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Medical Board Wanted to Suspend Dr. Adams

11/13/2007 11:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Medical Board of California filed legal papers last April asking to revoke or suspend Dr. Jan Adams' medical license because he was convicted of multiple DUIs, one in 2006, another in 2003. TMZ has also turned up a 1994 DUI conviction.

In the accusation, the Executive Director of the Medical Board states Adams "has used alcohol to the extent or in such a manner as to be dangerous or injurious to himself and others..."

We've also uncovered two malpractice judgments against Dr. Adams from 2001. One for $217,337 and the other for $250,000.

Dr. Jan Adams told TMZ last night that he "did nothing wrong" in operating on Donda West.


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bet brads kicking himself now    

very sad, 1st

2537 days ago


here comes the pain!
say adios to your career douchebag!!

2537 days ago


I am shocked that this woman with all the money she had, or her son has, could not do a little homework and find a reputable surgeon. The stupidity boggles the mind. She did not need to die. So sad. I hope this haunts that moron Kanye til the end of his days.

2537 days ago


This story is getting crazier and crazier, poor Kanye

2537 days ago


This is a very unprofessional, stupid and publicity seeking Doctor that people should run away from. Why did he have to come out and announced to the whole world that he was the doctor that operated on Kanye West's mother without being questioned. Where is the doctor/patient confidentiality. This is a pscho doctor and they need to revoke his licence for opening his mouth to big by announcing that he operated and did some certain procedure for Kanye's mother. SHAME ON YOU DUI, ATTENTION SEEKING, AND UNPROFESSIONAL DOCTOR. Someone needs to wash out his big dirty mouth for him. TMZ - Harvey Levine use your common senses and stop posting this news on your website like is some good news that needs to be popping up on your website every seconds. SHAME ON DOCTOR ZINGO AND TMZ

2537 days ago




2537 days ago


the doctor is a hottie

2537 days ago


ga--You are ridiculous....TMZ is exposing this criminal, and will hopefully save some lives. Use your brain a tiny little bit, or is that too hard?

2537 days ago


Just because he drinks doesnt mean he in not a board certified surgeon. As long as he has his liscense, she would of have no way to know about his drinking issue. That is his personal life, and I am sure none of us really know what our doctors do in thier personal ife. So how would she know?

I say the thing this man did wrong, was not to make her stay in the hospital over night. After having both a tummy-tuck, and breast reduction surgery, and given her past health, and age, she should have stayed in the hospital overnight to be monitored. Usually any fatal complications as a result of surgery will hapeen within the next 24-hours. This man was an idiot! for not doing this.

2537 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

oh, is this the one who did it ? things aren't gonna go well 4 him i see.

2537 days ago


Before the public can convict the man, more information is needed on the health status of KW's mother. Even though plastic surgery is routine, any procedure (regardless of type) will be stressfull on the human body.

Prayers with KW


2537 days ago


#4, you are very insensitive and your comments is very uncalled. Where is your sensitivity chips in you. It seems to me that you do not have a loved one around you that you have ever lost, if not, you wouldn't make such a bad statement. Losing a loved one is a very sad thing to have happened to anyone in this world and you will know if you have people that loved you.
#12 You are the one that is very ridiculous. All i care is for people to respect the woman's family to mourn in privacy. This has anything to do about exposing the Doctor. They can at least respect the woman's family privacy for now and expose Dr Zingo later. It is too sudden to start writing about what the woman did, who operated on her and all those nonsenses. You must be out of your mind to have made such a statement without thinking first. The first and foremost thing first is Respect the death, respect her son and her family, and expose the Doctor thereafter. ALRIGHTY. WHO EVER YOU ARE TO HAVE THOUGHT SO. No one needs your pointless and insensitive thoughts.

2537 days ago


This is a very sad story but god is the judge every one of us will be judge at the end .i just want to know why he didnt ask her why she didnt have a health problem . money is the root of all evil .i dont move for money but i do move for the holy spirit money will destroy you .kanye please stay focus and keep your head up god will pull you thru .please listen to god voice because when we dont listen we pay for our a christian women i will keep you in my prayer kanye .god is the only way out god bless

2537 days ago


Jaimeintexas---You seem very uneducated.

2537 days ago


I find it interesting that yesterday there were tons of comments calling Dr. West vain and stupid and saying how she got what she deserved by having plastic surgery.

Now we discover Dr. Adams' DUI convictions (which have no bearing on his capabiity as a surgeon) the comments will shift to calling him a murderer and the like. Unless it can be proven he was intoxicated while operating there is no reason to bring his poor driving into the equation.

We are far to litigious a society with far too little emphasis on personal responsibility and acceptance. Surgery is hard on the body and sometimes people just die. It's tragic and heartbreaking, but it's a part of life.

Not everything is someone's fault.

2537 days ago
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