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Patient Claims Dr. Adams Sponged Off Her

11/13/2007 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another patient of Dr. Jan Adams sued him for malpractice, alleging he left a foreign object in her body.

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Lori Ufondu claims that in 1996, she underwent breast augmentation by Dr. Adams. In 2003, she underwent revision surgery by another doctor, who discovered that a surgical sponge was left, she claims by Dr. Adams.

Ufondu claims the sponge and its belated removal caused a distortion in her appearance, creating a deformed right nipple, a puncture wound, loss of sensation and "horrific scar tissue."

Following Dr. Adams' surgery, Ufondu claims she was feeling "sharp, needle-like pain in the area of this scar tissue." She says she complained to Dr. Adams, who allegedly responded "by laughing in a derisory fashion, claiming that the pain would subside."

Ufondu obtained a judgment in excess of $100,000. Her lawyer tells TMZ the doctor has not paid, and he's trying to enforce the judgment. Her lawyer adds that there are several outstanding judgments against Dr. Adams, who has ignored his obligation to pay.


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Who did Kane have to pay to ruin this guy? Sheese

2534 days ago


Insurance will pay for it if: 1. He has it. 2. If he files a claim with them. I used to work for a plastic surgeon for one year who had numerous complaints and rather than allowing the client to file a lawsuit or let the Board of Plastic Surgeons know about the incident, he would immediately pay them out of his own pocket. He's probably screwed up so many patients he doesn't want to file any more with his malpractice insurance, again if he has it. If one is going to have any kind of surgery, find out about your doctor first. You can go to the library and ask them to show you the book that pertains information about doctors that have had their licenses removed, then reinstated, etc. I forget the name of the book though.

2534 days ago


i am not trusting a dr. named adams again. he will be practicing in tiajuana soon.

2534 days ago


crying with laughter

2534 days ago


Oprah had THE BROTHER on her show once before. Let's see if she has him back on again to defend him.

2534 days ago


Just remember - Ye who are without sin, cast the first stone!!!

PS. To those of you who are tired of the good Dr - why do you keep reading????

2534 days ago


TMZ? You short on stories?

2534 days ago


I cannot believe the stupidity of the person that made the affirmative action comment. I do not usually give stupid people the courtesy of a response. However in this case I must say that if medical malpractice is a barometer by which to measure the result of affirmative action, then White Americans must have also benefited from affirmative action. If P then Q......

2534 days ago


he can give 2 nipples for a dime now

2534 days ago


Too bad it took someone "famous" being harmed by this doctor for his rotten record to be brought to the attention of the public.

2534 days ago


Someone at TMZ has obviously decided to go after this guy all guns blazing.

Even Twitney doesn't get this many stories.

2534 days ago


This doctor does not have malpractice insurance. He does not keep money in his name. Nothing is in his name. It's like getting blood from a stone(no pun intended). He needs his credentials to practice to be revoked.

2534 days ago

just wondering    

...the doctor who first refused her until she saw a specialist in regards to her heart condition is on LK tonite.

2534 days ago


He look like a more evil version of Montel Williams - maybe it was a new type of black ritual to cosmetic surgery torture the sisters?

PS - this often happens when low IQ low class Democrats get together - madness & mayhem ensues - a true rap & hip hop tradgedy. Go Kanye - sue the SOB $1T.

2534 days ago

just wondering    

..I'm sure he will be knocking a few back tonite. Hope all loved ones stay clear of him, if he goes into a Jeckle & Hyde mode when he drinks he should be pretty vile tonite!!...just sayin..

2534 days ago
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