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Britney Runs Over Another Photographer!

11/15/2007 10:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a dangerous job to be snapping Britney Spears' picture -- last night another paparazzo screamed for Brit to please remove her tire from his foot.

TMZ caught Brit at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, where the drivin' popwreck was surrounded by photogs as she made her way into the parking lot. The paps refused to move, despite several warnings and documented footage of how Britney rolls. Moments later, Brit shockingly rolled her new wheels over a guy's foot.

These days, every time she goes out, someone gets hurt! Expect to see that shoe on eBay any day now.


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these idiots are retarded, what do they expect if they are leaning against a moving car. britney spears' car or not they (the paparazzi) are idiots.

2526 days ago


he deserved it.

2526 days ago

krystle viola    


2526 days ago


good for her!!!!

2526 days ago


he deserves it. and for the poeple saying that she doesn't know how to drive and should stay off the streets. WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS. These photographers are all over her car and won't get out of her way. GROW UP PEOPLE, the poor girl is being tortured and is only human and I'm sure all of you have NEVER made any mistakes. Oh yea, you probably have, but NO ONE CARES AND THE PHOTOGRAPHERS AREN"T LOOKING AT YOU BECUASE . . .WE DON"T CARE

2526 days ago


How is she supposed to drive with all of the flashing in her eyes??? I would do more than just run over some guys foot.....

2526 days ago


wow. Its their fault they didn't listen for the "Back Up" and other such warnings beforehand. They don't have to be directly in front of the car. Side of it okay, but c'mon. The paps are making it worse than it really is. They deserved it. What were they going to do?- Not let her leave? jeez....

2526 days ago


The guy whose foot got ran over is an idiot! Those camera flashes could blind a person.

2526 days ago


Soooo had it coming. I don't care who it is. Don't fall all over someones car while they're trying to move and expect to not get hurt. I don't think there are many people, celebrity or non-celebrity, who wouldn't do the same thing. I would have done far more than run over his foot. if he got all over my car like that.

2526 days ago


Are you serious?? Whoa look out, Britt ran over another photographer! You've got to be kidding.

MAYBE if they weren't so far up her a** , things like that wouldn't happen? Ever think of that?? I don't even LIKE the girl and I think this is ridiculous. YES maybe she should back off for a while but dammit I'm really tired of hearing the craziest things about her. Leave the poor girl alone, so what if she's got issues--NO ONE deserves as much negative publicity as she gets.

So like I said, yea maybe she should back off for a bit but don't you think everyone else should too? This crap is getting ridiculous and overly annoying.

2526 days ago


krystel.... That is so overused dont read our conversations then

2526 days ago


If the paparazi would move the heck outta tha way then they wouldn't have to worry about getting ran over, if I was Britney I would have sped up, and I agree there should be a law that the paparazi should stand "x" number a feet away, but until there iz a law that they are gonna continue 2 get ran over, or they get some common sense. I don't think that Britney iz a bad driver in a sense but I think that she has a lot of distractions around her, i.e. the paparazi.

2525 days ago
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