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Kanye Slips Out of

Victoria's Secret Show?

11/14/2007 7:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rather than rap for (and with) a flock of feathered lingerie models, it seems that Kanye West will not go on with the show.

Victoria's Secret

is reporting that the rapper, whose mother died just last week and whose autopsy was performed yesterday, has pulled out of a scheduled appearance at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The annual jigglefest tapes tomorrow in Hollywood and will air Dec. 4.

We contacted Kanye's rep at Universal Music, who didn't return the call. Full Picture, the PR firm handling the show, says it hasn't heard about anything about Kanye's participation -- and assumes he's still performing.


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Pageant Guru    

Kanye, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved mother. I hope in time you will be able to continue with your appearances, but please take the time to recover.

You are in my prayers.

2513 days ago


Kanye's mom wouldn't have died if George Bush liked black people. It's George Bush's fault that his mom died. Never mind her vanity...

2513 days ago

CosMessy Surgery    

My thoughtsand prayers go out to kanye West. I m not at all familiar with his music. I am only aware of the name. It is a shame that an educated woman like his mother would feel the need from my perspective for unnecessary cosmetic surgery. I suppose she allowed herself to get caught up in the Hollywood madness!! What was trying to look like at 58 years of age??? She was a nice looking woman, and she should have continued to age gracefully. She did not need the knife. She could have gone to the gym!!! She would be alive today, and celebrating Thanksgiving with her son. My heart aches for Kanye.

2513 days ago

Lady White    

I would like to sincerely send my condolences to the West family. I am especially praying for Kanye. His relationship with his mother was a beautiful thing and I know his heart isbroken. As for you idiots who have not a caring word to say, I only hope you never lose someone as important to you and if you do, DON'T EXPECT SYMPATHY. You are cold hearted people who need to just GO TO HELL!!!!!!

2513 days ago


TMZ and all the other media need to leave the stories about him alone all together for a while. I guess they all think $$ is worth more than morals and respect!

2513 days ago


this message is to ;(this is so dang boring,and other idiots) you need to go back to the 6th grade you cannot spell at all trying to be funny about kanye's situation. I give you a f- for effort. I am so sorry for the West's family a mother is so important we all have one think about how you would feel if you lost yours respect this man and his family.
tisha from birmingham

2513 days ago

Steve Zapruder    

The REAL tragedy here for Kanye is that the plastic surgeon whose botched job was black and wasn't white, so Kanye can't play the race card and blame whitey for murdering his mom. It is always a tragedy when a black American is a victim of a crime carried out by another black person and not a white person--it leaves the victim with no one to blame. Tsk...tsk...tsk

2513 days ago

Marlb Man    

Hey Star, your back. long time no smoke,ha ha ha ! Wanna burn one with me and Kayne and Drew? Your so cool,Star babe!!

2513 days ago


Kanye our hearts goes out to you, yours during this very tough time. I won't have found this story if it wasn't for posting it.
It is very understandable that Kanye would cancel this show come on his mother just died. I loss my mother in 2001 and its a loss you can never replace, So please its no news story that he cancel this type of show or any show .
Celebrities are people too and a loss such as your mother is a blow especially if they are close.
So please, as for Kanye many of your fans sends they prayers to you. God don't make no mistakes, he knows you can handle it, he sends his comforter Jesus Christ to assit you as well during this tough times.

2513 days ago

Uh, scary    

Personally, I think Kanye is an egotistical jerk at times BUT I feel for him. Hope he's okay. I can't imagine what he must be going through.

2512 days ago


I'd like to express my sympathy to Mr. West, family and friends. I'm so sorry you had to lose your mom so sudden and unexpectedly. Her death has me second guessing my thoughts about having a tummy tuck myself. We as humans need to look at ourselves as perfect and not always needing to be fixed.

2512 days ago


Kanye probably isn't able to thinK about anything to do with performing after losing his mom it is sad that this happen to a very beautiful spirited black woman and I hope that the truth comes out about the doctor since he is making it seem like he wasn't at fault KANYE KEEP YOUR HEAD UP MUCH SUPPORT FOR U AND YOUR FAMILY RIP DONDA WEST

2512 days ago


Why wouldn't he go. The dude even said in that interview that he likes porn. Thats what this kayne guy needs and wants. He should just go and get laid big time. Take his mind off everyhting. CMON be a man!!!!

2512 days ago


Effff Kanye and his momma!!! Plastic surgery hoe.

2512 days ago


I am amazed at how heartless some people are. One day you will have to answer for those comments trust me. kanye we love you Dog!

2512 days ago
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