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Hulk to Linda -- Pay Your Own, Woman!

11/30/2007 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan wants to put a headlock on his own assets -- and doesn't want estranged wife Linda sponging off him. Back off brother!

The Hulkster filed a petition yesterday in the couple's divorce battle, reports Florida's Herald-Tribune, in which he says that Linda can support herself -- and should help support their minor son, 17-year-old Nick. What's more, he thinks that Nick can decide for himself which parent he wants to live with, but Linda has requested that Nick's primary residence be hers.

Nick's primary residence could end up being somewhere else altogether -- he's facing charges of reckless driving after the Aug. 26 crash that left his friend, John Graziano, in a vegetative state.


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Felbain the rune dude    

Wrap your pythons around your ego and do what's right for family Hulkster. There was a time I idolized you but the last five years or so have shown beyond "TV" characters, it's shown the real you and someone I WILL NOT allow my kids and g'kids to discuss or view in my home. I agree with Beth the Bounty Hunter, you probably would go after those huge ugly blobs of yuuuuuuuck. Maybe dog, beth and hulk should start a reality show Called Dog B(r)eth, the Python years...or Hey Dog, what's up Beth?...get it together Hulk

2516 days ago


What went wrong? it take 2 in a marriage...

2516 days ago


I love the hogans but I could care less about Hulk...the only reason that show is any good is because of Linda and the kids, he's way too controlling and maybe if he got out of Brooke's ass for a minute he could have kept a better eye on Nick and the whole thing with him never would have happened...just a thought

2516 days ago


I took a nap after yvonnes book----I mean comment.

2516 days ago


this sucks for all the Hogan's. i'm shocked. i've always been a big fan. they seemed like a great family. i'm sure Linda has plenty of money to live comfortably. Hulk should NOT have to give her some absorbanate amount of money. HE earned all of it by beating the crap out of his body.

2516 days ago


Hey Linda (above me), you must be kidding. HE had to put up with HER pissing money away and her fat ass. She never did ANYTHING!!

2516 days ago

just me    

Marraige is alot of give and take to make it work.... if one person gives all the time and the other person takes all the time a marraige can not last... If you truly love some one then you will want to give to the person that means the most to you and all you realy want is love and respect in return... this goes for both parties... in the end alot of giving is going on and very little taking.... this makes for a loving and kind marraige... to bad this did not happen in this case... as it stands now these two people have a history and two children between them and that has to be respected by everyone involved... but it is only fair that if they can support themselfs then they should do so and not ask for anything more from each other then what is fair... but the minor child no matter how much trouble he is in needs to be supported by both of his parents... not just money, food and a home..but support, love, care and guidence... marraiges can end but kids together is a life time comittment....

2516 days ago

John F. C. Taylor    

I wonder if there would have been a divorce if not for the reality show. Seems to me that some decisions were based solely on whether they'd look good on TV or not. Got to ask if their daughter's ignorance about checking was put on for TV or real.

2516 days ago


"WHAT'S CHANGED" .... .... .... a man or woman gets a divorce...the man pays her if he makes more and the woman pays him if she makes more. it is the american way !!!

2516 days ago


You all need to learn how to spell before giving your opinions - it's difficult to get past your stupidity to enjoy your opinions!

2516 days ago


This is blessing in disguise, now the Hulkster can trade her worn out body in for a newer model. Linda's mileage has exceeded it's limits. Hulkster just think of all the mad chicks you can get now!

2516 days ago


regardless, they will have to split the propery 50/50,if one or more of the houses sell then they split the money that is how it will work out. he will prob have to pay child support for nick until he is 18 and after that he (and linda) are on their own. He may have to pay alimony not to sure how the law is there but it is very possible. It really depends on how good her lawyer is ,but you know hulk has the big time lawyer and what he wants he willget. So she is probably crying in her beer right now wishing she could of worked out these issues before filing for this "money" divorce. This is all it is about,The Money,tht is all it comes down too!
you know this has got to be pressure on the kids,regardless of their age and brooke is not living at home so she is out on the money issue as far as support,daddy will take care of her. I think linda has really messed up big time and is just now relizing it. She will get quite a bit of money but not like she is thinking!!

2516 days ago

gotta getta life    

I am not sure why everyone seems to think the Grazianos willwin the lawsuit. They will sue-98% of the people on this earth would sue their own Mother if they thought she had hidden a dime from them. But the suit is groundless. He CHOSE to get in that car KNOWING Nick would probably wipeout again and willingly chose not to wear his seatbelt. that is the only reason he was hurt.

2516 days ago

Amy Bosson    

Divorce is the way to protect Hulk's assets due to the Nick trial soon to be.

2516 days ago


People split up all the time, it's sad for the kids, but at least they are almost grown.
The person I feel sorry for the most is Graziano, the guy that went to war and came back safely to end up in a vegetated state because of punk Nick speeding like a bat out of hell.
They seem to really love one another, but lately she's been unhappy, who knows, maybe his money is running out and she's running.

2516 days ago
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