Celebrity Lawbreakers

11/29/2007 12:00 AM PST

Celebrity Lawbreakers

The following stars may not be getting away with murder like some celebs, but they are definitely no strangers to breaking the law. Have a look at our video gallery of celebs who flout the law!

Larry Birkhead also hopped across the Blvd. with Dannielynn in tow.
Julia Roberts and her husband parked in a handicapped spot at a supermarket in Malibu. Not very pretty, woman.

Melanie Griffith traipsed across Robertson with her daughter on a recent shopping jaunt.

Paris Hilton tossed a ticket into her backseat. Oh those pesky things!

Britney rolled through stop signs in Beverly Hills near the Four Seasons hotel. I's in a hurry, y'all!

Gary Dourdan popped an illegal U-turn on Sunset Blvd., got pulled over -- and let off!