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Chelsea Handler's New Gig: Bigot?

11/25/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trying to joke about race can get you in a lot of trouble -- just ask Michael Richards. Last night outside of Koi, supposed comedian Chelsea Handler tried to do the same thing and, like Kramer, failed miserably.

She was approached by two cameramen -- one of whom was Chinese, the other (our guy) was African-American. Chelsea quipped that it was "crazy that you guys all travel together, Asians and Blacks. That's amazing." And they can vote now, too!

After a failed joke about Dog the Bounty Hunter, somehow a question about Britney Spears turned into Chelsea saying the Chinese photog was from "Vietcong-nam." When it was pointed out that he was, in fact, Chinese, Chelsea just said, "Whatever."

Guess she's the kind of comedian you just have to laugh at -- not with.


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Who is she and why does anyone care what she says? I have never heard of this person or seen her on anything before. Was it a slow night that two photographers actually stopped to listen to her?

2462 days ago

You know WHO!    

I think that there is a line between sarcastic and plain old nasty; she crossed that line. The statements were not meant to be funny; she was talking in a way that she thought would go over somebody's head, but she should have just said what she was feeling, I would have respected her more if she was to say some racial slurs and get out of my face. Instead, she tried to make it into a jokey joke. I don't think that it is a big secret that we all have some pre-conceived notions about every race, but our intelligence kicks in when we are amoung strangers and cameras to tell us to watch what we say. Only an ignorant person blurts out things that could ultimately hurt their carreers; I know that I would never patronize her again.

2462 days ago


eat something.

2462 days ago


Lenn K., I guess the republicans have done so much for the black race they should be grateful huh? What have Bush done for the blacks? Oh yeah, he was great when Katrina hit, and I remember seeing him help difuse the Jena 6 situation. I usually dont feel the need to debate anything with you, but your way out of your league on this one. Please don't speak to the blacks.

2462 days ago

Jusst saying    

racial jokes, blonde jokes, political jokes, etc etc are okay............ and long as there is something funny said. Those weren't jokes she was making, just stupid remarks made by someone with nothing to say who was attempting to be funny. The only joke here is her.

2462 days ago


Chelsea Handler is one of the funniest people on the planet. I know she probably doesn't write 90% of her stuff but her delivery, facial expressions and tone are spot on. I love her.

She can get mean sometimes and perhaps, needs to reign it in a little and edit herself but she is great.

Black comedians make fun of races all the time, why is it ok for them to?

Dog the Bounty = extremely racist and hateful and a bigot

Michael Richards = said some racist stuff but it seemed like a desperate attempt to be funny and heckle back at the hecklers.. I am not sure if he is truly racist or not.

Chelsea Handler is beautiful and talented. She makes fun of her own race and religion all the time.

2462 days ago


She had obviously been drinking, and was cornered. She was NOWHERE near as bad as Kramer was, that was a verbal assault and NOT even remotely funny! Whether you think she's funny or not, she didn't cross the line. Even the cameraman was ok with her. He wasn't mad at all, so nothing to get riled up over.

2462 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I think she is funny, love her show on E.

2462 days ago


#17 / Brandy,

You are a moron. What Adrianne Curry said, even if she's a dumb ass broad, is spot on. If black people want equality, then they have to stop segregating themselves. There will NEVER be racial equality if we have all black TV channels and "black history month".

I hate sticking up for that chick but she is completely right..and I definitely do NOT think she is a racist. She said she wants all people to be equal and not separated out.

Things are so ass backwards. People don't want people to use the N word but it's all over rap music -- which a lot of white people buy and sing along to-- especially teenagers. The N word is the title of Nas' new CD

Come on, people. Figure it out. Either it is ok to use the N word and everyone can use it or NOBODY should.. and either you want to be equal OR you want to continue to segregrate yourselves and NEVER become equal.

2462 days ago

Get over it, she makes fun of everyone....It's funny.

2462 days ago


Oh come on. Chelsea's act is about being a dumbass bigot slut to which nothing is sacred. She is sort of like Kathy Griffin on crack.

I can't believe TMZ would be so "un-hip" to her persona, once again demonstrating their lack of knowledge about the industry they report on. It also sounds to me as if TMZ's Asian and black photog team is deliberately baiting these people tying to "expose" their racism.

2462 days ago


why is adrianne curry a racist? Because what she said is true.

If black people get black history month and an all black tv channel then why shouldn't white people get that, too?

2462 days ago

Magical Mike    

I think she is honest and funny. She did not say anything remotely hateful or mean.

TMZ is hypocritical, Uptight, and waaaaay too Politically Correct.

TMZ does so much damage to people. Invading people's privacy and insulting people all day long.

Why can't anyone mention anything to do with Race?

EVERYONE IS RACIST. Which just means that any thinking person observes that there are different things about people of different races and not commenting on it does not make you better it makes you a liar.

2462 days ago


I have never heard anything funny come out of her mouth.
They tried munipulating people into watching her show by moving it around, after Soup, now after E News, Now in between the two.
I just stopped watching that channel until it stops.

2462 days ago


JUST LIKE LOSER KATHY GRIFFIN ...She has no talent... what a waste of time and TV . It is more fun to watch informercials.
These folks are lame, unattractive and NOT FUNNY...
We have this run of scammers who get on TV... has the casting coach returned? If so... dont these people who are casting them have vision health care coverage or does Hillary have more work in health care than she thought? There... I feel better now

2462 days ago
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