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Gary Collins Won't Be Charged With Manslaughter

12/10/2007 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Collins will not be prosecuted for manslaughter, even though the man he hit the night he was busted for DUI died.

Collins copped a plea last Thursday to DUI. The next day, 89-year-old Warren Gates died from his injuries in the crash. Gates has been hospitalized since the accident last October.

Prosecution sources tell TMZ Collins will not be prosecuted for manslaughter for two reasons. First, officers say Gates caused the crash by making an illegal left. In order to prosecute for manslaughter, the D.A. must prove that Collins caused the accident. Also, because Collins pleaded no contest to DUI, double jeopardy attaches. So Gary will serve his 96 hours in jail and then it's case closed.


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48 BILLY 2    

Double Standards, Hipacritical Pratices , ANT THAT AMERICA!

2471 days ago


Of course he won't! He is a celeb!

2506 days ago

Baby Countdown    

Another case of "celeb" justice....apparently even washed up nobodies can get this kind of preferential treatment.

This is just disgusting.

2506 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Life in prison for his shorty shorts alone!

2506 days ago

Really now    

Michael Vick gets 23 months for killing some dogs and Gary Collins get 96 hours in jail for DUI and manslaughter. Warren Gates was a human being! This is just so wrong. I wonder what the PETA fans will say about this?

2506 days ago


Isn't one of the reasons you shouldn't drink and drive becuase it impairs your reaction? Maybe if he wasn't drunk he could have avoided the guy?

2506 days ago


In California you can do anything and walk. But yet, we have a man who was sentenced fairly to 2-years of jail for dogfighting. And we have these murderous drinks in California who dont do any time for rolling people over with their vehicles.

2506 days ago


Michael Vick deserved 23 months, should have been 23 years #3. You idiot.

2506 days ago

Cluck You PETA    

He kills a guy and only gets 96 hours in jail. Keifer didn't hurt anyone and gets 48 days. I wonder who this Gary Collins is sleeping with to get off so easy.

2506 days ago


I meant #4.

2506 days ago


Umm... he's a celeb.?!? C'mon you bitter idiots. Very old men AND drunks shouldn't be driving. Old dude makes wrong turn, drunk crashes into him, old dude dies. That's all there is to it. Done.

2506 days ago



2506 days ago


LMAO at # 2!!!!!!!! Those shorts are "manslaughter" to say the least.

2506 days ago

Really now    


Do you have the guts to admit that Gary Collins got away with manslaughter and is it that you love dogs more than people and therefore dont care about Mr Gates? Call me what you will but it doesn't change the fact 23 months for dogfighting and 4 days (96 hours) for DUI and manslaughter

2506 days ago


but you cant prove that he could have avoided the guy if he was sober. would you be asking for a manslaugher charge if collins was sober? the bottom line is that the old man caused the crash. people who drive tried are as dangerous on the road as people who have been drinking(bac =< .12, avg weight adult).

2506 days ago
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