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Baby's First Reality Check

11/22/2007 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trista & Ryan Sutter's baby, Max, is getting a head start on the whole reality craze his parents are famous for -- by having his first Internet video at age three months!

Former "Bachelorette" Trista and the incredibly adorable baby boy (not her husband) taped a segment for MomLogic. His parents met on TV -- they might as well have him grow up on the Internet!

Watch how this tiny tot steals the spotlight.


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Give Me A Break    

He's a cute little guy!

2526 days ago

two cents    

Does anyone get a feeling of "The Truman Show" coming up? LOL

Talk about reality tv.

2526 days ago


Everything around this girl (Trista) revolves around reality, camera and publicity. she needs to stay out of the limelight and takes care of her son. She is so controlling and very calculating. All she thinks about is HERSELF. She is very selfish and needs the interest of her son and husband first. All she knows is ME,ME AND ME. LISTEN TRISTA, Your fifteen (15) minute was up long time ago. No one is anxious to see your face again. GET A JOB OR SOMETHING TO KEEP YOU BUSY. You are now a mother and should always put your family first. Everybody knows that you wear the pants in your house at least for moral sake respect and give your husband the chance to talk when you are outside. You are too controlling over the man and guess what, the guy might dump you sooner than later if you do not control the way and manner you treats him wherever you are in public. GET A LIFE OUTSIDE THE CAMERA, TRISTA

2526 days ago


Yep, put your baby on the internet....good idea.

2526 days ago


I am glad one of those couples made it and have a marriage. Very few actually do. They were on after the final rose show the other night with there baby. I think they do not try to be in the limelight, I think they lead a quiet life. You never hardley hear much about them at all.

2526 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Oh yeah, sure! This Very Cute Baby is now divorced and on your spam site!! Sure buddy! When is TMZ going to get 'Spam Buttons' installed on their comment pages? They will when enough of us complain!

2526 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Cool! They already pulled one phishing site down! thanks TMZ and have a good one, but Please think about better ways to combat spam on your sites so we don't need to be having this conversation. And is it just me, or is it kinda creepy starting your kids down this road so early in life? Good luck Max, I have a feeling you might need it.

2526 days ago


Is she related to the other, um, camera whore? What's his name? Larry Birkhead?

2526 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Regarding Trista--WGAS?

2526 days ago


I don't agree with No. 8. there are those of us who are interested in these :"celebrity babies." I say good luck to Trista And Ryan, Larry Birkhead, etc. I, for one,. like to see them!!

2526 days ago


I am a little disturbed about the baby not being able to breathe at 35,000 altitude. I think this nit wit may want to move into a place where the it is less stressful for the baby to breathe. I swear, I have no idea how these idiots survive on a daily basis.

2526 days ago


Jim Carrey was sooooo prophetic when he made "The Truman Show" several years ago. Now, Trista and Ryan are going to raise Max Truman-style.

2526 days ago


Congratulations!!! Trisha and Ryan with your marriage and baby. You guys have been my favorite bachelorette/couple from the beginning, I always admire the love and sincerity you guys protray for each other. The moment I saw Ryan I knew he was the right one for you, may God continues to bless you both in your relationship and I do hope the baby gets better 100%, he's sure a cutie!!!. God bless.

2526 days ago


Gosh, there are a lot of bitter people on this site. It is not like she is acting like Brittney Spears. She actually loves being around her child. I loved showing off my first child to anyone I could too. She ditched Hollywood for a calm Colorado and pretty much became a wife and mother. As for the air comment from #11, I doubt Trista wanted her child to be born as a preemie and in such vulnerable conditions. Does that make all parents bad for having children born in Colorado? Get a grip people! We are all PERFECT!

2526 days ago



2526 days ago
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