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Kids to Brit and K-Fed: Gimme More -- Turkey

11/19/2007 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Sean Preston and Jayden James will have turkey coming out of their ears this week.

We're told Britney will celebrate Thanksgiving with the kids on Wednesday, and K-Fed will repeat the honors on Thursday. Brit will visit with the kids earlier on Thanksgiving day.

The deal was hashed out by Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, and Brit's legal hottie, Anne Kiley. We're told they're in the process of negotiating Xmas.


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No I don't know but it pisses me off when people make accusations and they know either one of these parents.

2532 days ago



2532 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

I did - did you?


2532 days ago


custody battles suck.... i should know i went through one....

2532 days ago

the lost    

Stop making it sound like those boys are poor hungry kids. They are the children of a multi-millionaire, if not billionaire. Feel bad for starving kids who get no food during the Holidays or any day of the year. Don't feel bad for the little spoiled heirs Sean P. and Jayden. They will be spoiled just like all the other celebrity stars' kids!!!

2532 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Will it be fresh baked turkey or deli?
This is a stretch for a story. I hope the have a peaceful, FUN Thanksgiving with their mother. After all it's about the boys, not the parents. She needs to start making good memories and traditions for these little boys.

2532 days ago


This news delivers

2532 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Fly on a wall, you are such a retard u can't even quote someone correctly. At least you're living up to your name, u annoying little gnat. Why don't u check into the roach motel, & never check out? You are very peculiar, pathetic, & your schtick is getting old. Please stand out in the street next time B.S. is driving, so she can squash ya like the insect you are.

2532 days ago


britney needs stability....she had it with justin and as soon as that ended everything went down the tubes. she needs good friends and family in her life. Not to fix it but to help support her. she's human. we all make mistakes in our lives, her's is just underneath a magnifine glass all day everyday. give the girl and her family a break. let her have peace of mind. then she may be able to live what society refers to as a normal life.

2532 days ago


Put the kids in a house and let the parents visit. They'll all be safer. Lots of people with intelligence negotiate to this...

Oh yeah...

Never mind.

2532 days ago

fame ho    

Since we know Brits IQ is about 26, same as her age...shouldn't she consider enrolling into a college to try and learn to read a book?

2532 days ago

fame ho    

I realize that Thanksgiving is a very stressful day, but I wonder if Brit can remember to put on her panties???????????????

2532 days ago


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