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Britney's Mercedes

Kid Free

11/16/2007 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears can't drive with her kids in the car.
The move was made after a court hearing today, during which Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, officially informed the judge that Brit blew a red light with her kiddies in the car last week.

We're told Commish Gordon issued the sealed order, as stipulated by lawyers for several of the issues.


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JACK It doesnt matter if its a gossip site video the point is its a VIDEO he can see it with his own eyes and decide.

Angel.. Dont say the REST OF US. I would never do that people who give a damn about their kids would not. 1- Dangerous obviously 2- She should know that it could affect the court ruling.. but shes too damn stupid and selfish

2531 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#382 K-Fed's priority is Britney's money. Haven't you been paying attention? His spousal support runs out this month and he spent all the money on drugs, booze and whores. How do you know he's a good father? Do you live with him? He wants more custody of the boys so he can get more custody money. TMZ, Kaplan and K-Fed are working over time to trash Britney to make that happen. I live in LA and believe me, Kaplan has a sleazy reputaton. K-Fed is his only client. Britney even has to pay sleazy Kaplan because K-Fed doesn' t have any money. K-Fed doesn't plan to ever work because he's too ignorant to get a job - he just wants to live off of Britney's money the rest of his life - and that's the truth!!!!!

2531 days ago


Oh, now it was just a suggestion? Looks like cover when she's once again caught driving with her kids in the car. Yeah, x-17 is more reliable than TMZ. We'll know for sure if & when the court doc's are released.

2531 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Maybe Britney isn't the Mother of the Year, but lazy, money mooching, nasty, lowlife, deadbeat K-Dud is no prize, that's for sure. Hope you people get lives soon and stop trashing Britney every day.

2531 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Star: Gossip sites (even I can!) manulipate videos - it is so easy to add, delete, change ... turns colors, superimpose people, are you nuts? Ah, gee wiz, a video on a gossip site is iron clad evidence - hang her. The videos on tmz are as accurate as their reporting (for lack of better word).

And, BYW, if the court papers are sealed and neither attorney gave out any information, how does everyone know this is what the result was - that she can't drive with the boys??? Again, I DO think she should have a driver and should have for a long time now, but like I said, even if she leaves her house on foot, they will be swarmed and trampled by the paps. ARE THERE NO LAWS?????

"After being told that Britney Spears ran a red light with her young sons in the car, a judge ruled Friday that the pop star may no longer drive with the children, reports.

The sealed order came after a 90-minute hearing with lawyers for Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Attorneys declined comment on the reported ruling after the hearing."

So, please, how did report what is in sealed orders????? The Commish needs to get control of his courtroom and stop the leaks. Sheesh.

2531 days ago


"So, please, how did report what is in sealed orders????? The Commish needs to get control of his courtroom and stop the leaks. Sheesh."

Posted at 11:01PM on Nov 16th 2007 by jack54

The world will know soon enough...Britney is utterly incapable of NOT strapping those babies in the car and cruising around, looking for a little attention at the local Starbucks or corner gas station. If she stops cruising around during her visitation, it will presumably be because she was court ordered not drive with the kids in the car and NOT because she suddenly realized that she gets a piddly 14% of the time with them and spending it driving around isn't necessarily the best use of it.

2531 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Yes, the world will know soon enough, but why is REPORTING it now? I'm not saying it isn't true or that it is true ... again, how can this site report a "fact" that has NOT be released by the court???? Who is tmz paying for that information? I have my suspisions.

2531 days ago


394. Amazing that so much attention is given to a person. The same can be said for each of us, every day. Give it a rest already...

Posted at 11:13PM on Nov 16th 2007 by parabola

parabola? Great name. Maybe I'll change minne to hyperbola or ellipse. It is amazing that we care at all about what Britney does; however, I have to disagree that the same could be said about me (if you are referring to her behavior) - not that I haven't made my share of mistakes - I have. But if a Judge threatened to take my children away, as Britney has been threatened, you would see me turn into Mother Theresa faster than you can 'boo'.

2531 days ago


To the person who said that no one on this "rock we call Earth" hasn't run a red light -- and to all those who said that "everyone" has run one -- you invalidate yourself with your sweeping pronouncements. Just because you've done it too, doesn't mean the whole world has.

Add me to the several commentators who have never run a red light, or a stop sign for that matter. And I've been driving in Los Angeles for 32 years.

I'm particularly amused by the comment referring to this "rock we call Earth". What of the millions who never have and never will drive? From the poor to the blind to the "undeveloped" tribespeople deep in the jungles of Peru, who've never so much as seen a car.

Everyone on this rock? I think not. lol

2531 days ago


Hi jack54,

First of all, you can’t believe everything you read on these blogs. I’m only interested in this because of the custody case.

On the Britney stories, there seem to be 7 types of people leaving comments.

1. People like me, who don’t care anything about Britney or Kevin. We are just concerned about what happens to the kids.
2. Staunch Britney fans, who remember her as she use to be, and believe she can do no wrong.
3. Kevin hatters, who think that Kevin actually has the brains to have planned this custody case.
4. Kevin supporters, who believe Britney did him wrong, and that she deserves everything going wrong in her life.
5. People who come on this site, just to amuse themselves. They are the most harmless of all. They have no agenda. They’re just bored.
6. Britney bashers. They seem to enjoy to say how ugly, stupid or whatever about her. Many of them want her dead.
7. The people who want their 14½ minutes of fame, and actually believe that what they wrote is so outstanding, that people will actually remember what they wrote.
That’s about it. One day, we’ll really know what happened here.

2531 days ago

major league    


2531 days ago


.Posted at 12:08AM on Nov 17th 2007 by Zankerman

Please explain a little more, I'm missing the joke. Sorry, I'm pass middle age

2531 days ago


I don't think Federline is paying TMZ any more than I think Spears is paying X17. I believe these two agencies are in a pissing contest & have chosen their respective "horses" to back. This biased reporting has made Both of them look silly.

2531 days ago

fame ho    

Whore/slut/idiot w/ADD and no panties at the wheel.....and NO kids in the back....what a break for EVERYONE!The world has been saved!

2531 days ago


Straw Poll Cancelled do to overwhelming Ron Paul support!
Posted November 16th, 2007 by SIERRAHPBT

The Adams County Colorado Republican Straw Poll was cancelled last night do to an overwhelming responce from Ron Paul supporters.
The Adams county GOP expected only 200 people to show up. At least 600 were in attendance. 65% were Ron Paul supporters. The Adams GOP then cancelled the Straw poll! For the leaders in the GOP of Adams county Colorado (close to Denver) to do this is underhanded! This movement is SNOWBALLING!
Please find out what you need to do to get involved at your precinct, county and State level of the GOP! We must have delegates..

2531 days ago
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