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That Butt

11/28/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were blessed with bodacious backsides, this Hollywood star is better known for assets in the front. And now we know why!



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where is my other comment?

2485 days ago


eww she looks gross

2485 days ago


I would still hit it

2485 days ago


Cellulite can happen to size 0 women also. I am a size 14 ( I know I need to lose some weight) & have NO CELLULITE- I have friends who are size 4 and under, run marathons, and have dimples & cottage cheese legs, and have almost no body fat. JLH is not a normal size, she is a size 2. Also, who really wants to see someone like terry hatcher who looked WAY better with a few lbs on her & was prob only a size 4 @ the most???

2485 days ago

earl studios    

ok, for all of us "normal" guys, this is perfect! look at that rump, that skin, shes perfect! that is perfect.

Normal people work all day, eat on the run, try to juggle jobs and familes and to us this is a perfect figure.

more power to her, she looks flawless. If my girlfreind had a rump like that i would be sending her flowers everyday instead of every week, haa haa.

2484 days ago


Everyone on here commenting that she is out of shape - go to the beach and have someone take a picture of yourself and lets see what you say then! Name any 'hot' girl you want and I guarantee that you can take a picture of them when they aren't 'ready' so they don't look 'as hot' as you think they should. So tell me, how does the way women in Hollywood affect your life? Are you dating them? No? Didn't think so. You're just pissed caused if an image doesn't fit your fantasy you can't masturbate to it. Oh so sad for you and your pathetic life.

2484 days ago


I have a job and I attend college full time. I still find time to keep myself in shape. There is no excuse for this. She needs to take better care of herself. She looks terrible. I think people that are in the spotlight need to take better care of themselves if they don't want photos like this circulating. You know she obviously cares if she took time out of her busy schedule to comment on the pictures. Anyhow she looks like a fat cow we all know it. This is not normal. As for the lady that said she's a size 0 because of what others say that is just pitiful. I'm a size 0 as well and it's because I want to be. Also if we thinks she looks like a fat cow we have the right to say so.

2484 days ago


Jennifer Love Hewitt should just admit she's a size 6 or 8. But her bum is a size 10 or 12. Just like me !

Not too many women's bum's look good in a bathingsuit. Even in Playboy they bend over to flatten the cellulite. Victoria's Secrets models don't show their bum, they mask their cellulite with bronzers etc. Maybe if models and actress showed their real bodies cellulite could become accepted. :)

2484 days ago


Ok, this is to Mrs. Kovachs and Kitty, as well as the rest of the haters.i am 20 years old, most people would tell you that i am quite attractive, i'm 5'1" tall and i weigh 101, maybe 102 lbs. The reason i am telling you this is because i wouldn't want you to think that my comments were because i, myself, was "unattractive, or fat". And as a size 1 i can say that i honestly see NOTHING wrong with jennifer in the least. She is beautiful, and she has a body that many women would envy(did you ever think that the "cellulite" was maybe the water reflection?) I believe that a woman can be beautiful at any size she is. Sure I may wish that i could gain a couple extra pounds, but i think that the way a woman carries herself really determines her beauty. If she suits the weight, it just works, simple as that. I'm going to use Queen Latifa as an example, (cause yes, she is a star, she is the biggest spokesmodel for Covergirl! and she has starred in many films, she also made music.) She looks amazing and any movie she's been in she has had prominent role, she is leading lady material in hollywood, and she is also beautiful and loving of her body. thats all that really matters, as long as you love your body, others will notice, and size suddenly doesn't matter.

2484 days ago


Is this girl serious with her "blog" defense? Yes it is OKAY to have curves. But is she implying that she is a size 2? That right there proves that she is insecure, by claiming to be a size she definately is not! Obviously she's not fat and like I said it is OKAY to have curves. But just tone it up because cellulite is not cute, no matter what size you are.

2484 days ago

Jim Ballard    

I've put a few pounds on myself. Walk into a mall or anywhere a lot of people gather and you will find more porkers then anything else. Why should a celebrity be any different? I like JLH, always have and would love to meet her in person. We are so stuck on's a shame.

2484 days ago


I think she looks great, if you see the rest of the photos from this series shes got a flat stomach, small waist and arms, and ample breast. i know plenty of guys who would love to be with her....BTW WHEN DID GIRLS WITH FLAT A** AND BOYISH FIGURES BECOME ALL THE RAGE!!!???

2484 days ago


Celebrity or not, come on!
This is just ridiculous!!!
No one should ever let themselves go like this! Seriously!
What's her excuse???
She isn't even middle aged, nor is she an old lady (not that that's any excuse either!)! Plus--she hasn't even had a baby yet and isn't even pregnant either, so really, there is no excuse for a "blown up cellulite booty" like the one she now has! She's really lucky she's engaged with that "b.u.c.b.", but.....
her fiance might think twice after seeing these photos! Ha! ;-)
Hope they "do it" in the dark!

In addition, she posted a huge load of complete nonsense on her blog (as stated above). She claims that she's totally ok with her body and that she loves her big butt, mass amounts of cellulite, blah, blah, blah,.....
but, she's such a freakin' liar, ok?
No one wants to be the spokeswoman for the "I love my cellulite & you should too" group! Trust me, she will be at the gym, a plastic surgeon's office, and booking weekly colonic cleaning sessions at her nearby spa very soon. In fact, probably just as soon as this comment posts on TMZ! :-)

2484 days ago


If this is what you characterize as "letting your self go" or overweight in any fashion, you either are incredibly insecure and can only make yourself feel better with bashing those who are a helluva lot happier than you, or you have a serious control issue that could merit counselling to correct your views on what makes a healthy body. God forbid someone be happy and love themselves for who they are.

2483 days ago


Mrs. Kovachs, right? Yeah, sure you are.

If you're a fourth grade teacher--then I have a Ph.D.

2483 days ago
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