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The Munsters 2.0

12/10/2007 6:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After exhausting London's supply of black eyeliner, Scientolostars Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, her daughter Riley Keough and borefriend Ryan Cabrera (yes, the same Ryan Cabrera who dated Ashlee Simpson!) -- in wannabe Johnny Depp drag -- came to life and hit up the Led Zeppelin concert in London on Monday. Stairway from heaven!
Priscilla, Lisa Marie Presley, Riley Keough, Ryan Cabrera
It takes a lot of Elvis money to look like this! A lot!


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Mary from Milford MA.    


2506 days ago


What's up with the black eyeliner - that's so 20 years agOOOOO

2506 days ago

missmotten you are a idiot.

2506 days ago

hot snot    

awe, look at Ryan Cabrerra, all grown up and switching scenes to convert to the one he loves.


2506 days ago

to comment 120 missmotten, one thing trumps it a greedy ex wife .

2504 days ago


Elvis was, is and will always be the king of rock 'n roll. Long live the king! Btw, rock 'n roll isn't the be-all and end-all... Thanks to Bobby Darin, my world is much BIGGER... and BRIGHTER!!!

2503 days ago


The guy in the background in Jerry Schilling. He was part of Elvis's 'Memphis Mafia'... basically one of the many 'hangers-on' that Elvis used to have around. He has always been super friendly with Priscilla and he recently wrote a book called 'me and a guy called Elvis'... the Elvis Money Machine just keeps on turning and all the people on gravy train just keep on enjoying the ride whilst he is six feet under because not one of them gave a damn about his health and wellbeing (besides ofcourse for Lisa who was too young to take-in the realy situation - but Priscilla and Jerry could've helped Elvis, espcecially Priscilla but she dumped him for Mike Stone the Karate expert when Elvis started to put on weight and when his career took a down-turn... Shame, shame! RIP Elvis, you are still No. 1.

2503 days ago


Priscilla has always a beautiful woman, but I hope she STOPS all the plastic surgery!!! She doesn't need it!!! Her face is MUCH too pale now and it's probably from WAY too many chemical peels. Priscilla, just STOP it!!!

If I could look like ANYBODY, it would have been YOU during your days on "Dallas"... You were by FAR the prettiest one on that show and you blew that stuck up Pam out of the water with your beauty and screen presence. You were my HERO on that show and even when the stupid writers made Bobby chose Pam over you, you maintained your dignity and made them BOTH look like the FOOLS that they were. JR Ewing and I only agreed on ONE thing... he said "I can't STAND that woman", meaning Pam and neither could I. YOU'RE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, Cilla... STOP the plastic freak look! Maybe you'll get back to looking like your normal and beautifu self, if you do!!!!! PLEASE, Cilla... just TRUST ME!!!

2503 days ago


Oh God, as if Priscilla can stop with the surgery... she needs it because of her vanity but ironically, it will eventually make her grotesque. Yes she was beautiful as a young bride and yes, in Dallas too ... but given that she has never had a JOB or actually WORKED in her life, of course she would look good... no wear and tear on her because she lives on Elvis's money honey. Without him, the Presley name and the Presley Cash, she would be another pretty face somewhere out there. She jilted Elvis as soon as he hit a low. It is WRONG. Now she lives off his cash, even in death. Still keeps his name but has slept with half of Hollywood, she even slept with Richard Gere and Julio Iglesias... Kirk Kerkorian, Michael Edwards, Mike Stone and many many many more... Lisa is real. Her daughter Riley is real. Priscilla is a fake and that is why she is into looking fake. Priscilla doesn't realise it yet but she looks more and more like Michael Jackson every day!

2503 days ago
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