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Rodney King's Been Shot!

11/29/2007 4:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rodney KingRodney King, famous for a videotaped beating from Los Angeles police back in 1991, was shot and wounded on a San Bernardino street corner late Wednesday.

King called Rialto police just before midnight to report the shooting. According to Sgt. Don Lewis, King was struck in the face and arm -- with what appeared to be pellets or birdshot. When police arrived at King's home, they reported that King and others inside appeared drunk. The man got shot in the face -- he deserves a drink!

King was taken to a local hospital, and his wounds were not believed to be life-threatening.


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sick o jiggy    

dat how we be rollin wid it in da hood

2518 days ago

master p m    

he is a fool......and its a shame that the city of Los Angeles had to pay this fool
7 million dollars that he has most likely snorted all up his nose.....

he is a loser, and was a loser back then and the money did not change a thing.....

the police beat him because they had chased him and his transvestite prostitute
freind on the interstate through traffic for 5 miles before he pulled off the road....
becasue he was high on PCP and crack..and he was not willing to go to jail quietly....

many other losers have tried to follow in his footsteps ...hopeing to get taped on
camera by someone while putting up a fight with the police.....

they too hope to get a large settlement from the local government......

I guess that is cheaper than burning down the city and the
loss of life and property like Rodney King caused....

everyone wants to win the ... Rodney King lottery....

all ya got to do is resist arrest and you might get rich!!!!!!!!....


2518 days ago


People are sure being snotty about this. A guy gets shot and some of you gloat. I'm guessing this is the christian response.

2518 days ago


He sure didn't spend our money to join MENSA.

2518 days ago


i had no idea this guy was still alive,i thought he od on crack...

2518 days ago


seriously now, the state should institutionalize him in a white-collar facility or some kind of minimum security health facility (with lots and lots of padding) so that he can no longer harm himself or anyone else. whatever he did in his previous life/lives, it must have been EXTREMELY awful. it's time to "find jesus."

2518 days ago

big "D"    

He should have been shot fatally a long time ago

2518 days ago

big "D"    

The cops didn't finish the job the first time

2518 days ago

A Sharpton    

It sounds like someone needs target practice.

2518 days ago


He called the cops?

2518 days ago

David in Bangkok    

Don't blame the race blame the man or what is supposed to pass for a man. Rodney has become an iconic joke of our time. For those who think he has gotten off easy he lives in Rialto, California. Think "Escape From New York" without the white guy. He will evidentually get it while on a crack run.

2518 days ago

Insert comical name here    

He looks like Little Richard these days. I can't believe he called the police.

2518 days ago

Mrs Bridget Stanko    

#8 ~ Here is a snapshot of his average life from! He even has his very own page on

detox facility 2002
detox facility 1993
Domestic Violence 27-Jul-1987
Assault with a Deadly Weapon 3-Nov-1989
Robbery 3-Nov-1989
Evading Arrest 3-Mar-1991
Driving While Intoxicated 16-Jul-1992
Driving While Intoxicated 21-Aug-1993
Violating Parole 21-Aug-1993
Driving While Intoxicated Pennsylvania, 21-May-1995
Hit and Run 14-Jul-1995, convicted 1996
Reckless Driving 14-Jul-1995
Domestic Violence 14-Jul-1995
Assault with a Deadly Weapon 14-Jul-1995, acquitted 1996
Battery 3-Mar-1999
Vandalism 3-Mar-1999
Domestic Violence Fontana, CA (5-Mar-1999)
Indecent Exposure 29-Sep-2001
Domestic Violence 11-Oct-2003
Death Threats Rialto, CA (28-Sep-2005)
Shot San Bernardino, CA (28-Nov-2007)

2518 days ago


I wonder how long it took the cops to get to his aide? I wonder how many had a video camera when they showed up. Since he spent all his money and now broke, I wonder who is going to pay his medical bill.

2518 days ago


This story shows the importance of target practice and using the proper ammunition. Too bad OJ wasen't standing next to him....

2518 days ago
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