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That Butt

11/28/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were blessed with bodacious backsides, this Hollywood star is better known for assets in the front. And now we know why!



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JLH is as pretty as she ever was. Scrawny women are no better than those with some flesh on their bones. Besides, women need some meat in order to look like a woman.

Those who have made nasty comments should look in the mirror some time and check out what they see looking back at them. It probably isn't all the great a picture either.


2518 days ago


There is NO FREAKIN' WAY she's a size 2! I'm a size 2-4. That ass I'm seeing there is more like a size 12!!!

2517 days ago


Seriously people leave the girl alone. I would be happy as a pig in if I looked half as good as JLH does! I am over the whole stick figures rule the world hype and really think we need to get back to reality and realise that everyone has a different shape and we should all love the shape we are in! Jennifer is a fantastic actress, as cute as a pin and very proud of being herself, back off and leave her be!

2516 days ago


IF you look at the social construct (that is-the way society perceives idealistic beauty) of the 1970's and 80's, It was nothing compared to the extremities of today's strict weight standards.

Because of this change in perception, those who criticize JLH for gaining weight in a job that doesn't accept "fat" are only products of today's societal constructs. Serving only to perpetuate unhealthy and unrealistic standards on those around us.

Granted the majority of Americans are indeed overweight. But a size two is not a danger to health. It's only an idealistic weight created by our culture, and is in no way indicative of our nation's weight epidemic.

2515 days ago

MR. Kovachs, 5th grade teacher    

Stop beating on my lovely wife! She is very fit and a size 8 with a wonderful body tone. She is older than JLH and looks 10 times better. She only exercises 40 minutes a day 4 days a week. She could get by with even less.

To say that people who criticize JLH prefer anorexic skinnies is absurd. NO. We prefer healthy toned, curvy fit women. JLH is curvy all right, all in the wrong places. Forget about her butt. Look at those cheesy, fatty thighs.

The women and men that defend her is a testament to the disgusting standards that the USA has set for itslef in fitness and health. We have become a nation of "super size" me. Even Europe is seeing an increase in obesity as US based fast food restaurants invade their countries. In Thailand the women eat like horses, but they WALK and MOVE their bodies. Their diet consists of healthy things like coconut oils, sea food and vegetables. It is very hard to find an obese or even overweight Thai.

JLH is a product of Wendy's and sitting in her trailer between takes instead of having some sort of exercise equipment brought in to use while on the set. Not having "enough time" is the lamest excuse in the world for the super rich.

So all you fatties out there protecting her to make your selves feel better. You are busted. YES! Unfortunately in America now, cheesy thighs and butts ARE normal. Normal is far, far away from being healthy and attractive. We are a nation of obese citizens in denial.

To say that JLH is a "normal" person is absurd. She is a celebrity who makes more in a few days than we all make in a year.
She has chosen a profession and certain image to be put forth to the public. We SHOULD hold them to a higher standard. The products we buy that are advertised on her show cost us more because of fees. A celebrity embodies a certain amount of trust to continue to entertain us and in SOME cases (yes) be pleasing to the eye.

JLH is NOT an old women. She has no excuse except laziness and extremely poor eating habits. Hell, look at SO many women on screen in their 40's and 50's. Some look starved, but most of them look toned and fit. It's called proper eating and exercise. Your doctor will tell you the same thing. Demi Moore is one I can think of that embodies extreme fitness, curves and is by NO means anorexic. Wouldn't we all love to be able to afford a huge home gym and have personal trainers come to our homes.
Those expenses are NOTHING to a celebrity who makes MILLIONS.

Please send your children to Mrs. Kovach's class where she will teach the little chubbies to eat better and educate their fat ass parents on the benefit of proper nutrition and exercise. Shame on all you fatties!

2472 days ago


What an ass! The best around, all you who think it is fat should go to hell! You only wish your girl could have an ass that good!

2509 days ago


i love a little jiggle,that is actually not to bad she's still sexy as hell! ten times better than paris hilton scrawny ass!

2505 days ago

Kamila Topa    

I hope we will meet in this life time. That way I can tell her in her face how much I appreciate her and her beautiful booty.

1400 days ago

Kamila Topa    

Natural Born Beauty. No preservatives, No additives. All snuggling beauty with the precious dimples of lovelihood!

1400 days ago


tha's jennifer love hewwit

1170 days ago
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