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Nick Hogan Crash: 911 Tapes Released

11/26/2007 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The St. Petersburg Times has just posted 911 tapes recorded just moments after Nick Hogan crashed his Supra on a Clearwater, Fla. road. One caller can clearly be heard saying, "They were racing!"
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Hogan was driving on August 26 when he lost control and hit a palm tree. His friend, 22-year-old John Graziano, was not wearing a seat belt and was seriously injured in the accident. He suffered permanent brain damage and is now in a vegetative state.


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What does th fact that hes white have to do with anything?
Anybody who drives off a race track like should get in lots of trouble white or any other race!!

2489 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Pat on the back for sticking it to them SPURS!

2489 days ago


This creep needs to be put under the jail. He ruined that boys life, he was no friend, because a real friend would not do what this pie face MF did, speeding and letting him roll w/o a seat belt. I don't let anybody ride in my care w/o a seat belt.

2489 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

According to an article published by Tampa Bay Online (, the divorce proceedings filed by Linda Hogan request that wherever she decides to live become Nick Hogan's primary residence with Hulk getting "liberal visitation". She requested child support, that Hulk pay for Nick's medical insurance and that a life insurance policy be taken out that would cover future child support in the event of Hulk Hogan's death. Linda also requested that the couple's assets and property be equally divided between them. I wonder who gets all those animals? Linda, who according to the article claimed not to be able to afford an attorney, also requested that if the property cannot be divided, that they be sold and the sales be split between the couple.

Meanwhile, longtime Hulk Hogan friend Bubba the Love Sponge buried Linda Hogan bigtime on his satellite radio show today, saying that a divorce would be the best thing to happen to Hulk, calling Linda "the biggest goldigging b**tch" he's ever met. Bubba claimed that Hogan would be selling the family mansion and was looking into moving into a condo near where Bubba lives.

that says it all!

2489 days ago

GGW Fan    

Can you say felony conviction right around the corner? And to "KATHY" #7 post. If I had made that mistake I would be going to jail. I also would not have posted on my Racing Blog that I just got a new sponsor for my race car and also would not have Blamed the passenger's injuries on his lack of a seat belt. It was Nick's fault for racing and his friend's life will never be the same. Too bad Nick does not have any real money to speak of, because the graziano's should take it all to care for their son. Look at mom...The apple does not fall far.

2489 days ago


Thank goodness they can no longer produce these morons....

2489 days ago



Why thank you. I aims to please.

2489 days ago

jimmy d    


2489 days ago



That was lame. I stopped it like 20 seconds into it.


2489 days ago


Harshness!!! Calm down, don't go having a stroke now.
I Quote you: "The Hogans are all LIARS and they tried to shift the blame to the victim! Just how stupid are you? All the Hogans deserve to go to jail, but because they are celebs."
And you are calling me stupid, WTF! Are you Retarded?

2489 days ago


You would be suprised at the idiots in Fl they let have a license. If you do get caught with a DUI or reckless driving you can plead down to something less. I've seen it happen way to many times. Unfortunately it's not just the Hogans that get special treatment here, there are unwritten laws for the rich and famous that don't pertain to us regular folks.

2489 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

everyone just hates them because they are black! grow up America!

2489 days ago


ok, obviously his friend was just as into the whole racing thing as nick was. It was made blatantly clear that that is all the kid thought of. racing racing racing. All of a sudden they wrecked and the friend is a saint? he may not have been driving but hello??!! had anyone stopped to think that this was just as much a thrill for him as it was for nick?? give nick a break, isnt it bad enough on him that he has to live with this accident forever?? lets not add insult to injury by putting all of the blame on him.

2489 days ago

hello, it    

Let's get this over with now. With the type of injury Jonh suffered A SEATBELT WOULD NOT HAVE SAVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2489 days ago


Ok, well this is gonna be a blast of logic for all the morons out there. The friend was not wearing his seat belt (to say "don't blame it on the seat belt" is pretty f'in rediculous and retarded). What usually happens when a bad car accident happens and the person isn't wearing a seat belt.... They go ouchy ;`(. Now, are we halfway certain his friend knew what a seat belt was and what it was for? Hmm, I'd go with yes. Especially being in a very high powered car with another teenager driving? Common sense. The kid knew what he was doing without putting the seat belt on.

Another part is.. For any of you out there who has a nice car and has some friends without nice cars.. How do they react? They egg you on endlessly to race the next guy.. They egg you on endlessly to drive a bit faster... We all know this... There is only a small majority of people who actually care about safety, and unfortunately for Nicks friend he was not one of them (no seat belt prooves he didn't care about his safety).

To blame this on Nick and say he should go to jail is just stupid and ignorant. The kid did it to himself by not wearing his seat belt.

However, Nick SHOULD lose his license for illegal racing as the rest of us "normal" people would, but to put him in jail over an accident is stupid and a waste of my money.

2489 days ago
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