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Last Dance for Helio and Fiancee!

11/28/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Helio may have waltzed into winning "Dancing With the Stars" by doing a Paso Doble ... but the Paso Uno is what he's doing now!

TMZ has confirmed business executive Aliette Vazquez has broken off her engagement to the "Dancing" winner. Vazquez and the race car driver had been dating for more than six years and have been engaged for a year. "There have been a lot of rumors and a lot of misinformation out there," Vazquez's rep Howard Bragman tells us, and she "wanted to set the record straight."

Bragman told us, "This is a personal decision and I ask the media to respect the privacy of Miss Vazquez and her family. She has no plans to talk to the media, but reserves that right if she needs to clarify misinformation or defend her reputation."

Let's get ready to Rumba!

UPDATE: More good stuff! We've learned that the two have not spoken in weeks. And so you know -- this has nothing to do with partner Julianne Hough. It's just between Helio and Aliette.


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if you can't decide in 6 years to get married or not , it is probably better to be a not. saves that alimoney money.

2485 days ago


why oh why is it so important to know anything about them,if it was real love thry would have not split. no one is hurt here no kids left fatherless and no family broke up, they are single so what is the big deal I agree with Helio his life should be his business and if Juleanne decide to share private moments they are not hurting anyone. So for goodness sakes get off their backs and let them enjoy each other and have a good time dating

2485 days ago


Shame on all of you for the nasty name calling. Anyone would wonder what was up with the fiancee when she couldn't even make the trip for the finale. I think Julianne is just a doll and Helio is very cute. What fun and what energy they brought to the show. I doubt if very many of us know whether a foot should be pointed to the right or left or if someone was on the wrong foot. All I wanted was to be entertained and I found myself sitting in my living room applauding a great many of the dancers. Mel and Maks were wonderful. Maks is gorgeous. Being a good dancer does not make anyone gay and these people's personal lives have nothing to do with their ability. Keep your nasty comments to yourselves. If the people bring out this side of your personality, maybe you should not watch any longer. Ragging on their age, looks and morals means nothing. If you don't know them personally, you have no idea what goes on behind their closed doors. Shut up!!

2485 days ago


It wouldn't take Perry Mason to figure this one out. The spouses and fiancees of the people competing in this rub-off have to be brain dead if they don't see what's gonna happen!

2485 days ago


I though Julianne was with Apollo Ono...............

2485 days ago


Helio is totally hot for Juliaanne-and vice versa.
Anyone who watched this season could see the attraction intensify week by week.

2485 days ago


Just to let some of you know...he didn't mention anything on Good Morning America about the break up but it had happened. It wasn't let out to the public until this afternoon sometime, and it is true. Apparently they haven't been together for weeks...not sure exactly what the reason is yet though.

2485 days ago


NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! Whoever thinks otherwise is an ignaramus!!!!
People come and people go. Period. 6-years--now it's old-- he's on to a new thing.
Don't blame him. He's amazing. He can do what the HELL he wants to do. He's proven
himself in life. Top of his race-car game!!! So, fiancee girl....find another rich one! Bye!

2485 days ago


Ugly? You are kidding right? I would suggest either a new tv or glasses there Magoo
And being this close to Christmas I'm sure you can get a shiny new "Color" tv on sale somewhere

2485 days ago


Hello people mainly Loretta..How can you say Helio doesn't have talent. I think it's harder on the men because they have to support the women and do the lifts. Let's not forget that just like the Cheetah girl, Mel B is a Spice Girl and does dances on stage for a living. Where is that fair. Helio drives a racecar. No comparison. And how nice of his girlfriend to have her rep give a statement on the day that Helio would be doing interviews for his win.

2485 days ago

Mrs Fish    

It is a great show and makes me smile. If they are a couple--so what. People have the
right to be with who ever they want. He is not married and you do not know what his situation is. Julianna is a great dancer and very beautiful. She has worked hard to get where she is. Her brother is also a fantastic dancer. A LOT of critical people on here.

2485 days ago

Mr. Wisher    

My one wish in life is to become a star. Maybe then, I can have the pleasure of dancing with Julianne. I do cartwheels watching her wonderful dancing. "Helio you lucky man keep going.

2485 days ago

ding dong    

Great, he does not have to pay the bitch after a few short years of marriage. Marriage is the ultimate prostitution gig for women. Change the laws, to protect guys like Paul from that whore! Brittany should not have to pay that lazy son of a bitch too!

Ding Dong

2485 days ago


I'd be sooo happy if they got together... perrrrrrrfect couple!

2485 days ago


Helio and his dance partner had such great chemistry, I'm sure his fiance' couldn't have been happy with that enormous kiss he gave her, but tthen it's not as though they were behind closed doors!

I'm glad these two won, Helio seems to be such a humble person...not only that..he appears to be the happiest man on earth!

Good luck to Helio...would love to watch that Latin pixie dance any time! His smile is infectious!

2485 days ago
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