caper is underway became a soap opera today -- with yelling, accusations of pimping and plenty of profanity. Who needs "All My Children?" This is a real-life "All My Defendants!"

Co-defendant Walter Alexander testified against Simpson today, telling the court that O.J. wanted him to "pack heat" for the memorabilia confrontation that would later land them both in hot water. He also testified that the Juice said, "F**k the police!" when he was questioned about what would happen if the popo were called. He said it with authority!

The most compelling part of the hearing was when O.J.'s lawyer, Yale Galanter, cross-examined Alexander -- calling him a "pimp, not a Realtor" and questioned his credibility by implying that he would alter his testimony for money. Alexander admitted that he asked Tom Scotto (whose wedding he and O.J. were attending) for money, but denied the accusation of pimping.