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Britney Comes to Attention -- Deficit Disorder

11/15/2007 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears will now play the ADD card in court tomorrow, arguing that her medication caused a positive reading on a drug test last week.

As we first reported, a source connected to Britney first said Provigil, a drug used to treat narcolepsy, was the cause of the false positive. But then TMZ reported that Provigil would not show up on a court-ordered drug test.

Then Brit's peeps said the reason for the positive reading was that she has asthma, and used an inhaler of Albuterol. But then we reported the drug Brit tested positive for was an amphetamine -- and Albuterol is not.

So now -- Atttention Deficit Disorder -- just like Paris. And based on our information -- just like Paris -- we believe Britney's prescription is for Adderall. That drug fits the bill, because Adderall is an amphetamine.

The lawyers are in court tomorrow. We're told K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will renew his motion to prohibit Brit from driving with the kids in the car, especially after blowing a red light at a dangerous intersection a few days ago -- with the kids in the back seat.


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kim suck    


2473 days ago


GEEZ TMZ how else are you gonna contribute to Britney's losing her children and probably losing her mind and God forbid anything else.

Do you guys have any morals???? Do you think that reporting her every move is something you MUST DO??? Who are you the higher power??? She's gonna be more paranoid about everything JUST BECAUSE OF TMZ!!!!!!

2473 days ago


If she takes Provigil - its primary use is for narcolepsy, but it is also used for the mania in manic-depressive disorder. (I've taken it myself.) Sometimes, especially in the young (and she still qualifies), it is difficult to refine the diagnosis between ADD and manic depression. The stress of having two children so close together plus the divorce (and different people react differently to stress, y'all) can jump-start and/or exacerbate a previously 'latent' mental illness.

2473 days ago



2473 days ago


I'm sorry... but I have no sympathy for either of them. You got one parent who is so wrapped up in herself that she doesnt give a you know what about her kids and another one who is playing this so called "father" role just to get a paycheck every month. Maybe if both of you were actual parents you wouldnt be getting drug tests and parenting therapy. Maybe if you would actually be a real Mom and Dad to those kids you wouldnt have to worry about having to explain why your drug test came back negative. I personally think they need to be taken away from both parents and given to someone that isnt so damn selfish. I feel bad for those kids.

2473 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Whatever works - thank god there are a millions reasons we can use.

I love her hair in that pic, no made up doll here, you get the real thing - awsome

Send comments to

Have a great afternoon with the live feed if the camera dude wakes up today.

Have a wonder Kobe steak while visiting.

2473 days ago


When you go take a drug test, they ask you what you are taking. She is beyond pathetic.

2473 days ago

kim suck    

i hope she passes out and sits on one of her kids and kills them with her farts

2473 days ago


Since the Commish checks out all the rags.....and appears to believe them at face value, one can only guess that Kaplan is just being sure he gets a time charge for Fedeadbeat that his ex will have to pay, since Fedeadbeat is busy pick'n his navel........Keep up the work for the Fedeadbeats' of the country TMZ.................Hopefully all the paps will end up limping very soon..................I also wonder why the Commish isn't looking into WHO in his system is leaking to the RAGS about all of the Britney things.................

2473 days ago


I love being right.

2473 days ago


I can't seem to understand the courts letting the kids with a man who calls himself "daddy" who was never there. He was always partying with his friends in Vegas, Hawaii, New York, God knows where else, HE WAS AN ABSENTEE FATHER, while she stayed with the kiddos. Its all about money he doesn't give a rats ass about them. He knows that the money train ride is OVER. and now his new girlfriend is a JOKE like him, a rejected bunny. TMZ leave brit alone, if it wasn't for you paps the world would be fine, less interesting i must admit but good.

2473 days ago

your mama    

she is a loser, what a waste. i hope someone with some sense will place those children in protective custody away from both of those maniacs.

2473 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Hey #8: Why don't you take your celebrity dating site and stick it right up your worthless ass, OK? Nobody cares.

2473 days ago


ADD is nothing but a made up condition for the drug companies to push on anyone and everyone. It is sort of like a "hippy" drug for the masses but legal. Ask anyone with ADD and ask how it was proven they had it medically.

30 years from now our country will be run by zombies that were all ADD by a so called Doctor of Psychiatry.

2473 days ago

Tired of Brit Bashing    

TMZ leave her alone, this is getting really old.

2473 days ago
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