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Magician Claims "Family Guy" Stole His Act

12/6/2007 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Art Metrano, an actor who frequently appeared on "The Tonight Show" performing simple magic tricks, is suing the FOX show "Family Guy" for stealing his routine in their animated movie, "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story." Those of you over 40 know who we're talking about.
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In the movie, a future version of Stewie Griffin says that he traveled back in time and that Jesus' abilities may have been exaggerated. The scene then cuts to Jesus performing, Metrano claims, a "comedy routine identical in music, sound and action to Metrano's act, 'The Amazing Metrano.'"

Metrano, who played Captain Mauser in two of the "Police Academy" films, filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday, claiming copyright infringement, among other things, and is seeking in excess of $2 million.

Calls to reps for "Family Guy" were not immediately returned.


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To the person who asked if it really matters if it is parody:
Yes, it does matter. Parody is allowed and that is clearly what was happening.

To the people who are insulted by the jesus thing:
Get over it. If you believe in jesus, then good for you. That should be enough for you and you shouldn't worry about what other people say or do. People are allowed to insult religion if they want and there is nothing you can do about it.

To the person who mentioned political correctness:
Have you ever seen this show? They are not politically correct about anything. Much like South Park, Family Guy makes fun of everything (maybe not to the extent South Park does though).

2482 days ago

star jones    

I didn't think Coolio changed his mind. Weird Al probably asked first to be kind.

SNL does stuff like this all the time. I don't see this guy with a stupid act winning. But maybe he can get a spot on The Surreal Life outta it.

2482 days ago


flyonthewall LOOKS WHO'S TALKING

2482 days ago


Metrano should get a life -- I saw that act done 10 years ago and it was NOT by Metrano. And the only reason I now have seen his act is because of Family Guy. He should be thanking his lucky stars that he can get some publicity for once!!

2482 days ago

the lost    

Carol Burnett is also suing FG for $2 million. These has-been nobody stars have to get over themselves and stop trying to get money out of a successful show.

2482 days ago


That guy needs to get over himself, seriously. And the people who are getting mad because they insult Christianity...dude, they make fun of everything, not just Christianity, so get over it.

2482 days ago


I think it is very interesting to saw her perform, it is said that he will appear on to show himself, and now I am looking forward to seeing him.

2482 days ago


in the famous words of al franken when he was fighting off a lawsuit from o'reilly and fox
"satire is protected by our constitutional freedom of speech, even if the target of the satire doesn't get it!"

2482 days ago


that family guy movie came out a long time ago.. why is he suing now??

2482 days ago


I agree Art should be flattered that the creators of Family Guys decided to honor him with a reference joke in their series.

He should also get paid. I'm sure if they came to him before the show went out he would merely have ask for standard royalty fee. But since they didn't they get to pay $2mil, as a dope slap fee.

It's a business people, the shows comedy writers don't make jokes because they think its fun.

1522 days ago
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