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Dennis Quaid's Newborn Twins in Medical Nightmare

11/20/2007 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Dennis Quaid's newborn twins are fighting for their lives after being inadvertently overdosed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Sources tell us the twins -- Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace -- were accidentally given a massive dose of Heparin, an anti-coagulant. Babies typically get 10 units. Our sources say they were each mistakenly given 10,000 units. The drug is used to flush out IV lines and prevent blood clots. We're told one dose was given on Sunday morning, another on Sunday evening.

We're told late Sunday night, both babies started to "bleed out." Both babies are now at Cedars in the neo-natal intensive care unit where we're told they are stable.

The twins were born to Quaid and wife Kimberly Buffington November 8 via surrogate.

A rep for Quaid did not immediately return our call for comment and there was no immediate comment from Cedars.

We're told a technician stored the Heparin in the wrong place, and when a nurse grabbed the medicine for the babies without looking -- it was the wrong dosage.

A source says the babies are now being given Protamine, which reverses the effects of Heparin.

UPDATE: We're told as many as thirteen patients at Cedars were mistakenly given the overdose of Heparin, but the effects are more critical because of the age and weight of the twins.

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Best wishes to Dennis and his wife. God bless.

2528 days ago


the same kind of thing happened to my sister when she was 13. Got a doage of 15 when it was only supposed to be only 1.5. I can't remember what drug it was but she got high.

2528 days ago

K. Jackson    

Oh how sad! I wish them the best and hope their babies pull through!

2528 days ago


I've heard of this same mistake happening before and trust me when they say "bleed out" they mean blood comes out of every orafice, including eyes, nose, mouth...

I hope the babies pull through!!

2528 days ago


What a nightmare.Our prayers are with you and your family.

2528 days ago


I agree to post #1, whenever you go in to the doctors office and the nurses are taking your blood pressure or giving you shots or whatever they need to do, they are all more concerned about one another's personal life. They completely ignore the patient and it's really frustrating.

2528 days ago


That is horrible. I really hope the babies pull through. No parent should have to face such terror, and no medical personel should be so careless.

2528 days ago


OMG! That is horrible!

2528 days ago


That is a common mistake with this particular medication with regard to dosage. It has to do with the similar labeling. That's why the dosage mistake is common - the labels are exactly the same for the most part, so I've heard. You'd think they would fix that by now. They will probably die. How awful!

2528 days ago


Great, now you're paying off medical personnel for stories.? Do you respect anyone's privacy? Hoping the babies die for an "exclusive" follow-up story??

2528 days ago


OMG!!! I hope those angels pull through.

2528 days ago


#1 you are friggin' retarded!

2528 days ago


To OMG/#9

I'm sorry, did I read that right? A "white doctor" that always make "mistakes with people's lives"? LOL! Are you kidding me? You mean, as opposed to all of the lives that are lost perpetrated by black individuals?

*rolling my eyes*

2528 days ago


This happened in another recent case listed in my local newspaper. Unfortunately it did not end in a good result. The infant was dead within 3 days.

2528 days ago


#9 now if I said something like that but turned the race card I would be racist. I didn't know Jessy Jackson and AL sharpten read tmz.

2528 days ago
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