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Britney Runs Over Another Photographer!

11/15/2007 10:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a dangerous job to be snapping Britney Spears' picture -- last night another paparazzo screamed for Brit to please remove her tire from his foot.

TMZ caught Brit at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, where the drivin' popwreck was surrounded by photogs as she made her way into the parking lot. The paps refused to move, despite several warnings and documented footage of how Britney rolls. Moments later, Brit shockingly rolled her new wheels over a guy's foot.

These days, every time she goes out, someone gets hurt! Expect to see that shoe on eBay any day now.


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rock I.Q    

back off the front of her car so she can drive and this wont happen. the GUY in the video states BACK OFF THE DRIVE....not that I agree with her going out she should stay home, but for whatever reason she wont do it... if the paps dont want to be run over , they should not crawl all over her car.

I think she stays in hotels for privacy , she can go to the spa, socialize with other quests, dine in peace and not feel lonely in her big house...It must be pretty Lonely no husband, no kids. Plus it probably feels a lot safer at a hotel. She cant trust to hire protect her from psycho stalkers.

2534 days ago


Can't this woman spend at least one night at home? She obviously thrives on being in the headlines daily and has no self control. The day is coming where she will be stripped of her parental rights or she will maim or kill an innocent bystander with her antics behind the wheel. The paparazzi know she will be out there daily, nightly, constantly and if they can make a buck over her stupidity, you know they will. I agree she is a train wreck and if she makes it to 30 I for one will be amazed. But I also see this as another case of a kid put into show business by parents who live in their kids shadow. Dr. Phil had a show about this and it really opened my eyes. Britney more than likely supports all her relatives and as for working like she has been since a child, I blame her parents for her messed up life. she has never been a child....and now she pays the price along with 2 babies.

2534 days ago

Mary Jane    

Twitney is a danger on the streets!!!!! THANK Jesus I don't live in Lala land!!!!

2534 days ago


TMZ, the way you describe it you make it sound like it is Britney's fault. For Pete's
sake tell it like it is. Keep away from her car. Britney should sue the photographer.
The paps are nothing but stalkers.

2534 days ago

Ooh Ooh Me    

How are you blaming this on her? Not only do these people deserve to get run over, they should be killed.

2534 days ago


Yet another 'hotel visit'?

2534 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

So back the fluck OFF people!

2534 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Pap deserved it. Probably trying to get into the news! ZERO sympathy for these idiots anymore! They know the deal! Brit should put fighter pilot kill outlines on her car, but of Feet this time around! She's almost an ACE!!! Again... Lenn K. -Were you ever Lenny Lipsh*tz in a past life?

2534 days ago


The paparazzi are well aware of her driving habits. They all know what a terrible driver she is. If the photog is stupid enough to get that close to her, he deserved to get a flat foot. She is absolutely clueless and is unable to see past her own nose, but any idiot would know to GET OUT OF HER WAY. I am starting to believe that either the photogs or Brittany is doing it on purpose. No way is this a coincidence.

2534 days ago

uh oh    

What it doesn't show in this video, is that she is yet again, making an illegal Uturn, tires screeching and speeding over the speed limit, which is 35 and also she is texting on her cellphone while driving. No doubt about it this time! I saw the video on TOB. This is unreal. The woman clearly never learns. She must want badly to lose her kids. The video is from and I would highly suggest Kaplan subpoenas it.

2534 days ago


Some of you make no sense. She has been laying low for the past 4 days. Do you see that it helps when she does go out. No. The woman has every right to go out. She does not have to lock herself up.

How is this her fault when you have people practically laying over her car while it's moving. If it were me I would have run over them more often. They apparently are quite slow in getting the message to back away. They were warned a number of times in the video and still didn't move.

2534 days ago


I don't condone what she did, however, the photographers really need to quit cramming themselves up celebs asses for pictures of them. The celebs lives aren't that interesting to warrant a play by play of every trip to the gas station, every trip to Starbucks and so on. There is a big difference between an occasional picture of them here and there as opposed to 150 shots from 10 people up the tail pipe as someone tries to leave a place. Get a real job and move on already.

2534 days ago


How is she supposed to drive with all those people around her? I'm not a fan of her's but come on people! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

2534 days ago

not rocket science Britney    

In a sane world people would be hauled off to jail if they blocked cars or stopped someone from simply walking down the sidewalk. I doubt there's any karma payment at all on running over every one of you idiots.

2534 days ago


Any other drug addict would not be allowed to drive. When is the judge going to take away her license? What will it take? A driver's license is a priviledge, not an entitlement.

2534 days ago
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