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Dr. Adams Won't Talk, Neither Will Oprah

11/21/2007 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The doctor who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died bailed on Larry King last night, but his reasons for walking off the set don't add up.

TMZ has broken story after story, showing Dr. Adams has had multiple malpractice lawsuit filed against him, sexual battery allegations, three DUIs and a domestic violence restraining order.
The director of the Medical Board of California is currently going after his license.

So when Dr. Adams told Larry King the West family didn't want him talking, in reality he had plenty to talk about that did not involve Dr. Donda West.

And speaking of not talking, TMZ has been hounding Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health for more than a week, asking if they did background checks before putting Dr. Adams on the air. If they did, they would have discovered -- for starters -- that he's not a board certified plastic surgeon.

Oprah's company and NBC, which featured Dr. Adams on "The Other Half," have been completely unresponsive -- not a word. Discovery Health, which put Dr. Adams in a starring role in a plastic surgery series, finally responded yesterday claiming they did a background check but refused to say what it turned up.


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Haha suckers...    


2536 days ago

College Grad    

TMZ please give it up...
For the record you don't have to be board certified to perform plastic surgery or a number of other procedures. Who the hell writes these stories ...HIGH SCHOOL KIDS! As a matter of fact many doctors aren't board certified, b/c its an ELECTIVE procedure you have to go through. You are not required to be certified you willingly go in and take a damn test. And you are already convicting the man and don't even have the results of the autopsy back yet! And Oprah and Discovery Channel don't have anything to do with this man, so you could quite hounding them about it. Your really just beating a dead horse there.

2536 days ago

Holly Ellinor    

Umm, #2, you forgot your address. And #3, regardless of certification, the accusations and DUIs alone show this man to be of poor enough character that I wouldn't let him operate on me.
And don't you think the fact Discovery Health DID a background check and weren't concerned about all of this make it worse than to not do one at all?

2536 days ago



2536 days ago


You can bet Oprah won't treat this BLACK man like she did James Frey for his A Million Little Pieces indescretion. She sat Mr. Frey down and scolded him like you would a 4 yr old because SHE DIDN'T DO HER HOMEWORK !!!!!! Oprah needs to retire and start spending her money to fix the country that made her famous. GOD BLESS THE USA.

2536 days ago

Dr. James    

The story can't to be too dead to make it on to an hour of Larry King Live last night. Plus almost every major media outlet is covering this story - many on front pages. This story is going probably get bigger before it get smaller. Wait for autopsy report to come out, that will probably dump gasoline onto this story.

Further about 97% of plastic surgeons care enough about their profession to get board certified, don't we have the right, and perhaps the responsibilty, to wonder about the 3% that don't get board certified? Maybe there is something more there? And don't you think, we as the public, prospective patients and medical professionals have the right to keep on asking questions until we get clear definitive answers?

2536 days ago


How could TMZ be "hounding them for over a week" when it hasn't even been a full week since Kanye's mother passed????

2536 days ago


If I were Oprah, I wouldn't answer you guys either!!!! Especially since Oprah has not spoken or had this guy on her show since 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!! She probably thinks you guys are ridiculous for bringing her up in all this....I do too!

2536 days ago


To College Grad #3: You are one of few people on here who actually has some sense. THANK YOU!

2536 days ago


Awww, #11, are you upset your precious little oprah messed up and put a doctor charged with sexual assualt and malpractice on your show? She promoted him and being promoted on oprah always means you'll get better business because of idiots like you who watch religiously. She DID cause more women to go to him and she didn't even know about him. What an idiot. To further prove my point, look at the sexual abuse at her school. She didn't care till the media found out.

2536 days ago


LOL- this guy "first" is goofy! (LOL) Probably some homeless guy who hangs out in the library all day . Funny dude( "first") LOLol!!!! . If it sounds good w/ a bald head . Oprahs all over it! This loooooser fooled everyone!

2536 days ago


#10, she died on Nov. 10. That is more than a week ago.

2536 days ago

Dr. James    

While I don't know Oprah and her staff, my guess is that they are pretty concerned about this matter. They took a get big hit and lots of heat over the James Frey book - and more recently other questionable stuff. Oprah and the folks over at Harpo, really do care about Oprah's repuation, and I am sure they know that this story could do some big damage and they are not happy about it.

Is Oprah to blame? And for what? I don't know. She featured him positively on her show. Maybe she/Harpo should have check deeper than they did? But what would they have found in 2003? But regardless, you would think that Orpah/Harpo could issue a clear statement about their positon on Jan Adams. Instead they come off as hiding from the media on this issue.

2536 days ago


Youradumbass: You're screename fits you well....

2536 days ago

Justice DENIED    

Loved seeing LKL caught off guard. His show is has become nothing but commercials.

2536 days ago
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