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Britney's Mercedes

Kid Free

11/16/2007 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears can't drive with her kids in the car.
The move was made after a court hearing today, during which Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, officially informed the judge that Brit blew a red light with her kiddies in the car last week.

We're told Commish Gordon issued the sealed order, as stipulated by lawyers for several of the issues.


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A wise man. A good decision.

2500 days ago



2500 days ago


I hope this is true. Maybe with each straw being thrown onto "her back," her mind will get a little heavier and she will start focusing on her children. Too bad she is such a loser...her children are going to need a lot of therapy! Why doesn't K-Fed's lawyer throw in the fact that she never bathes....he could use that in his quest for "neglect." haha

2500 days ago


Maybe the judge should make an order for the PAPS to leave her the F*** alone whenever she's with her kids, maybe that way she can be in peace and have the roads clear so she can drive like a normal human being. I think the media really likes to see Britney suffer especially the PAPS! I think the only solution for her is to move OUT OF L.A.!!

2500 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

Ding Dang Dong Dudes!
I gotta hire someone to haul my backside round town now.

Anybody wanna drive my car dudes? I paid 200K for the dang thang and don't know where the fuel tank thingy dingy is located.

Dang Dudes!

2500 days ago

Jusst saying    

thank-you judge!!! At least there is one person who is genuinly concerned about the safety and welfare of these babies.

2500 days ago


Thanks god for the Judge who seems to understand that Brit isn't the best person to be driving with the kids...I think she needs to start paying attention to what she is doing than texting with friends while driving which is why she blew that light and is proof from that picture...but the sad reality is she wont evenb notice or care...her kids seem to be so far from her mind and heart,,,,sad to see really....

2500 days ago

thats right    

it's only a matter of time before thr judge takes those kids away from her for good, and you has knowone else to blame but herself, dumb ass BITCH!!! I love when she messes up so it can be that much closer to take the boys away for good!!!!

2500 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

No big deal.

All the camera dudes around her and you cant get a shot of the FLy glasses.

Is she wearing them or not.

Come on guys We dont want a shot of her back.

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Thanks Harv - hire some new photogs please

Thanks again

Have a great Friday afternoon.

2500 days ago


Okay, I have been reading all of your hogwash and it is hogwash. Brittany would not have to run red lights if she was not being chased. She would not be running over paps feet if they were not in her way and refuse to move. KF is a jerk. He is only doing this to get more money. He has not money and no TALLENT. Rappers are a dime a dozen and half cant sing at all that is why they rap. If he would get full custody she would be paying out the butt. He is not a great father, he is not taking care of his other kids, he just knows where the money is. If the pap would leave Brittany alone she would do better. Have any of you thought what it is like to be followed and hounded the way she is.

2500 days ago


You idiotic fans defending this piece of crap! At least common sense prevailed.
I guess you were WRONG again...she is such a disgusting mess!

2500 days ago


She'll do it anyway. No one tells her what to do.

2500 days ago


Congrats TMZ!!!! Your never ending vendetta againest Britney is working. After you make sure Brit loses her kids. What celebrity are you going to after next? Mark Kaplan must be on your payroll. We never see any press on K-Fed on this site. Poor Britney!! You guys are making sad situation worse. But who cares. TMZ is making money off it. Sick and sad.
Moving on to another website.

2500 days ago


#24 Me--You sound like an idiot. Let's hope you don't have kids.....

2500 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

What happened to the moniter - too scared to ride with Brit lmao thats one way to get rid of her ass.

Now if we could only get rid of the blog moniter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have a great afternoon in sunny CA

We all love Brit & Ali

2500 days ago
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