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Blows into New York

11/23/2007 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That infamous intern, Monica Lewinsky, reappeared this week -- spotted lugging her bags through a New York airport. Clinton 2008!

If Hillary becomes president, will Monica get her old job back?


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Leave this former young intern alone and let her live her life in solitude in England. For her harsh critics....oh, by the way, where's oversize, fat, and ugly Linda Who? since many appear to not want to let go of the past and still call Monica disgusting names. Clean-up your own lives, relationships, and find a way to have a first-time orgasm!

Let's see what your beloved "shock and awe" Bush is doing....repetitive lying and cheating, attempting to steal oil through the name of a war that has all-but-destroyed an entire nation and, also, financially strapped and stripped our own nation's economy while causing a breakdown of the psyche of its society, i.e. nobody trusting or respecting another.

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day turkey as you can't be certain where your family will financially stand on this day in 2008 and it won't be due to the Democrats. Look around at the massive and mounting number of homeless created during the past seven years. If an incapable person is, once again, elected and unable to begin straightening out the in which we will find ourselves at home and in the world, we're all in very serious trouble in the times ahead. All of the warmongers and Bush and Cheney supporters are in for "shock and awe" when they leave office at which time the truth is unveiled. It will make all of your critical, nasty talking mouths drop to the floor!

2433 days ago



Most of the sinful people are on

2433 days ago


I know I am a thoughtless and mean jerk. That is why I come to TMZ.

2433 days ago


EXACTLY!!!! That's my point. Everyone is so damn critical that you'd think they were perfect. Perfect people are not on TMZ...God knows I'm not but I don't enjoy ripping my fellow humans apart like a mad dog.

2433 days ago


So everyone who bashes Monica is a Republican Some still remain? You are a dumba$$ then. lol

2433 days ago


I know I am a real a'sshole. That doesn't make me a Republican either. Many of us come here to pick and poke, and we would be lying if we said that we didn't.

2433 days ago


Are you kidding with this totally bizarre comment? With all of the sex and violence that goes on in the world at large, and you honestly believe that it took an indiscretion by President Clinton to "morally bankrupt this nation?" Please!!! Young children were not interested in that. I vaguely remember watergate as a young child and not one time did I ask my parents for an explanation about it. Older children and young adults who watched the President Clinton/Monica Lewinsky drama play out in the media did not have to ask questions because they already knew. This nation has not been innocent in ages. Get a clue!

2433 days ago


You'd think people would be tired of ragging on Monica Lewinsky by now. She was barely more than a kid when Bill Clinton led her on, and she has kept out of the news ever since. She looks good and I hope she's happy. Leave her alone.

2433 days ago


Monica, don't listen to these people, just blow them off.


2433 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

shes a bit of chubby fun... I'd let her gobble my balls for a while.. nothing more, nothing less.

2433 days ago


Monica is attractive, only a few extra pounds to shed. If W had his own intern, as attractive as Ms. L, maybe he would never have started the wars in Irak and Afghanistan. Who will introduce him to the delights of oral sex ?

2433 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

Young children heard things on national news and parents had to answer tough questions because of Clinton's escapades. We can regain the money - can we ever get back our innocence??


this country lost it's innocence when we slaughtered the Indians for the land... when we brought the Africans over on boats and chained them to our fields... the Japanese and Chinese were also our slaves... THAT'S when we lost our innocence you IDIOT!

this country has NEVER been Ozzy and Harriet, It's never been Ward and Jude Cleaver!!!

its time you took off those rose colored glasses and realized that what happened with Clinton while not a popular decision was NOTHING compared to what Bush is doing to our country AND the world in general... shame on you... Bill isn't risking thousands and thousands of lives.... Bush is....for oil. disgusting.

2433 days ago


#35? why is hillary a closet lesbian? people ar just retarded

2433 days ago


She still has the SAME 'do? why do you continue to give time to people that don't deserve it, or who's 15 mintues were up TEN YEARS AGO?

but doesn't she look awfully happy for the attention? puh-leeze.

2433 days ago


#7 pretty much said it all. Move on TMZ.

2433 days ago
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