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The Glamour of a Gown and an Exposed Tattoo

12/10/2007 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying "Transformers" star Megan Fox is gorgeous, but her exposed tattoo is not!
Megan Fox
As Melanie Griffith, Eve and Angelina Jolie can attest, nothing wrecks a classy outfit quite like some exposed ink. We will all laugh at gilded butterflies -- and trashy ensembles! Basura!

From little black dress to little black mess in seven words or less!


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Big Ol' Nobody    

...she should add underneath in small print her philosophical discourse of this statement...

2454 days ago


That's a really closed minded statement. I'm surprised at how many idiots think that just because a girl has a tattoo, it turns her into some dirty person of ill repute. Funny, I thought society was supposed to be progessing...

2454 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

i got an 'A' on my term paper- guess what my next tattoo's gonna be!

2454 days ago


Why would I need to look King Lear up on the internet? Are you on crack? Don't answer that I can tell already. I have a the book (do you know what that is?) on my shelf right next to where I'm sitting. You're an ID10T.

And I didn't claim this made her 'Klassy" [sic]. BTW you should take a spelling class. I said I'd like to see her naked, two different things my dear. And I stand by my statement.

2454 days ago

Nicole A    

so you can't say anything bad about the dress she wore, her weight, her look, her hair, or her shoes, so you basically say she's ugly because of a tattoo? please. get over it. we who get tattoos think they're beautiful- and we don't care if others think they're ugly. we WANT other people to see our ink because it's got a story behind it... angelina jolie has ancient sanskrit prayers on her back and arm which only enhances whatever ensemble she chooses to wear. and in response to her 'regretting' getting a tattoo when she grows up? YOU should grow up and stop criticizing people for such silly things. you're only pissed because YOU don't look as good.

2454 days ago

Nicole A    

only sluts get tattoos? please. only narrow minded bitter losers write things like that. so did it make you feel better about yourself to say that? i hope so. one of my very best friends has a tattoo. you'll find her at church twice a week, taking a full credit load at college, and volunteering at the local soup kitchen 3 times a week. she isn't a slut, nor has she ever been. and trying to copy angelina jolie? that's assuming you know when each of them got their tattoos... believe it or not, there are people in the world who just get tattoos because they like them, not because they're trying to copy someone else. loser.

2454 days ago


Having a small hidden tattoo used to be cool . Now it represents ,"I am insecure" I am an attention whore " " I am a follower".

2454 days ago


Most of you tattoos = trash flingers wouldn't know a Shakespeare quote if it bit you on the nose.

2454 days ago


Blech! I hate tattoos. Stupied entertainers and their attempts to stand out in a crowd. She'll be doing a porno just to get notice. Freak and no talent hoe. The insecurity and duplicitous nature of tatt-trash is repugnant. If you think like them they are your friends, if you don't you are their enemies. I have lost so much business due to those freaks underhanded and backstabbing BS. Idiot goth retards. Go F youselves, punkazz shietheads.

2454 days ago

Miss Behave    

there is something psycho about women who go out of their way to make sure that their tats are in their pictures. they pose in such an obvious way as to say "see my tat? look at it--it is me."

seriously psycho and lacking something in their persona.

angelina leads the pack. it's a though they have nothing more serious to be thinking of than "is my tat showing?"

2454 days ago



2454 days ago


True that...true that.

2454 days ago


Finally, someone who is as hot as Angie. Maybe it's time for Angie to settle down to the role she should be working on more...MOM. Here's the new 2008 model of A.Jolie. Megan is very hot with or without the tat. Okay Angie, GAME ON........................

2454 days ago


i think she is a very pretty girl. the place of the tattoo is a bit tacky.i have tats and piercings but the tats are not in visable places. i have a tattoo of my sons name on my back in the middle of my shoulders.....i dont see anything wrong with that.........

2454 days ago


she is gorgeous!!! the tattoo is pretty ugly though haha

2454 days ago
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