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Last Dance for Helio and Fiancee!

11/28/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Helio may have waltzed into winning "Dancing With the Stars" by doing a Paso Doble ... but the Paso Uno is what he's doing now!

TMZ has confirmed business executive Aliette Vazquez has broken off her engagement to the "Dancing" winner. Vazquez and the race car driver had been dating for more than six years and have been engaged for a year. "There have been a lot of rumors and a lot of misinformation out there," Vazquez's rep Howard Bragman tells us, and she "wanted to set the record straight."

Bragman told us, "This is a personal decision and I ask the media to respect the privacy of Miss Vazquez and her family. She has no plans to talk to the media, but reserves that right if she needs to clarify misinformation or defend her reputation."

Let's get ready to Rumba!

UPDATE: More good stuff! We've learned that the two have not spoken in weeks. And so you know -- this has nothing to do with partner Julianne Hough. It's just between Helio and Aliette.


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I think this is sad. Ali deserves better. Helio is a nitwit and not good looking at all! He reminds me of someone you make fun of and they are laughing with you while you are laughing at them! He probably tried to hit on julianne but i think she creates this atmosphere where people will think she is having an affair with her partner just to stir the pot and get things going.....she is the reason he won. NOT HIM. Mel B was clearly the better dancer....helio was the court jester.......Mel B was robbed, helio is womanizer and julianne is trying to stay in the limelight. she did the same thing with apollo...that's her way of getting votes - she's agreat dancer but had a loser partner this time!

2517 days ago


I do believe that after last year on "Dancing with the Stars", Julianne and Apollo Antom Ohno were said to be dating, they made the perfect match, she is great with either of them and they both make a beautiful couple, go Julianne!!!!

2517 days ago


It is so obvious that being on Reality TV causes relationships to break up. This is common, people become too close with other people. So stop it already,

I only watch to final show to see who wins. I can't believe so many people watch each and every episode. Oh maybe you guys are like 50 or 60 thats why.

2517 days ago


Pretty suspicious when Julianne just broke off her engagement this past August. And remember she is a world champion in "Latin" dancing. Regardless, think they would make a great couple if they are together

2516 days ago


Helio's fiance met Julianne the first week that they were dancing. Helio never saw or heard from the fiance since then. where is the support for the love of your life? 6 years together, and you never saw a ring. honey, he has commitment issues, and you weren't the one for him. if you look at last years dance with julianne and apolo, they were also very close. she is that type of person. she is young, and has her singing career ahead of her. good luck to both

2515 days ago


Julianne is 19, probably close to 20 while Helio is reported to be 32!

OMG. I know as a 19 yr old, I didn't want to be kissing someone that old. Yuk. But, of course, some women are inclined to have a relationship with someone who has the "dough" so, I am hoping Julianne isn't the type. If so, I wish them the best and hope that they enjoy many moments together with children if they so choose.

Helio is cute but not that cute.

Aliette is a smart women to not be chasing him and if she didn't speak to him in weeks, its obvious she is a mature and professional woman who knows that life goes on.

After six years together, I'm sure she realized it was time to move on to fresher waters as there are many other types of fish in the sea! I feel for Helio...something just doesn't seem all there for him.

Good luck, Aliette.

2514 days ago


There is much hidden talent.
Give this couple what they well deserve;
Helio and Julianne dancing into the sliver screen. Bring back the Musicals (Gene Kelly,Fred AStaire,Ginger Rogers)only up date it the the same looks presented in Dancing With Stars.H & J are a dynamic couple as well as a beautiful and extremely entertaing dancing duo.
.If not the movies then put them on to a Broadway/Musical .I would be the first to buy front row center,orchestra seats.
Wake up and see the dancing stars .Where is your creative visions.???

2506 days ago


With all the women who are interested in him now he's not going to be alone for long.

2505 days ago
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