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Tiger Attack at Tippi's -- More Details

12/4/2007 1:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who was injured in a tiger attack at Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve has been identified as 40-year-old caretaker Chris Orr. We're told he was attacked by a four-year-old Bengal Tiger named Alexander, seen here, who weighs almost 450 lbs.

Click to hear!A rep for the preserve says Orr suffered multiple scratches and one full bite to the neck. We're told that at times an animal may be trying to play with their human caretakers, but this was not the case in this incident. We're told Orr was definitely attacked by the cat.

We've learned the victim loves cats and has worked at Shambala for 20 years. He does not want the cat to be destroyed. Sources who work at Shambala tell us Tippi is absolutely devastated that one of her employees has been injured.

Hedren told the L.A. Times, "It's a terrible, terrible thing that has happened," adding that many of the animals at Shambala have been abused. "Who knows what happened to this tiger? People have kept them in closets, basements. Two of them were kept in air-conditioning systems." She describes the cat as a "mutt" and says it is one of the youngest on the preserve. She expects the caretaker to make a full recovery.

Initial reports that the animal was a liger -- a lion/tiger mix -- were incorrect.


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The Tiger went Tiger?

2524 days ago


I thought in the last one it was a Liger. That would be sweet.

2524 days ago

rod munch    


2524 days ago


Two were kept in air conditioning systems? wtf?

Bless Tippi and all the people that do this kind of work. They are angels for these animals. There is risk in wild animal rescue but they are saving so many animals from certain and cruel death.

2524 days ago


I always hated this cat, most of them will lick peanut butter off of wherever I place it, this one refuses. Uppity mutt.

2524 days ago


The animals at Shambala are NOT TRAINED! They were rescued from circus, zoos, and random exotic pet owners.

2524 days ago


tippi, looks a little tipsy. me thinks she needs another drinksy. is she wearing one of her 'cats' around her neck?

2524 days ago


I'm glad their are people like Tippi & her staff who rescue or run a preserve for exotics who have been abused,neglected,or just unwanted.If not for them,these animals would still be suffering,dead, & in a few cases extinct!
I live in WI. & we have an animal sanctuary known as Valley of the Kings.It is not a paid zoo!To be a member & visit there,you have to be willing to donate your time & money.It may be mucking up waste,painting,washing,whatever.
There are shelters needed for all abandoned,neglected,abused animals.
My two housecats were strays,as was my little dog I had to have put down last Monday at 15 yrs. of age.
All the people who run animal sanctuaries whether for exotics,wolves,bears,dogs,cats, are to be praised for their work.
I have found the best people to have for friends are animal lovers.
Many of these places survive only by help & donations from the public.
My local Humane Society is not like those seen on Animal Planet.They do not spay/neuter strays at a reduced fee.To surrender a stray you have been lucky to help,you will get a ticket for $185. for having kept & left at large a feral animal, a housecat , by the city.
We moved here & people in the area were feeding stray cats.We adopted & found homess for some.We take ours to vets,are licensed & kept indoors.We also feed,keep heated water bowls out & provide outdoor enclosed areas for them in the winter,all against the law.How can you leave these animals to suffer?We've tried not feeding the female MOM in Spring,but chasing her away 2 summers now.We bought the live trap to entice her to eat after a month or so.She comes back,ready to give birth or has kittens under our deck.How can we deny this poor creature & her young food & water then?We now have her & 4 kittens about 4&1/2 mos. old.They were brought here by her at about 4 weeks,so are not used to being held since birth.We can't bring them in by our cats as they may harbor coccidea,as my kitten did.
We were able to grab them when young& give them a dose of eye salve & ear mite treatment.
If this remains such a problem with small cats,can you imagine the problems with the Big cats?
Find out what you can about shelters of all types in your state.
If you can donate money,time,items requested.

2524 days ago


To say that these animals are being saved from "extinction" by sanctuaries is not really accurate. Gone in the wild is extinct given that particular species of animal is no longer living its natural life where it belongs.

Animals in sanctuaries can never be "returned" to the wild, especially in the case of tigers because careless and irresponsible breeding has totally destroyed the specific distinctions among wild tiger populations.

Thank goodness there are people who are willing and able to give these animals a home--however limited-- for the rest of their poor, misbegotten lives.

Hope the worker gets well soon. Accidents happen everywhere and when you are working in a dangerous environment, the consequences are more severe. I don't think the worker or the animal should be blamed for just one of those things that sometimes happens.

2524 days ago


i have a huge amount of respect for her and the work she does. she truly cares about all the animals she has in her sanctuary and its obvious she is always adding more. she gives animals that have been used in circuses and other places a safe home. its unfortunate that her caretaker got injured and i hope he recovers soon. i'm glad the tiger won't be put to sleep

2524 days ago


What Tippi has been doing at the Shambala Reserve is truly wonderful. Many years ago she gave an in-depth interview saying that most of the animals there cannot be "trusted" as they are wild animals. Many have been abused and beaten and all she does is to provide a safe haven for them with full knowledge of what they can do. Even Tippi herself stated many years ago that although there were a few certain animals she could be with face to face, she said it is still a risk because of the genetic fact that they are wild animals.
With that said, it is sad to see someone injured by them who really cares for them and has attended to the animals for many years. Just as Siegfried and Roy who loved their animals, when push comes to shove the animals still have that "WILD" instinct as Roy will tell you when injured by one of his famous White Tigers.
But instead of applauding these people for their efforts, many of you have cruel and snide remarks with a few of them being downright rude and crude. This is not a forum for smut. If you want to talk like that, go to a site that allows such inappropriate language and thoughts.
My prayers go out to all who care for these animals all around the world and I hope that Chris Orr has a full speedy recovery.

2524 days ago


was it a white man thr tiger attacked?

2524 days ago

The Simple Facts    

I am torn on my feelings toward the human race: Utter disdain for those who enact putrid treatment on any species, ours included; & the earthly angels who do all they can to help. We are supposed to be stewards of this planet, caring about each other & it's occupants -- NOT abusers. I do what I can in my own community, but there can always be more. So a special huge thanks, to people like Tippi, that take it to such a high level of mercy & effort.

Very best wishes for caretaker Chris Orr to recover in full. Even after the injury, he still was conscientious of what these animals have gone through, & desires the animal not be put down. It was good to read the comments of those here, who have a heart as well.

2524 days ago


I'm all about taking pride and trying to preserve it's lifespan *so to speak* but I also know that stuff like this can happen w/ a wild animal.. if you play in the den... expect it. I feel bad but it's part of the gameplan. just like that guy, croc hunter (whatever?) you chose the life, taking the fall seems more like an award to you service. just my opinion

2524 days ago



2524 days ago
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