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Donda's Surgeon -- I'm the Victim of "Sleaze"

11/13/2007 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams has told TMZ that he was the doctor who performed cosmetic surgery on Kanye West's mother Donda before she died.

Dr. Adams told TMZ her death, which followed a tummy tuck and breast reduction, was unforeseen and could have been caused by a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.

Dr. Adams tells us West consulted with him over a period of four months. He says she changed her mind numerous times, sometimes greenlighting the surgery and sometimes halting it.

As for the TMZ report that Beverly Hills doctor Andre Aboolian refused to conduct the surgery because of a medical condition that West had, Dr. Adams said of Dr. Aboolian, "He is sleazy and manipulating the truth to elevate his own importance."

Dr. Adams says he did nothing wrong.


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Hey, guys. Patients LIE to their Doctors EVERYDAY. This DR. very well could have done the right thing. I do understand he had a few malpractice suits but this country is very sue happy. I sure don't want Patients who lie to their Drs. to become marters.
Let's wait till this all unfolds.

2531 days ago


What a shame for all involved. Why no privacy laws - HIPPA in place? Does that end with death? I wodner if Dr.'s credentials are current and if he is Board Cretified? Sorry to see such a neat lady pass before her all accounts an educated woman and great mother. If the DR. did his job correctly and this was an horrible accident that was not his fault - then he will have a very hard time recoverng from all of this. She could have stayed at the hopsital, and paid for 24/7 care or had a nurse go home with her.....why did she not do that?

2531 days ago


How on earth did the Medical Association allows this freaky Jan Adams to practice medicine in the first place. I understand he has some many malpractice cases pending and was not a board certified surgeon.
I just saw pictures of a poor woman he butchered recklessly on the web.
This monster should be locked up permanently.

2531 days ago


For "I mean to say" (currently number 60, although I know this changes when posts are deleted).... Also to Ima Bitch.

A friend/coworker of mine had his wisdom teeth removed and fell into a coma for 11 days due to a staph infection that made it's way to his brain. Some people have even gotten sepsis (blood infections) and died merely from flossing, and allowing the bacteria to get into open wounds. It does happen. I'm sure it's rare, but the poster you were responding to wasn't lying. Even having your blood drawn, a simple needle prick can cause sepsis, if the site isn't properly cleaned (the needle pushes the bacteria on your skin into your vein). And that is just a tiny prick. So a major open wound anywhere can be a real risk.

2527 days ago


just because you have money, doesn't mean you should use it for selfish vanity, what was wrong with Ms. West...nothing, except maybe a little niave, or over moneyed ?

2502 days ago


My heart goes out to Kanye, this is such a senseless death, may she rest in peace. Her death shows that there are risks to plastic surgery, it can happen to anyone, you just never know how your body will react. My prayers are with Kanye and his family.

2535 days ago


I guess we'll never know the truth....

2535 days ago


both these docs are violating some serious privacy laws. what is this need for 15 min of fame? sad

2535 days ago


massive vomiting is fatal??? yikes; good thing i didn't download the whole britney album.

2535 days ago



I agree.

2535 days ago




2535 days ago

Miss .V.    


There is no privacy law regarding a person who has recently passed. Dead people secrets are always up for grabs. And if she DID pass away due to an allergic reaction as some people are stating

Then basically her doctor was crap. He didn't test her for allergies and send her for consultations with specialists regarding those possible scenarios, like DYING due to complications FOLLOWING surgery



2535 days ago

LI princess    

I can't believe that people are giving out all the personal info about Kanye's mothers death. Granted he's not my favorite artist, I know that he was extremely close to his mother and I'm all too sure he's devastated about her death. Give him a break TMZ!!! This is a DEATH, not freakin Britney Spears!!! Stick to the celeb TRASH and leave the real life heartbreak and devastation alone!!

2535 days ago

lost in la    

#4 u are soooooo wrong! lol about the brit album.

on a much sadder note r.i.p. ms. west.

2535 days ago

This is sad    


2535 days ago
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