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Hulk Doesn't Sulk

11/28/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught the Hulk today, and he was all smiles -- looking as if he weren't splitting with his wife, and as if his son's recent car accident didn't leave his friend in a coma!

Hogan rolled up to the Sony lot today to start filming "American Gladiators," and gave a shout-out to the writers picketing outside the gates.

The show was busing in students as an audience for the show -- and TMZ heard NBC is paying the schools $10 a head. It's a good thing NBC is free.


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CVS Whore    

Karma's a bitch. If this divorce thing is a way of trying to avoid doing the right thing, the whole family will surely pay.

2489 days ago


paying kids to watch the gladiator crap,,LMFAO !! That goes good with Hulk having to pay for Broke getting a record contract!! What a cartoonish family of ass hats this clan is!!

2489 days ago


I am finally glad that some of you see the light. This sham of a divorce is all a farce to protect his money from the victims... DIVORCE equals FREEZE ALL ASSETS thus keeping the money away from potential lawsuits from the victims... who by the way is still in a coma... Hulk and Linda have played us all. and not one of them has taken any responsibility for this horrific accident.

2489 days ago


HULK/LINDA don't listen to these people......................don't split........PLEASE, you are great parents...........i think terry & you are the best & did a very fine job of raising your children!!!!

2489 days ago


Yowzers! Wonder why Hulk changed his cell phone number?

2489 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Ha! Ha!!! renee, such wit! That's so damn funny, I can't believe it!!! The Bolleas as good parents, it's such a funny concept, they oughta make it into a comedy reality series! Oh wait, didn't they already try that already? Nick could play a role as a caring, smart, responsible, and productive kid, but it would be such fantasy that no one would buy it! Well, maybe idiots would........

2489 days ago



I hope you got paid for that silly endorsement.

2489 days ago

Big bear    

Whacha gonna do when they come for you Brother!!!!!!!!!!!

2489 days ago


The whole family needs to crawl back in the hole they came from,what a joke they are thinking we are all stupid about hiding money and trying not to pay for that young boy whose life is over because of people like this

2489 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

Hulk hang in there brother.

You still have tons of fans that will forever be on your side.

2489 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

Parents- if you are a parent of children and try to be cool, letting them drink, smoke and do ädult" things, just look at what happened here. You are not doing your children any service by being a cool parent. You are hurting them. Also everyone, look on youtube at all of the crashes that Nick has been in with his short lived Drift Car raching career. I looked it it yesterday and it is apparent that Nick was not a good/experienced driver. The drift car was too powerful for him and he could not handle it. I think it was about the same type of car that he vegetated John the Marine in.

Nick is in some serious trouble both criminally and civilly. Hulk may be in trouble criminally if they prove he bought Nick beer on the day of the wreck.

2489 days ago

King of Kings    

Hulkamania is the true King of Kings!

2489 days ago

ninja koala    

i'm thinking that his wife is divorcing him and sueing for half his assets to protect his assets from the lawsuit that is obviously going to be filed by the guy who his son almost killed's family. it just seems odd, the timing. because watch, if it happens that way, the divorce and everything goes through before the civil suit i bet they will get back together.

2489 days ago


I mean, I hate to hear that about John, it is terribly terribly sad, but should the whole family walk around with tissues in their hands crying 24/7??? No, absolutely not, they are still trying to live, which I know someone is going to slam me for that comment, but honestly, Nick, though a kid, will always have this on his shoulders, tha is punishment in itself!!!

2488 days ago


Hulk has no reason to be down or unhappy about his pending divorce. Certain wrestling sites are showing him with his 18 year old girlfriend. You would think he would at least get one older than his daughter about robbing the cradle....!

2488 days ago
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