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The Glamour of a Gown and an Exposed Tattoo

12/10/2007 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying "Transformers" star Megan Fox is gorgeous, but her exposed tattoo is not!
Megan Fox
As Melanie Griffith, Eve and Angelina Jolie can attest, nothing wrecks a classy outfit quite like some exposed ink. We will all laugh at gilded butterflies -- and trashy ensembles! Basura!

From little black dress to little black mess in seven words or less!


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Beauty fades, Dumb is forever.

2488 days ago

not a whore like all those girls    

i think she looks just fine with the tattoo. and #9- seems you don't have any ink so please don't bash those who do.

2488 days ago

Diana Love    

Labling a modified women as a "whore" or "trash" based purely on appearance is pure ignorance. Now i remember my main deciding factor in getting art work, to filter out any asscociations with closed minded uncultured people like some of you. Its tards like you that deter the progression of our current society and leave little hopes for a peacuful coexistance. Good job tmz.

2488 days ago

Inked and loving it    

I think she's gorgeous and the tattoo makes her that much hotter. I'm a chick with three tattoos and I plan on getting an entire sleeve in the near future. Just because someone has tattoos does NOT make them trash. How does having a tattoo make you a "cheap whore" ? It's an expression of individuality. I love having tattoos and I plan on showing them off and looking hot in my wedding dress. My boyfriend wholeheartedly agrees. I can't believe people can be so shallow.

2488 days ago


"There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart". What the hell? Grow up!

2488 days ago


Megan Fox is gorgeous and sexy. I don't really care for the tattoo on her forearm but the others are fine.TMZ should assign a photog to follow here everyday and post the pictures here. She has topped 85 lb Angelina in the top hotties category

2487 days ago


Proves my long standing assertion that the only people on whom tattoos look natural - are drunken sailors, convicts and prostitutes.
TRASHY. Equivalent to someone vandalizing the painting of the Mona Lisa or spraying graffiti all over the Lincoln Memorial. Tattoos are NOT art.....but "tracings" like "paint by number" copies - CHEAP replicas and imitations of artistic renderings. If you're going to use your body as a 'walking billboard' for trashy slogans and graphics - do it for MONEY. Charge Corporations to display their logos.

2487 days ago


You're all insane to think this girl is as pretty as Angelina. She has a nasty man back, with awful posture to boot. A completely made-up make-up face that screams...."I'm a total bitch." This girl has zero natural beauty inside or out.....something she could never hold a candle to Angelina for. Besides, Angelina has much more class and sophistication. Celebrity shelf life = 2 years max, if she branches into porn ( which from the looks of her....she very well might) then 3 years

2487 days ago


it depends on the tattoo, in this case,,, bad tattoo!

2487 days ago


The tattoo was for a friend who your homework!

2487 days ago


not all tattos are tacky, especially if they have a special purpose or meaning to someone. to the idiot who wrote the article without disclosing its meaning, shame on you!!! it is in memorium to a friends who passed away (a ex boyfriend who remained a friend).

2487 days ago


You can always tell when a member of the senior citizens club is writting a news article. nothing nice to say and whining about a simple and pretty tattoo.

2487 days ago

I dont care    

I dont care will be what she says if someone brought this up to her. She'll continue to make movies and not give a crap about someone talking about her ink and if one day she decides it is tacky or like a tramp stamp she'll have it removed with a few dollars from the millions she makes off the same people talking about her ink.

2487 days ago


What was cool ten years ago, is passe' today.
There is nothing classy about a tattooo -- screams trailer trash!!

2487 days ago


I think that she needs to take her body art into consideration when choosing an outfit. The tatoo looks tacky because it's partly under a strap instead of being framed or highlighted. People need to remember that a tatoo is a lifetime commitment and think about how stupid it might look later, or what impact it may have on their clothing choices.

2487 days ago
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