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Cheerleaders Bring It on ... Each Other!

11/17/2007 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two girls claiming to be Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders -- but looking more like their trashy doppelgängers -- got a little friendly in front of our cameras last night. Touchdown!

The Texas twosome was waiting for a cab outside of Hyde last night and could not keep their hands off each other. "Don't show our bosses this," one of them cooed. "We will get fired!"

Oops, sorry.


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Oh goody, so in about 5 days we will see a TMZ story.... Hey, remember those cheerleaders that said they would get fired, they did!

Almost peeing on myself in anticipation......

*rolls eyes*

2472 days ago


These girls are too big to be Cowboy cheerleaders. Especially the chubby non-breasted chick in green. She said they are curvy. Ha! More like FAT! I'm a little embarrsed for them watching that video. They are wanna-be's who will never be! HA

2472 days ago


Beefcakes- you are sick...these girls are far from fat. Just because they don't look anorexic... but... if they are Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, they are so fired!!

2472 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack

Yes, I think I see the two of them in this pic. I won't say which names, because I wouldn't want to incorrectly name someone, but I do think I see which two these are.

2472 days ago


They're just a couple of drunk attention whores, not DCCs. Dumb ones at that. Anyone ever see those two on an episode of CMT's "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team"? Or how about on the squad website:

Also, the squad's appearance standards are very high. The squad director would never allow the two-toned stripper hair. Or the bad bangs on the other chick.

Nope, just drunken trash, those two.

2472 days ago


Those are definately NOT Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I guarantee it - I know the squad and they are not on it.

2472 days ago


Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, look more like day shift @ Crazygirls Las Vegas.

2472 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

There is no way in the world that these two are Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I watched some of the shows on the tryouts to become Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders(DCC) and there are a couple of things that I find wrong with these girls, but I could be wrong.

First, those girls are way too fat to be DCC, especially the one in the green. I doubt they could ever do an in line high kick.

Second, DCC are really hot, but those girls were skanks.

Third, In one episode the girls are taken to a salon and given hair styles by professionals. The whores in the video look like they have skunks on their heads.

TMZ is usually pretty smart, but how could you fall for this one?

2472 days ago


MARY,,You must be a big girl too!! You obviously don't know anything at all about training. I am around hard-training athletes everyday so I do know what I am talking about. They ARE TO BIG TO BE PROFESSIONAL cheerleadres. UNDERSTAND??? ha

2472 days ago


these girls should fix their own hair first before commenting on other peoples hair.

2472 days ago


They were as dumb as they looked. Clueless!

2472 days ago

Nancy Tx    

I know The girl with the green top she is a stripper in dallas,TX Dances around the metroplex.

2472 days ago


Hey TMZ, don't be dumbasses. Those bitches are the same 2 that did the "dress pull up" thing in front of Les Deux about a week ago. You should check your own previous pics before you post about them being Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders...

2472 days ago


I knew i recognized the girl in the green from somewhere- and I finally figured it out! It's Lauren Bergfeld from season one of beauty and the geek! and no..she is not a cheerleader. I don't know who the friend is though..

2472 days ago

who dat    

A couple of air heads. Definately dumb enough to be cheerleaders. The one in green had a tramp stamp. The other one had hideous two tone hair. A shinning example of the hos from texas.

2472 days ago
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