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'Heroes' Hottie Alert!

Hayden's Slammin' Bod

12/3/2007 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hayden Panettiere is so hot, even photos of her marked as trash are hotter than hell. Here's something to warm up that nationwide cold snap!

TMZ obtained one of the sexalicious pics from a Hayden photo shoot for GQ -- she was their "Obsession of the Year" -- and somehow the mad sexy photo didn't make the magazine.

Lucky for you, it made it here! Daaayum.


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2455 days ago


first. i wish i was first to do her.

2482 days ago

Does anyone have earplugs?    


2482 days ago

Oh SNAP it's ME!    

She's a pretty girl, but that outfit is NASTY!!

2482 days ago


I hope she doesn't turn into Britney or Paris. What a beauty!

2482 days ago


She looks about 14 and so does her body. I am not putting her down by no means it just kind of creeps me out that so many guys go "ga-ga" over someone who looks so young.

2482 days ago


UGG! Look at the haunch on her. Allmost as bad as Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Do you not see that thigh?

2482 days ago

Go Away    

Sure she is hot...if you like 9 year old boys.

BTW, its no suprise that this troll is demeaning herself by objectifiying her body while she still can. People with talent dont have to resort to such antics, but she has no real talent... Enjoy it now Hayden, in 10 years from now you will be as big around as you are tall... I can tell by the flabby thighs.

2482 days ago


Yes I did see the thigh, and I think GQ did too because the photo never made it in there. I don't understand why celebrities do not keep up with their trade. If you know you are going to do a major shoot, then practice at home on your own cam or something and see where the faults are and then work them out beforehand. She could have worked out or learned a new way to position her not so good areas.

From the waist up, she is very pretty in that picture, but not only are the thighs gross, but hopefully she will lose the baby fat on her tummy too.

2482 days ago

Go Away    

You can practically see where they airbrushed the CHEESE off her thighs.

2482 days ago


What is she trying to prove...she's attractive to 13 year old boys or 65 year old farts. She's just a girl who's trying to be sexy and is not.

2482 days ago

Go Away    

Hollywood has a serious problem with pedophillia. They love to take girls that look pre-pubecent and over sexualize them. Hayden looks like a CHILD folks!! A FRICKEN CHILD!! Get your heads examined!

2482 days ago

Go Away    

Did you all check out the entire photo shoot? Its a pedophiles fantasy. Fricken sick man..and the loser plays right into it. Disgusting.

2482 days ago

ya right    

Sorry but girl looks about 14, she had a very child-like body, and it is sick that everyone and their momma is drooling over this chick. She really aint even that cute, rather average if you ask me, as far as her "acting", well I saw far better acting in my middle school drama class. Get over it, she'll be NOTHING in 10 years, b/c sexiness only gets you so far, after awhile ppl actually want talent, which I said b4 he talent is a dime a dozen, and when she gets older, we'll move onto the next thing and use her up just like all the others

2482 days ago


Good to see the entire team of jealous house fraus are here. Hayden is a cutie patootie and I doubt any one of you could look one quarter as good as she does. Quit crying over spilled milk, you’ll never be as hot as this 18 year old. I love the show Heroes. She has a great role and does a good job. Stop hating those hotter than you!

Oh and banana boy is either a jealous broad or gay. Not that’s there anything wrong with that. I’m just sayin’.

2482 days ago
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