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Face/Off 2: WEAVE WARS!

12/5/2007 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage was snapped on Wednesday at a Tokyo press event for his upcoming inexplicable sequel to "National Treasure" -- wearing a wig from The John Travolta Collection!
Nic Cage and John Travolta
A sequel to the follicularly-challenged duo's 1997 hit "Face/Off," has been rendered impossible -- due to skyrocketing budget concerns regarding wigs.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.


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again 1st!

2522 days ago



2522 days ago


I hate both of these guys.

2522 days ago

K. Jackson    

Damn, give these guys a break. There are no two better actors around.

2522 days ago


I guess they figure if Piven can do it...

2522 days ago


#5 Jackson...You're nuts! These two are hardly Oscar worthy.

2522 days ago

two cents    

What do you want TMZ?
People grow older and hair gets thinner, it's just part of life. Do you want them to go around bald? At least they are trying to improve their image. I love Nicholas! Not too crazy about John, but these guys aren't 20 years old anymore. They look damn good for their ages.

2522 days ago


"Upcoming inexplicable sequel." LOL.

2522 days ago


I wish they would make a Face Off 2, that was a good movie, and the ending made a sequel possible. Bring it on!

2522 days ago


"I could eat a peach for hours"....mmmmmm LOVE me some Nicholas Cage!!!!!!

2522 days ago


The TMZ crew are such losers tehy think losing your hair is REAL NEWS! Get a life all you losers and get a new job. McDonald's is hiring.

2522 days ago


Nick Cage has been wearing hair since "Valley Girls" in the early eighties. Wasn't it his hair that Lisa Marie threw overboard on the yacht?

2522 days ago


Harvey, was this kind of crap that was you're true intention when you set out to make as much money as you could off the fame that rubbed off on you for covering the O.J. murder case?

It was of some value to the general public what you were doing in the beginning, covering crimes being committed by celebrities that your reporting exposed that rarely saw the light of day before you came along. I really believed that you were serving a purpose, leveling the Judicial playing field so to speak, Paris Hilton and others had to go to court just like the rest of us if we stepped over the line, less and less we were hearing about the back room deals that were meant to salvage the image but in retrospect were teaching celebrities that they belonged to a higher plane were special people who aren;t asked to be responsible for their own actions.

However somewhere along the way you sold out to the gossip rags or you just saw that as the best way to make the most you could off the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Going bald or going to the beach after a healthy meal are not crimes and nor is the desire to have private moments. This stuff is an embarrassment. You want to do something of value make sure that the Bolea/Hogan family is held responsible for their crimes and greed.

2522 days ago


My God #15 is so, so, so, so correct!
This use to be the best web-site to read interesting, news worthy articles on celebrities and get up to date inside information, etc. not available to "John Q Public" but what has happened to this site? It is going down hill so fast and really picking up momentum into obscurity, also the tv show is really dull! Harvey better get with it and soon.

2522 days ago

Merry Christmas    

I hope PETA doesn't find out that the hair actually comes from the endangered African tittycaca dog.

2522 days ago
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