Britney's Bookstore Hysteria

11/29/2007 10:17 AM PST
Britney Spears caused chaos in the most unlikely of places last night -- a bookstore! No, she wasn't picking up the latest additions to the bestseller list -- she was just gettin' her coffee on.

Barnes and Noble has a Starbucks, y'all! And as the percolated popwreck weaved through aisles of books, paparazzi literally jumped out at every turn, causing utter insanity inside the usually quiet location. Apparently, Barnes and Noble has no issue with paps running amok through their aisles!

Brit took refuge in the Starbucks kitchen and hid in the bathroom until her order was ready. It took eight, yes eight, LAPD officers to escort her safely to her car -- now there's taxpayer money put to good use! Britney, shockingly, purchased no books.