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Santa Birkhead is Coming to Town

12/10/2007 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Plastic ball disaster alert in Aisle 8! Daddy Larry Birkhead was caught in Hollywood on Sunday about to make an a-ball-ing mess at a Toys 'R' Us!

Papa B was getting ready for his first Christmas with adorable little elf Dannielynn. Or else he's really short on plastic balls.


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Jill Conway    

Everytime I see this guy, he's either with his daughter or buying something for her. I think he's a great dad and the little girl is much better off than with her drugged-up mother.

2477 days ago

Debate Club    

WOW, can the man stop calling the paparrazi?

Staged photo ops....we see right through his crap trying to be famous..


2477 days ago

Debate Club    

Ahhh you can do better than that, OMG! How sad when you need to pretend to
spill balls!


2477 days ago

Debate Club    

Anna laid the golden egg and Larry STOLE IT.

HKS deserves that baby.

2477 days ago

Debate Club    

WT Heck

Can this man stop calling the cameras to follow him around. He's F list at the best. Thank God he finally both that baby some shoes.


2477 days ago

Debate Club    

Kerry I'm shocked that you would say that about Larry. I thought you didn't like him? I don't like him either. He harrassed Anna and led her to overdose.

I post somewhere else mainly, but I still like to let him know how I feel here on tmz.

2477 days ago


Oh come on, you dont see him out and about that much, just normal wanting to buy his daughters Christmas presents himself. Its the best part of Christmas when your kids are young. I think he's acted nothing but loving responsible to his daughter and thats whats important here. . Lets see if we see Brittany out Christmas shopping for her boys. Nope. Now that she probably has other people do, but she has to go herself to get 1 pack of gum .

2477 days ago


Who cares how old Dannielynn..Parents are excited for children during their first Xmas. I plead guilty...

I noted that they guy in the picture seems to have awfully dark hair and don't remember Birkhead's hair being dark brown? Hey Harvey, are you share your photographer is scaming TMZ??? It could be him and I could be wrong..

2477 days ago


Jane #49........ You said......

"Anna laid the golden egg and Larry STOLE IT".

"HKS deserves that baby".

100% agree with your comments!!! Larry is pathetic. He has no class and acts stupid and uneducated. Anna was right all along about trying to protect Dannielynn from Larry. With Howard's good upbringing, class, education and the good, honest loving parent that he would have been - yes, she should be with him. Anna wanted Dannielynn to be raised by Howard. I feel so sorry for Anna's little girl. I feel sorry for Howard too. Howard in in the Bahamas fighting for his life and Larry is shopping, laughing and calling the media. Does he have any idea how he looks to the general public.

2477 days ago


#54 & #49

Yes, forget the fact that Howard’s not her father and, like it or not, Larry seems to be doing a good job. (She IS Larry's little girl too.) But just pass the child off like a puppy and let Howard raise her because that's what YOU want. Some of you people have the most screwed up logic.

2476 days ago


Sorry, but Larry did not cause Anna to overdose,Hmmm. You can blame Anna's overdose and resulting death on her docs. prescribing her so many meds. over the years. Others enabled her and perhaps severe depression resulting from Daniels' death also helped contribute to her death.

2476 days ago


What is it with some of you complaining about him spending money on his daughter??? Everytime I see a post of him out shopping, he is buying stuff for Dannielynn. It's her money so it should be spent on her. I'm sure her private schooling and college is already paid for, so let him spoil her.

2476 days ago


Wishing Larry and his little girl a wonderful Christmas, and a great life!
Happy holidays, all!

2476 days ago

Bahama Mama    

Larry Sue should be questioning the fact that Daniel had 10x's the dosage of Methadone in his system and Howard K. Murderer had Methadone pills in his bed found by a nurse...

I guess Larry is too busy raiding Dannilynn's trust fund on Gay parties and high end clubs, resturants and shopping.

Larry Sue doesn't give a damn about Daniel....

And their never was a Love story between Larry Sue and Anna... that is all in Larry Sue's head! Anna hated Larry Sue and now he lives in her mansion... unbelievable!!!!

2476 days ago

my own damn opinion    

Merry Christmas Dannielynn, Larry & Lisa

2476 days ago
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