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Bollea Eyewitness: "They Were Racing!"

11/27/2007 8:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clearwater police today released 911 calls made to dispatchers by witnesses to the Nick Hogan (aka Bollea) crash that left his friend John Graziano in critical condition.
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Hogan was driving a yellow Toyota Supra on the night of August 26. One caller described the scene by saying, "The yellow car ... he, he lost control of the car. It flipped over and everything."

Another caller told dispatch she saw Hogan's car pull up next to a silver car and acknowledge the other driver. When the light turned green, the caller says the two cars "hauled ass."

Graziano is still in a coma at the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, Fla.

Police also released their full crash investigation report. Click here to read.


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You're forgiven Fred, you've already shown yourself to be smarter than Nick, lol.

To all the people who say:

A. No one forced John into the car
B. John should have worn his seatbelt

Please rethink posting here where normal intelligence people might see your idiocy. The Hogans are the ones who say John wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and only the Hogans. No police or hospital officials have ever confirmed that.

About John willingly getting into the car, he may have willingly got into the car, but it wasn't his hands on the steering wheel. They were suppose to be going out to dinner a short distance away. Would you expect someone to do something that dangerous and stupid? Sure, he may have done it before, but how are we to know what John was thinking now?

2468 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

#23 is so much not studying Forensic Science.

2468 days ago


MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Federal prosecutors have withdrawn a subpoena seeking the identities of thousands of people who bought used books through online retailer Inc. (AMZN), newly unsealed court records show.
The withdrawal came after a judge ruled the customers have a First Amendment right to keep their reading habits from the government.

2468 days ago


# 7 i fully agree with you. they pushed brooke to paly and sing... i guess the hogan's needed money... i feel for this gentleman who has now been transferred in the va hospital in tampa, doesn';t look good.. now . .mrs. hogan is asking for divorce... she lied and lied on tv sayng that she never raced,,, its a high, dodging the cops... what a role mother slut she is... she is only married to hogan for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, let her file for divorce and hogan can take those kids.. if she can lie.. ..what kind of example is she for the children.. hogan will find someone better who will take care of him and his kids... mrs. hogan kiss my ass for LYING on TV. they caught youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. i NEVER SAID THAT .YEAH./..T THEY CAUGHT YOU ON TAPE LITTLE WHORE., YOU DRESS LIKE ONE TOO...

2468 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

How is it that Nick is getting all of the flack when the other guy did the same thing?

2468 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

One of my very best friends of almost 35 years suffered a subdural hemotoma from a true accident that left him in a coma for weeks. Now he suffers constant shocks from his vagus nerve stimulator to keep him from having constant seizures. He cannot speak easily most of the time and suffers from aggression and depression now. He can't even ride a bike safely, let alone drive. To top it off, there is not an insurance company that will cover him because of his 'pre-existing' condition. Luckily, his intelligence is still there, but he has been altered forever! And he is considered to be a lucky one! Jon Graziano may never recover from this and would be lucky to even function at my friends' level. Now ask me why I so strongly dislike the lying, heartless Hogan family! And as a driver, I will and have never allowed anyone to get in my vehicle without a seatbelt. I consider this to be my responsibility as a driver and I take this very seriously! Nick is a menace to everyone everywhere and maybe should never be allowed to drive again. What a horrible bunch the entire Bollea family has proven themselves to be. That is why people dislike them so much! They deserve it!

2468 days ago


Nick Bollea shud get prison time/// I heard his license is suspended for 1 yr. That is not enoiugh...his friend is in the begetate state and graziano familu, you are in my prayers...

2468 days ago

s c o r n    


Well it's moron day here at TMZ isn't it? It sounds made up to you? What are you, some kind of forensic audio expert? Just because you believe in the Easter Bunny, doesn't make him real.

2468 days ago


Oh, I forgot:

C--All those people who say that those of us are bagging on the Hogans because we're jealous.

Let it be known that I, for one, am not jealous. Let's see. I am happily married to a wonderful man. We have a couple of kids, a bit younger than Nick, but one is of driving age. We don't air our dirty laundry in public. No one in our family has done something so stupid as drunk driving while racing and ended up mortally injuring a young man. We are not rich, but we're comfortable with the lifestyle our hard work has afforded us.

I do not comment on the Hogan's divorce, because that is their business. I comment on Nick's reckless driving, because as a driver and a pedestrian, that is MY BUSINESS.

2468 days ago


Cynwyd - a fender bender is an ACCIDENT!! Street racing is ILLEGAL!!!! Therefor this is a CRIME!!!

And now you think it's the "OTHER" drivers fault for intising Nick?

Go check yourself - you're a moron too!

2468 days ago


Morons can you please start your comments with the phrase "I am a moron" so I can then skip over them more easily.

Thanks everso...

2468 days ago

The King    

Bye bye sweety pie! Those ladies are going to send you to the FL state pen for a while. I would suggest (when your not taking it up the ass or being forced to perform felatio on your new friends), using your time productively to learn a skill you can use to pretend to support yourself when/if you survive your incarceration. I'll bet if you really apply yourself, you could figure out how to weave a basket or make a leather coin purse! Daddy will be so proud!!

2468 days ago


LOL - good one gazoo!!!

And I hear you about "NOT" being jealous!

2468 days ago

s c o r n    


Yes it was an accident, however Nick was drinking and driving too fast thus he does get assigned this thing called, wait for it, ding ding BLAME!

He was driving TOO FAST PERIOD! Whether or not he was racing is irrelevant, he was driving recklessly and carelessly and someone ended up getting critically hurt.

There are some really stupid Hogan defenders out today, are you all just morons or did the Hulkster promise you all a free grill?

2468 days ago


I think Nick needs Barney Fife to step in right about now. Barney would supply him with arts and crafts so he could learn a trade while at the Big House.

2468 days ago
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