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Dog Keeps Praying For Forgiveness

12/13/2007 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman is going to some serious lengths in his quest for forgiveness, landing in New York for a dinner with African-American leaders. The Big Apple's a long way from the Big Island, brother!

CORE -- the Congress of Racial Equality --and its chairman Roy Innes invited Chapman and his wife Beth to New York to discuss plans for an upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event that they've invited Dog to speak at.

Dog has been on a mission of forgiveness since a private conversation was made public last month.


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Not A Dog Lover!    

The "N" word is the most heinous word in the english language! It was not given as a term of endearment to an African nation by their captors, but as a classification and a means of truly expressing their hatred for those with darker skin!!! The god (small g) that you serve would be fine with your cavalier use of the "N" word because he, like you, is the father of lies. But the true God, the Alpha and Omega, the great I Am, the true Lord of Lords and King of Kings knows your heart. I dare say you will have a tougher time justifying its use to him. Once a racist, always a racist and your "mock" arranged meals with black leaders won't remove the Dog --it you just stepped in. Let me paraphrase a little verse you have probably never read...let every man be swift to hear, ssssllllloooowwww to speak, and slow to wrath. James 1:19

2466 days ago


I am looking forward to when Dog get's back on TV with his show.

Our "rightous" country needs to worry more about taking care of our vets, for example, than worrying about Dog's mouth.

2476 days ago


What a joke!!!!!!!

2476 days ago


Move on already, he is not the only person to speak out of anger to a person he loves, it was wrong he admits to this. Can we all just get along ?

2476 days ago


Can someone please forgive the man so we can move on?

2476 days ago

West Coastian    

These redemption tours are wearing a little thin. Now, if he had dinner with them before he opened is fat yap, that'd be different. He's a racist no matter who he dines with.

2476 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

That lowlife so called bounty hunter would crawl across the country on his leathered belly
to try to get his show back on the air.
Give it up Dog! Your 15 mins of fame is OVER!
Take your Oompa Loompa wife and head on back to the trailer park.
You only have yourself to blame Dog..............

2476 days ago

warnold swastanigger    

dog is askin himself why the hell did he ever get he has to really act....act like he really enjoys the company of yall people....when he dont....he really really he has to lower his standards of dining company to save face.....what a witcha dog....hurry up and get the hell outta there....

2476 days ago


he is just as fake as her boobs Go Away dog to the pound

2476 days ago


How fake & phony on Dog's part, I mean who calls the media because they are simply having dinner with "Black Men" OOOOhhh Big News Flash!!!

2476 days ago

College Grad    


Lay off the meth young sir....he has to lower "his" standards ...ROFL what "standards"? It's more like they had to lower themselves to trying to educate a low-life, crack smoking racist. Who cares if he apologizes, move on I'm sick of hearing about him. He's just trying to get his crappy ass show back on, he hasn't changed a bit. So he should just be who he is and stop trying to fake it. Look at you, your not trying to pretend to be someone smart, your just being your natural ignorant self =)

2476 days ago


It's a shame that Mike Vick didn't get rid of this dog for losing a fight. I wouldn't have to see this parody of the last supper played out. I guess the enhance mammary gland wife is supposed to be his disciple Mary.

2476 days ago

sickof britney    

Enough is enough. Can you seriously tell me you haven't used, or thought of using that word? This was a private phone conversation. Rags like the Enquirer should have been out of business years ago. Typically American of you, your forefathers owned black people as slaves. Somebody gets knoced down, lets jump on them and make it worse. Start looking in your own closets, you Americans.

2476 days ago


ALL DOGS DON'T GO TO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2476 days ago



2476 days ago
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