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Kiefer Learns to Fluff & Fold!

12/7/2007 2:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After a little more than 24 hours, Kiefer Sutherland is adapting well to life behind bars. We're told he woke up around 8:00 AM this morning and ate his prison-issue breakfast. After that, he is scheduled for laundry duty. "We had a pretty busy night last night, so Kiefer will probably have a lot of laundry to do today," Glendale PD PIO John Balian tells TMZ. Um ... busy?
Kiefer Sutherland in Jail

In his first full day in the can, Jack Bauer learned how the jail's laundry process works; washing sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels -- then drying and folding them. Kiefer enjoyed a processed turkey sandwich for lunch (deelish)-- and returned to laundry duty. "He's been very cooperative, doesn't complain about the duties," says Officer Balian. "You can tell he is not happy to be here, but he's accepting responsibility. He wants to do the time and get all of this behind him."

Sutherland has already taken his first jail shower -- by himself. He is not being kept in isolation, but he has little contact with other inmates. Today he is scheduled to serve lunch and dinner to fellow arrestees, bringing a little Tinseltown glamor to an otherwise glum mess hall.

In his un-free free time, Kiefer has been reading and watching TV. So far, he's had no visitors.


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DAMN!! He's in county jail and he gets to watch tv????

2511 days ago


I don't get the big deal. All celebs get "special" teatment. Well, I guess I shouldn't limit it to celebs. If you have enough money, you can get away with just about anything.

2511 days ago


Matt Rolloff, star of TLC's Little People, Big World, and author of family values book was scheduled to go to court Dec 5 for his 2nd DUI. Does anyone have an update?, did they drop charges or espunge the record like last time after alcohol education classes? Or is he going to the slammer like our Keiffer, but in Oregon.........LOVE KIEFFER & 24, I know he can turn this around, too much to loose.

2511 days ago


He may be a repeat offender but he is owning up to it and kept the welfare of his crew from 24 in his thoughts, making sure to keep them employed & in production. Then the unforeseen writers strike kabashed that. .........But Kieffer, while struggling w/ serious alcoholism, is making an effort to be responsible to his employees and always showing up on time and in good form for shooting. Unlike some stars who blow off movies, photo shoots or those around them........He needs to nail this addiction and kick it. Too much talent and business opportunities to waste.

2511 days ago


No Visitors? WTF? I'm getting on a plane....

2510 days ago


Ford Motors of Canada has this drunk flogging cars this holiday season. How dumb is that? Of all the Canadian talent that Ford could have had, they go with him.

MADD is mad - and I can understand why.

No big surprise though - Keifer (another name for hash) is a drunk just like his father Donald.

2510 days ago


Agree he is a drunk 7 in the throws of addiction. Agree: MADD must be mad, bad judgment by that Canadian company to use someone currently in the news for DUIs as a spokesman for automobiles. Go figure.........Still enjoy Kiefer's movies and TV shows, and am a fan. I too see the alcoholism and wish it weren't so. He is a heck more responsible as far as a work ethic than the current batch of Hollywood trouble makers......Wish him luck, he has to beat this addiction for himself and others.

2510 days ago


Free Keifer!!!!

I hope he has a nice champagne toast as he drives home.

2510 days ago

Teri Ganley    

Okay I give him semi props, but geez, I guess you're not famous until you do time. Let's here it for our roll models --- NOT!!!!

2510 days ago


I think Mr. Edwards from "Little House" had a drinking problem to. :)

2510 days ago


Please tell me TMZ isn't going to do this daily

2510 days ago

She looks like hell    

...and then, in stunning move, Keifer used the bathroom at 2 pm. He spent two minutes in there, so we are speculating that he just peed. Then, he was observed turning the pages of a book 32 times while he sat still and read. He breathed in and out during this time and moved his position 4 times, according to our inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous. He stood up at 4:15 and walked down a hallway towards the dinner hall. He stood in line and moved his feet as he walked to get his dinner. News update as to what he ate and how many times he chewed coming soon!

Ok, LOOK, I'm all about loving Keifer and all that but enough of the moment by moment blows.

2510 days ago


Why do some prisons get TV or is it just for him?

2510 days ago


Kiefer was set up!! He was trying to get a taxi but the doorman told him he had to move his car across the street and while he was doing this LA's finest pulled him over.

He will do his time and not complain about it! He is a very hard worker and a very good person.

2510 days ago

Bob Kennedy    

Like every Canadian Kiefer likes a drink...especially in LA where everyone is either made of plastic or just pretending to be...and yes I mean on the inside and out. He should toss the keys to a driver when he decides to erase the disappointment in his peers with alcohol and I hope he does in the future. But like a Canadian he took his medicine immediately without being a big ass cry baby, without asking for special favors and will do his time as sentenced. I respect that attitude as much as I enjoy his acting talent. I'll continue to cheer for him unless he screws up again. No one dead yet from his boozin' which makes him lucky...if he does it again he's just stupid and we will revoke his passport. I'm sure Jack Bauer can afford a taxi back to Malibu.

2510 days ago
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