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Quaids Need Police Escort

11/23/2007 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A crush of paparazzi were on the tails of Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington to the point they had to get help from the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept., just so they could visit their kids.
Dennis Quaid
A Sheriff's rep tells TMZ the paps were following the Quaids from their home and made it next to impossible for them to drive to Cedars-Sinai, where their children are recovering after a massive medical screw-up.

More than ten paps (not TMZ) have been on the Quaids, shouting out question after question. We're told Dennis asked them just to leave them alone so they could get to the hospital. When that didn't happen, the Sheriffs escorted the Quaids to Cedars, just after noon today.


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Not TMZ, yeah right......

2340 days ago


I feel very sorry for the Quaids, but they are rich enought to hire their own security staff

2340 days ago


It's really disgusting that this family can not be left alone at this time. There jsut comesa point when this bull needs to be stopped!

2340 days ago


just leave the poor people alone, how would u like it if complete strangers kept asking dumb questions when your trying to get to the hospital to see your sick kids

2340 days ago


Paps, let them be. This is a very hard time for them! I honestly think there should be a distance law passed for these photgraphers! I just saw some footage of Nicole Kidman coming out of a courthouse the other day and she didn't even have 2 feet in front of her free to walk. This is just wrong! Someone is going to get killed! No matter who famous you are, no one signs up for this total invasion of privacy where you can't even go see your sick kids without getting your freakin picture taken and 100 photgraphers following you,

stop the madness before someone gets killed!

2340 days ago


Just because they are rich, they should pay money to be able to get to the hospital to see their sick babies? How fair is that? I realize there are sick people who get off this kind of news, but give them some space!

2340 days ago

Old School    

TMZ CENSORS what it doesn't like especially if you make derogatory but true comments about tmz or harvey.

2340 days ago


Cedars is known for its radical liberal neofacist Democrat management - beware all - this is a Clintonesque crime scene.

2340 days ago


To those that say "The Quaids should hire their own security." Dennis pays so much in taxes, I think it's acceptable for him to ask for a Police Escort. He should have to hire private security. The paps should leave them alone, and give them some peace during this difficult time. What a horrible way for them to have spent Thanksgiving!

2340 days ago

What my wife and I cannot believe in this 'case' is that the Quaid family actually took the children back to THE SAME hospital into the care of the same "practitioners".

Future preventable measures should be taken to better enhance labeling the heparin to differentiate the doses which would be a lengthy process to be done by the CDC but could quickly be solved locally if the hospitals themselves simply label 10 vs 10000 with separate extra stickers or something... Then theres the charting procedure::

If the professional would had done their charts properly FIRST, unfortunate accidents such as this could better be prevented. The medicinal doses, lot number, expiration date and manf# all should be properly charted before the vile is administered. But because of people working extended shifts and having under-staffing issues in most metropolitan areas the risk of such error in application rises.

My best goes out to the victims and families...

2340 days ago

Old School    

I bet anyone she (Kimberly Buffington) his wife uses his name Dennis Quaid on her American Express and Visa cards anyone want to take that bet?

2340 days ago


Oh no, is there no decency left in the world of the stalkerazzi? I do NOT want to see pictures of anguished parents, or very sick babies - I don't care that Dennis Quaid is an actor. No parents, even if one is a celeb, deserve this additional stress and anxiety.
Harvey, please pull this site down immediately. Please.

2340 days ago


X your a moron. I swear people like you write stuff like that just to get a reaction or arguement started. Feel better, get laid soon.

2340 days ago


I think the fascination w/hollywood is out of control! If people are complaining about the police escorts maybe they should not buy into all the mags and the papps wouldn't have a job and then it wouldn't be necessary for police escorts. Just let them have their lives. Red carpet events are one thing, but personal crisis is a whole other thing!

2340 days ago


Kelli you total tramp & skank - I am getting 20-year old twins' laid as I cyber decry you and your neoliberal radical nazi fascist baby laundering schemes - is it never enough?

2340 days ago
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