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Barry Bonds Indicted on Perjury, Obstruction Charges

11/15/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A San Francisco grand jury has indicted home run champion Barry Bonds on perjury and obstruction of justice charges. It was only a matter of time ...

The indictment comes after a four-year federal investigation into whether the most suddenly Herculean player in pro baseball lied to the grand jury probing steroid use by professional athletes.

Just three months ago, Bonds surpassed legendary Hank Aaron's home run record, and was then promptly dismissed by the San Francisco Giants.

Bye bye Barry, bye bye.

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The fact of the matter here ladies and gents is that everything is racial and has been and will be whether you want to aknowledge or not. It is what it is. Its not "Play" the race card to me because it is life. Racial thoughts and acts have been here before i was born in my ancestors and before you were born and in your ancestors. We are a product of the past. The more things change the more they remain the same! LIVE WITH IT and be creative with it. If ya want you can get JIGGY wit it like me!!! ah ha ha ha ha ...Chunps!! RFLMAO

2502 days ago


LOOK OUT,, The price of Gas Will Go up 50 cents a gallon tomorrow,,,

The Stock Market will start to Crash..

The IRAQ war will End.

A Big Snow Storm in Florida, tomorrow.

We will all hit the lottery.

All of this Because BONDS took steroids ,

2502 days ago

Old School    

# 75 you don't get it either we DON'T hate barry because we're jealous and because he's black, its because he cheated and if the HR record reverts back because of the steroid use then it would revert back to Hank Aaron who is a Black Man and thats ok with the White World because we beleive that Mr. Aaron is the rightful owner of the HR record because he did NOT use the Juice to acheive that record I mean come on how would you feel if your son did not cheat on a test and another kid did and the other kid got a better grade and a scholarship to college because of a higher grade but he didn't get the higher grade honestly...i'll tell you what you would be pretty mad about the injustice and unfairness of it.

2502 days ago


You know Barry shouldve known this was coming. That silver spoon canary couldnt take the jail cell no moe. I heard him singing last night breaking my glass and knocking dishes out my cabinet. High notes I say,very high.

2502 days ago


Ran his mouth more bill o crylly

2502 days ago


Well you can put an * next to Barry Bond's record now.


2502 days ago


Bonds did nothing Illegal... it is only illegal if a WHITE man did it ...

2502 days ago


I've read all the piling on of Barry and I read the Indictment and I think most of those that took steroids did so before the uproar and banding of the use of steroids
MLB owners cause this by giving big $ bucks to those that beef up and MLB owners conitnue to up the stakes and the young players were required to beef up for the big $ bucks. AL

2502 days ago


Where is pete rose? Wheres Mark whats his name? get th $^^#^&^ outta here wit this tmz bull &*^&$$&^%& and another thing ^&*^*(&*(&&*(()&%$&^ up ur %$%^%&^%**(^%*and u can go ^$&*%&*()**()&()*&*() and while you all are @ it go $%%^$&^*&)*(()*#$&^*&....OK? he he he RFLMFAO...........

2502 days ago

Celebrity Trainer    

It's a shame they're making him the scapegoat and poster child here. It's not fair.
Why only him? They SUCK!


2501 days ago


Barry we live in a very forgiving society. It would have been better a few years ago just to admit your mistakes and go on. Now I think it is too late. Your record will always be tarnished and you are not going to find too many forgiving souls right now. I was a fan of yours and pulled for you to break the record. Now I'm not. Sorry.

2501 days ago


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY.....full of dope and armed with a baseball bat....lol

2501 days ago

big joe    

you can hang out w/ the juice. LOLL)OLOLOL

2501 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Why do you people always try to make it about race? Bonds used illegal substances (allegedly). MLB is investigating 11 other players. Hank Aaron still holds the legitimate HR record just as Roger Maris holds the record for most HRs in a season. McGwire was using steroids and Sosa used a corked bat. A-Rod, much as I dislike the man, will set the HR record before he ends his career. Not all black men are criminals, not all white men are saints or have you never heard of the mob. And they're not all Italian either. Face it. Crime has always been an equal opportunity thing.

2501 days ago


Everyone on this board that has spewed racist comments will never make it into heaven. So you can just go ahead and feel good about your comments. God would never let such hateful people into heaven. Read your Bible sinners!

2501 days ago
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