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Big Cat Attacks at Tippi's Preserve

12/3/2007 11:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A worker has been attacked by a tiger at Shambala Preserve in Acton, Calif., which was founded by Melanie Griffith's mother, legendary actress Tippi Hedren.

The man, in his 40s, is in critical but stable condition after suffering "multiple bites" from the big cat. The incident occurred around 3:00 PM this afternoon.

According to their website, Shambala Preserve was founded in 1972 by "The Birds" star Hedren as a haven for endangered exotic big cats, many of which are castoffs from circuses, zoos and private owners. All of the animals at Shambala depend on humans for their care.

It was initially reported that the man was attacked by a liger, a lion/tiger mix. We have confirmed the man was bitten by a tiger.

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That dude had it coming, I'm on the elephants side with this one.

2479 days ago

just wondering    

...Tippi si one special lady...she has been so committed for such a long time to her passion...good for her...sorry to hear abt the accident!!!...

2479 days ago


Liger is pretty much my favorite animal...bred for its skills in Magic...

2479 days ago

Democrats are evil    

When you take one of God's wild animals and you try to domesticate it, no matter how kind and compassionate an individual you are, you take the risk that that wild animal is going to resent you for taking away it's freedom of roaming in the wild. Respect first, tender loving care second. Zigfreid and Roy know this big time. I hope this fellow survives.

2479 days ago

just wondering    

...Jiggy...she has been protecting them from POACHERS!!!....but I get ur point....Z & R became capitalistic with those they could make millions...u can't compare the two...just sayin...

2479 days ago


Liger? Do you serve that with white or red wine?

2479 days ago


Now I know what happened to Tippi's daughter's know Melinia Griffith...poor Antonio, he didn't know what he was getting himself into.

2479 days ago


animals do not feel love, nor compassion or feelings like people do. Too many times people try to put "human" feelings in animals.
Animals are animals. Yes they can "miss" you. But because an animal misses one of it's pack, does not mean that animal will not attack that same member of it's pack for having a bad day.

Difference between a poodle and a pitbull is nothing. Except both will have bad days and in those bad days can bite. Which one would you rather be bitten by?! And that is the only difference in animals.

2479 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Cats like that don't even have to be serious to mess you up! Someone must have pushed the wrong boundaries and became a big chew toy. Even a house cat can do some decent damage when allowed to. I don't have much sympathy for people who have this happen because this is still a wild animal at heart! I just hope this animal isn't destroyed or locked in a small cage because it did what its' instincts told it to do!

2479 days ago


Tippi is not trying to domesticate them. She rescues them from circus, zoos and people who try to have these as pets. For example, Thriller and Sabu (michael jackson's tigers) live on the preserve.

If you go to the website, you can read some of their stories. One like a tiger cub was being sold out of the back of a station wagon in a southern california shopping mall.

I've been to the Shambala Preserve and these animals are well taken care of. Everyone on site KNOWS to be careful. Unfortunately accidents happen. I hope this man is alright.

2479 days ago


2479 days ago


of course,,,people like those humanize these favorite was the polar bear trying to pull this lady's big fat thighs though the cage bars,,,that was partly hilarious...

2479 days ago


Here is the Shambala's Liger's story and how he was RESCUED:

Patrick was born in the summer of 1990 and formerly resided at Deer Path Animal Haven, a roadside zoo in Illinois. Conditions for the animals at the park were deteriorating, and eventually their license was revoked and it was closed. Their animals were placed at other facilities; Patrick and Cujo, a Bengal tiger whom we renamed Jiang, came to Shambala on May 14, 1998.

When Patrick was examined, it was determined that his cage at the zoo had been so small that the muscles in his hindquarters and back legs were seriously losing muscle tone.

His compound here at Shambala allows him plenty of room for exercise; and a stream runs through it so his tiger half can play in the water or his lion half can stay out of it, whichever he chooses.

2479 days ago


#13 Haley
Sounds like he is not real happy with his accomodations.

2479 days ago


i've seen that place before passing on my way to the antelope valley and it's real nice and there is alot of room for the animals to wonder around but something like this was eventually going to happen the people that work there probley think that theywork with the animals everyday so they begin to trust them. maybe the guy just let his guard down and the liger got him.. it's sad people take these animals out of the natural enviroment and then just dump them!!!!!

2479 days ago
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