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Heidi and Spencer: It's All Down "Hills" in Vegas

11/14/2007 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and Spencer, that irksome couple from the sorta reality show "The Hills," ventured out of California this past weekend -- and to TMZ's surprise and horror, the couple we love to hate turned out to be nice. Damn them!

TMZ shot this video of the blonde twosome at JET nightclub at The Mirage in Las Vegas, where the two kindly greeted fans and graciously posed for photos with them. No drama, no backstabbing -- not even a little snitty arguing!


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I am poster 58    

1. The fight is NOT real people. It is for publicity.
2. Spencer and Brody do not work and can only get parts via women like LC and the Kardashian family now.
3. Heidi and Spencer won't last. Whenever one bases happiness on money, attention or what will impress others, is never going to be at peace inside.

2 Vains = Timebomb (just wait and see)

2533 days ago

I am poster 58    

Vain Spencer + Vain Heidi = Disaster that will happen (just sit back and wait it out) Popcorn anyone?

Remember, 1 mirror is NEVER big enough for 2 vain people.

2533 days ago

I am poster 58    

Everyone on here write to MTV and tell them to boycott Spencer and Heidi. If they get a show, let's all write to their sponsors. I can't stand them.

2533 days ago

I am poster 58    

Who are the ugly girls in the video? Weird. Of course everyone is out dancing while Heidi and Spencer are putting that fat faces in front of a camera demanding MORE attention. Didn't their mothers give them ANY attention as children? Apparently NOT. If that Vanessa what's her name (Nick's hose bag) then I will say...birds of a feather flock together. Apples never fall very far from trees.

2533 days ago


TEAM LAUREN!!!! Heidi is an effin b****!!!

2532 days ago


Forget about heidi and spencer , who's the hotties with them.

2532 days ago


Lauren was harsh last episode but who really CARES? If someone had said those things about any other person they would have faced a much harsher scolding than the one LAUREN gave her. The only reason WHY those two are being nice to people is because they are just glad people even know who they are!! They are both losers who cares?

2525 days ago

team lauren    

Anyone who thinks Heidi is a nice person and a good friend should just remember back to her hooking up Jen Bunney with Brody (after she had spent so much time trying to get Lauren to like him no less). Is that how you'd like your friends to treat you? Lauren is loyal, honest and kind.

2513 days ago


Im so on lauren';s team! heidi is such a 2 faced c*w! she's lost all her friends...for what......that weasel spencer!!! she needs 2 grow up and stop making accusations about her mates! grow up u spoiled little brat! xxx

2511 days ago


okay first of all...i really dont get why people would take a picture with them two? maybe a nice way to show off??? OKAYYYY! i would rather NOT take a picture with them ewwww grossss. heidi and spencer dont even deserve to be commented on. they both SUCK...big timeee! they need to get a life. is just sad how they think they are famous..when they are completely idiots. if any reason they are known is because of LAUREN and nice way to be thankful backstabbing Lauren and on national tv!! nice people they are huh.

Team Lauren!

2505 days ago


Who doesn't hate these people and could care less about them? I think NOBODY.

2533 days ago


Team Heidi! Lauren is such a B****, It really came out in this last episode. Don't worry Heidi, people are finally seeing her for the spoiled little brat she really is. Just keep on being true to yourself. If she was a "true" friend, she would have stuck by you. She is the one Hollywood has changed, not you.

2533 days ago

Agent D    

I am on the fence with Heidi. I really think that she is made out to be a bitch on the show, and she prob isn't that way in real life. I still think Spencer is a tool, but Heidi is prob so nice. I may just be on team Heidi now!

2533 days ago

Boston Kate    

I like Heidi. I don't care for Spencer, but ,maybe away from the cameras, he's more genuine. Lauren comes across as very clingy and very needy. I think Audrina is the real beauty of the group.

2533 days ago


hmmm i seem to agree, i havent really kept up with the show lately, but LC seems like a whiny little brat with a ego the size of heidi implants, for reals!! ,everyone is faking it on that show!!!

2533 days ago
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