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Quaid Twins Medical Screwup -- How it Happened

11/21/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid and TwinsSources tell TMZ that a pharmacy technician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center mistakenly stocked a massive dose of a drug that ended up being given to Dennis Quaid's newborn twins.

Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace are in stable condition. But a well-placed source at Cedars tells us they are "still very concerned because of the bleed out," adding they won't know for another week if the mistake will cause "longterm effects."

Sources tell TMZ that pharmacy technicians stock the drug Heparin, used to prevent clots and flush out IVs. The drug comes in vials -- 10 units for babies, up to 10,000 units for adults. Protocol at the hospital is to keep the different units separated, but a technician accidentally put 10,000 units in the drawer where the 10 units were stored.

Last Sunday, both infants -- born November 8 by surrogate -- were each given two, 10,000-unit dosages. They began to bleed out just before midnight and were transferred to the neo-natal intensive care unit.

Cedars issued a statement last night, acknowledging the mistake and calling it a "preventable error." That's highly unusual. Also, the hospital claims seven patients were given the wrong dosages. Our sources say 13 patients got the wrong dosage.

Klum Loves Her Bazooms

Heidi Klum: Click to watchIt looks like all the guys who drool over Heidi Klum's fantastic rack aren't alone -- Heidi likes playing with 'em too!

In preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 4, Heidi made an amazing video, showcasing the hidden talents of her two best assets.

She would have made a great Fembot!

Dr. Adams Won't Talk, Neither Will Oprah

Harpo Development: Click to watchThe doctor who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died bailed on Larry King last night, but his reasons for walking off the set don't add up.

TMZ has broken story after story, showing Dr. Adams has had multiple malpractice lawsuit filed against him, sexual battery allegations, three DUIs and a domestic violence restraining order.
The director of the Medical Board of California is currently going after his license.

So when Dr. Adams told Larry King the West family didn't want him talking, in reality he had plenty to talk about that did not involve Dr. Donda West.

Discovery statement: Click to watchAnd speaking of not talking, TMZ has been hounding Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health for more than a week, asking if they did background checks before putting Dr. Adams on the air. If they did, they would have discovered -- for starters -- that he's not a board certified plastic surgeon.

Oprah's company and NBC, which featured Dr. Adams on "The Other Half," have been completely unresponsive -- not a word. Discovery Health, which put Dr. Adams in a starring role in a plastic surgery series, finally responded yesterday claiming they did a background check but refused to say what it turned up.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

68 years after "The Wizard of Oz" hit theaters, the Munchkins finally got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. What's a little person gotta do to get some respect around here?!
The Munchkins from
Seven of the original members, all well into their 80s and 90s, followed the yellow brick road to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to receive the 2,352nd star on the Walk of Fame. There's no place like home!

Let the joyous news be spread! The wicked old witch at last is dead!


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It absolutely pathetic that some women feel that they are nothing unless they have huge boobs. The larger the "fake" boobs are, the less brain cells there are. Let's face it....who would risk their life (major surgery) to have big boobs? And for whom....a man? Oh, please....
And as stated on this space earlier. Those of us who are comfortable with who we are and how we look, don't feel the need to let everyone everywhere see them. We keep them in our shirts where they should be! You can always spot a fake by how much she "shows them off.....
And no, I'm not jealous of a fake.....I feel sorry for her....How terribly sad!

2506 days ago


Cheryl....another dummy with an IQ to match her chest...42. Women who think its neanderthalistic are not all A cups. I happen to have a C cup. Average. However, if a man were only interested in my C's I'd dump him like a bad habit. He would have nothing to offer me. I am more than just my "funbags" stick that in between your mammoth bags biotch...LOL

2506 days ago


To all the people bagging on Oprah that she doesn't give a rats ass about poeple and what happens and only cares about people of color. YOU ARE WRONG! Both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz who are highly credited are WHITE MEN that she has on her show all the time and helped get thier shows! HELLO PEOPLE, yes I'm sure she is proud to see a black man or woman doing well for themselves, as she herself has grown up knowing that they either had a hard time rising up through the oppression or hid behind it, but that in NO way means she only cares about blacks. Clearly you don't watch her show or follow the wonderful things she does for ALL races of people. More over she is a BUSY woman who has a huge staff to follow through with thourough background checks on people, I'm sure she is devestated by what this man did, and is embarrassed she had him on her show. Does'nt anyone recall the author of the book 'million little pieces' and how she put it on her bookclub of the month and then realized he lied and had another show discrediting him and shaming him on her show with him on it, I'm sure she'll attempt to do the same with Dr. Death.
Oprah is a wonderful humanitarian; WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR PEOPLE LATELY?

2506 days ago


Would a woman be attracted to a man with a fake penis? I think not!
Hahahahah Sherri.... we can buy those at the "toy store" hahaha....your post made me giggle... thank you!!!

2506 days ago


I think it shows a persons real character to call out anyone & call names. Not to mention it shows a lack of self respect or esteem.

I personally feel its an individual decision to undergo any kind of surgery- for whatever reason- cosmetic or vitally necessary.

Some of the instances mentioned as far as malpractice goes by Rebecca is legal. While you or I may see something wrong with pulling out someones feeding tube & letting them die- others see it as, just taking someone off life support & allowing them the chance to suffer no more. Whether its ethical or not- is not our decision, obviously because they got away with doing it.

As far as hospitals giving out wrong doses or medication- thats what the focus needs to be on. That & Going against a parents choice or wish to help their child. Its not the hospitals decision to make- whether a person should be taken off any kind of medical support- this decision is left to the families for a reason (whether anyone agrees with it or not). I think doctors & hospitals need to slow down & carefully double check themselves, And put more time into training people (as I have been through my own malpractice that cost me an unborn fetus by a trainee)- maybe then the mistakes & accidents will be less (as we are human and will never be perfect). The point is they need to slow down & carefully make sure they are doing what they should & exactly as it should be done. Double checking medicines over & over again- right down to the time its injected or administered. Its not rocket science- just slow down & pay attention. Peoples lives depend on it.

As far as the "Dr. Adams" thing goes- Hopefully people will realize TV ratings are the most important thing in the world.

2506 days ago

David H    

I am male and can speak only for myself,but,having seen fake as well as natural breasts I have to say that you can defintely see the difference and amall or larger,NATURAL breasts are beautiful enhanced ones areNOT

2506 days ago


What do breasts have to do with the penis? Does a man copulate with a woman's breasts? Unless "breast" is what people call the vagina nowadays, that comparison makes no sense. In fact, that comparison makes no sense regardless because the function of one has absolutely not relation with the function of the other. I'm sure nobody cares but, I'm just saying.....

2506 days ago


Can't wait for the day when I hear that TMZ does not exist any longer. Should be soon.

2506 days ago


Well I worked at a hospital in Dallas Presbyterian Hospital as a medical transcript clerk Nurses in that hospital check and recheck. Im not buying the pharmacy story because it is clearly written on the box and the bottle what the unit dose is. I cannot believe noone checked. Things have changed since I worked in a hospital. I can guarantee the mistake would have been caught.

2506 days ago


To follow up on what I said , my guess is the person or persons gving the drugs out couldnt read english or the metric system.

2506 days ago


I am reading many comments about Dr. so-and-so and many others about big and/or fake breasts. Does anyone else see the very obvious connection? The fact that people, the large majority which are women, go under the knife voluntarily to alter their appearance to meet society's standards for what women "should" look like. Any time you elect to be put to sleep and cut open, you are taking your life in your hands. It's one thing if you need surgery to live, but to CHOOSE to be cut open, for some sort of concern over looking too old or sagging a little. Especially for someone who seemed to have so much going for her (Mrs. West). Even she wasn't immune to society's unreasonable expectations. That Dr. is a fraud, but realistically speaking, any plastic surgery carries with it the risk of death (yes), no matter how good the doctor. This case just got press due to the high profile of the victim. I hope one day that all women will stop giving in to the pressure put upon us by media and worsened by men/society/other women. We are each unique, on the inside and out. How interesting would this world be if we all looked like Pam Anderson?

2506 days ago


I feel so bad for Dennis Quaid's horrible. I'm not shocked, though. Just because they're doctors doesn't mean they're infallible. And besides, it was some lame-brained assistant or med student that mixed up the vials of heparin. I hope the babies pull through and have no long-term problems due to someone's idiocy. And they even admit it was a "preventable" mistake. Ummm...all mistakes are preventable if people would use their brains. And can we say "lawsuit?" It's not like the Quaid clan can't afford to hire the best lawyers money can buy--and I seriously hope they do. Hospitals shouldn't be allowed to get away with life-threatening screw-ups like this.
On another subject, has anyone noticed that the transsexual in the "biggest boobs" photo array looks suspiciously like Christina Aguilera, back when she was doing her shock-rocker/pop-tart thing?

2506 days ago

Helen M    

Medical errors are caused by lowering the standards of education for political reasons that happens to satisfy the needs of those in power at the time. It started in the 60's and until standards are raised it will continue to place unqualified people in jobs they should not be in.

2506 days ago


Far so many accidental mistakes happen in hospital's. It would seem that making vials different colors then just one having 10 units and the exact same vials having 10,000 units would be a very easy thing to do. This kind of mistake is unacceptable! I Truely hope those infants were not harmed. This makes me very sad to hear this stupid mistake that should never had happend.

2506 days ago


Fake breasts are so obvious!! look at Pam Anderson there like two balls with a two , three inch gap in between !! thats so sick looking. Real breasts don't have this gap and then the skin is stretched so tight they don't even move~ men might look at them, cause women with fake breast always flaunt them, looking for attention, but when it comes to how they feel, men will always take the real ones, even if theyre smaller. You have to love the before and after pic's of these women~ its embarrassing!!

2506 days ago
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