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Hogan Family

Vehicular Lunatics?

11/20/2007 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Hogan family has come out strongly against street racing since Nick's brutal crash -- but just two years ago, another Hogan was screaming its virtues! out of Tampa Bay, Florida has uncovered video from 2005, showing mom Linda Hogan drag racing another vehicle, with daughter Brooke in the passenger seat. The video, from a documentary called "Vehicular Lunatics," also shows Linda boasting, "I love it. The rush, the speed on the road ... racing in between all the cars, dodging the cops. It's awesome."

The Hogan family maintains that speed was not a factor in Nick's car crash. The victim of the crash, John Graziano, remains in a coma.


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I also recall an episode of "hogan knows best" where the nick kid was driving a dodge viper and wrecked it. This could also be used if there was a suit filed against them. Just makes me mad that this dude risked his life in Iraq for all of us and is in a coma state because someone was trying to act cool. The hogan family is sad trying to make something of themselves. (A kid that can't drive and a daughter that can't sing).

2497 days ago

just wondering    

..." j "....#59....u can't possilby say it any better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...why r the Floridians not screaming for him ot be off the streets??????????????...IF it is the laws, well now is the time to take advantage of a high profile case to make changes...GOOD LUCK too them, I hope they do.

2497 days ago


What a retard.........WTF
Is she for real????

2497 days ago


Erica, I totally agree. Hope yours and Stephs Thanksgiving is good to. Oh, and dont forget John, Nicks, and the Troops.

2497 days ago


DISGUSTING FAMILY .. The mother is the worst driving like that .. they are going to suffer and other people lost their son .. living or dead, he's dead .. all because of her. She set examples and the ass...e son followed her .. HORRIBLE FAMILY THAT NEEDS TO BE SUED

2497 days ago


Hmm, a has been skank, substance abusing husband and the kids are an untalented slam pig and a functional retard. Dog Chapman and family are green with envy.....

2497 days ago


I think that VH1 should take their show off the air. They did it to Dogg and he didn't almost kill someone.

2497 days ago


Lets pray for Dog, Vick, O.J., Nick, & Britney.Peace ppl, not hate..

Breathe and go get laid!!

Happy Holidays!

2497 days ago


#59 - J

Applause - Applause - Applause -
I couldn't agree with you more.

2497 days ago

just wondering    

..Erica..hi there!!....I'm jsut mentioning this because it ties in with street racing, being the mother of 4 sons of which 3 have driving licenses...2 of their friends have been killed because of racing!!!!..I don't get it...every week , some other YOUNG idiot driver has cause a crash and innocent r killed. Seems like thi Hogan SPOILED BRAT is getting off because he didn't KILL !!!!!!!! the heck do the laws allow him on the street???? I'm thinking the attending police were star struck by Hulk who was right behind them and the report got written up a little " different "...sure hope public pressure resolves this and some justice can come from this.....wish I knew the update on John....sure doesn't belong in a V hspt...sad!!!!!!!!!

2497 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

'Whatever' the fact that you are still fans of the Hogans show what a calloused person you are. And last time I checked, the Nazis lost WW2. You are a total LOSER and filled with hate by taking the racist and racing stance here. Prepare to get your ass shredded like your idiot compatriot steph, who is not nearly as big of a fool as you are! I bet you think 'wrastlin' is real too, don't you? When your house leans, do you check the air pressure in your tires? Go back to watching the WWE shows!

2497 days ago


John's family should be looking at new houses in FL.
Hulk will defend his son, sadly like any father, straight into the poor house.
the other two dingbat broads will never get it until they have to move
into a two bedroom gets real quiet when their son is named
in a $3 million negligence lawsuit resulting in a veteran soldier's comatose state.
...with prior evidence of speeding...oh my. Hulk better step and offer a
settlement...prior acts combined with public perception of Nick spells
financial heartache for the Hogan family.

2497 days ago


Right on "Captian"!!! It's apparent that 'Whatever' still has some teenage hostilty. Steph-- he's just what one would cal a "slow learner". As for you...I'm all for you getting the raise that everyone is on strike for!

2497 days ago

just wondering    

..OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Captain Obvious ##74...I THINK that is abt the funniest line I have read on TMZ!!!!!!!..." when your house leans, do you check the air pressure in your tires ? "....I needed that laugh...enough with the sadness...that was GOOD...hahahahahah thanks!!!!!

2497 days ago

Anne Frank    

I hope that dirtbag family gets sued into poverty. And let's work out a "Chapman-Hogan" wedding party. Brooke can be the bride. Or maybe the groom.

2497 days ago
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